Kabir was with Kia. Kabir was crying badly. He felt as if someone was eating him from inside. Kia tried to console Kabir.
The God of hatred had overpowered the god of love.
Forget her Kabir. She doesn’t deserve you. I am sure you are meant for a girl who is much cooler than Rhea. Says Kia
I have to talk to Rhea about this. How can she just walk away.
He rushes her home and presses the door bell. Rhea opens the door but slams it on his face.
Kabir shouts Just once chance Rhea. I need one chance to explain.
Rhea was still angry. She goes to the bed. But instead of sleeping she starts crying.
Kabir on the other hand was crying.
And seeing everyone God also started crying. I mean it started raining.
Rhea peeps through the window and sees Kabir getting drained in the cold rain. She opens the door.
Kabir was all wet. Rhea goes to bring a towel and started rubbing his hair to dryness.
Please forgive me.
Okay.. But on some conditions.
Ok whatever you say.
Firstly you will always take me to the ice cream parlour at night
But then you will catch cold.
Alright then forget and forgive me..
No !!! Ok…done.
Then you will never put your goggles. I mean you look ugly in them.
And she went on giving conditions in their unconditional love.
Lastly you will not hit me after this.
Indeed it was unconditional love. Rhea was trying to pull his leg.
Ohhh Drama Queen..
And they started pillow fighting.
They hug each other and Kabir gifts her a peck on her cheeks .
He leaves after sometime.
The next day Kia was surprised to see them together.
She tells to herself that now these small plans and plots won’t do much firework. I need a blast now.
But then she realises if Kabir realises she was trying to create problems between them he wont be even his friend and decides to do it after situation gets cooler.
Kabir and Rhea are now a couple for almost six months
Xoxo I hope you are liking it and there is a great twist in the next chap.
Next chap : Mahachapter ?

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