Chapter 5 Break up ?
Kia talks to herself Oh I have to separate them..
But how ?
And then she gives a fox cunning smile.
She searches for Kabir. Kabir was ofcourse waiting Rhea. Kia goes to him and tells him You !! How could you make a girlfriend without me !!
I mean without my consent. Now bring yourself and your girlfriend to my place after the lecture Ok ??
Kabir says Ok meri maa. I ll bring her. Btw her name is Rhea and bye..
Kia thinks Kabir has changed so much. I have to do something soon. Because Kabir is only mine.
Kabir on the other hand was waiting for Rhea in the college entrance. The enters and then.. There’s a shower of flower petals on her. Rhea blushes but feels highly embarrassed.
She goes to Kabir and tells him Kabir no not all this PDA. I hate being the centre of attention . It embarrasses me.
Kabir says okay and gives the flowers he brought for her to the other girl who was standing near them.
The drags him to the library
What was that ??? Asks Rhea
Baby you only told not to embarrass you . So I thought to embarrass that girl ?
Rhea tells him to promise that he will never look at any girl as long as they are together.
This means I have to stop looking at any girl forever . Because u n me its forever.
Rhea smiles at his answer..
Kabir then realises, Oh yeah !! I forgot to tell you that you have to go to Kia’s house. She’s my bestie. She told me to tell you.
Rhea was taking some books but drops them.
You are so clumsy. Wait let me help you. They both pick up the books .
I think we should go to our lecture now…says Rhea
Yeah No compromise with studies.
They attend the lectures and then Kabir takes Rhea to Kia’s home.
Kia at her home thinks I have to separate you guys at any bl**dy cost.
Rhea enters there but she drops the gift she brought for Kia.
Not again shrieks Kabir.
Sorry baby.
Kia picks it up.
Both see each other. Rhea shouts You !!
Oh no Kabir she is that girl I was talking about. She created a mess .
Kia says innocently What are you talking about ??
Rhea says Don’t try to be innocent . I know your true colours. You fought with that girl..
But now we are friends. She shows her the selfie she clicked with her. I am her friend now..
Kabir shouts Enough of this now!! Rhea I know Kia since childhood . She cannot fight with anyone.
Rhea says then u think I am lying ?
Kabir No baba. Ok lets forget it. Now you two be friends.
Kia asks So which place at you from ?
Rhea replies Pune and places her hand on a nearby table.
Kia notices this and cunningly pushes an expensive looking artefact on the ground.
Oh no !! What did u do Rhea? It was my grandfathers last remnant. You broke it.She starts crying her fake crocodile tears.
Rhea tells Kabir She didn’t do this.
Kabir Oh shut up Rhea. I know how clumsy you are.. Now say sorry to Kia.
Rhea tells him if it was not her fault then why should she apologize?? And she leaves angrily..

Should I continue ??

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