Chapter 2 IN THE LIBRARY ?

Rhea felt terrible. First day of her dream college was a disaster all due to an arrogant lady who didnt know how to behave.
Yeah some people feel small townies do not have a heart and they don’t care about such people…
Kia was such a person…
But Rhea was totally opposite. She had a beautiful heart and the reason for chosing cardiologist as a profession was that she always thought from her heart ♥
Dusting endlessly in the library she got bored…n she didn’t realise when she started singing and dancing in the library…
Kabir was wandering in the corridor where he finally enters the library.
Rhea in the joy of dancing was about to fall when in the nick of time Kabir saves her.
What a bravo person !!!!!!!!!!
He hold her by waist and Rhea feels uncomfortable so she tries to get rid of his hand..
Kabir thinks finally he got to see the girl of his dreams…
It was not love at first site but love for the sound made by her anklets..
“You love only once” my favourite book exclaims Rhea
Kabir trying to be her friend says he has read the book thrice..
Rhea thinks “boys will always be boys”
She asks him to say something about the book..
Kabir fumbles and says nonsense which makes Rhea laugh.
First day ??? Asks Kabir
Yeah and its all spoiled because of a spoilt brat. Replies Rhea
Kabir helps him in cleaning the library
In the classroom…..
That girl how dare she talk to me like that. !!! Shouts Kia
I will teach her a lesson she rushes to the library ? and locks the door frrom outside.
Rhea when realises this starts panicking and Kabir tries to calm her. And they start conversing…
Kabir says I want to be a doctor as..
My father died due to the wrong medication given by the doctor. Had I known what to do at that moment I would not have lost him. Kabir starts crying…
Rhea trying to cheer him up says I thought boys never cry but they do…
She lends her shoulder to him. He rests his head on her tender shoulder.
They share an eye lock. Just then the peon opens the door. As soon as that happens they both rush out of the library.

Nex chap growing friendship

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  1. Its gud dr. 🙂

  2. Nice episode..
    I love Kabir he’s so cute
    And Kia unknowingly brings them closer

  3. Oh finally kabir saw our rhea nice nice

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