It was love..! (chapter 2)


Hello folks!! My apologies for being out of action for so many days.!! Was hooked up with my exams! Hence couldn’t get time! Now that I am free, I can write more and share with u all..moving forward.. I believe I had introduced Lucy, the leading lady of our imagination!
Chapter 2–

He was rather quieter than I thought. And he was looking every where except his hands.,which were red and bleeding from the so many whips received. Mr. Hoffman held a powerful grip on his cane,his eyes were full of fury and his cheeks were red. I shifted my focus from the PAIN GIVING TEACHER to Joel. That was his name. Before I could venture any further, I sensed that the room had suddenly gone quite. I sat up erect and heard the 10th detention being served by Joel in 2 weeks. I don’t understand why the staff at J.F school always commanded him to write along the lines. Clearly, it didn’t do him any good,anybody could see it. Why bother than?
I knew it. I was just tired. No other reason to credit my fainting. Tiredness. Or malnutritioned?

And then I saw him. His hands folded in a pleading manner, his head bent down., his body trembling under the hands of some big,burly grotesque man with large,handlebar moustache.
There was no rule to my reaching home before dark. You might think it to be crude,but trust me, I could never replace money ? for the prime topic of concern in my family. And so I followed, hidden by the dark, the snow ⛄ swallowing my footsteps.

Joel, as I had figured already was living in a 1 room kitchen ‘space’. I call it space because it didn’t actually constitute a house. I realized the stark reality of being in such a poverty ridden state. His eyes were blood red. His nose had a stain. His shirt was wet. Simply put, he had been crying, real hard. I couldn’t see him thus. I felt something pull at my heart’s strings. I went over to him and put out a hand on his back gently. He looked up and turned. I saw astonishment accompanied with slow recognition and then fresh tears clouding his face. I did what I thought was best at that time. I hugged him.

That’s all for this week! Sorry for not posting earlier! I hope I have rekindled the bond! Looking forward to ur reviews!! 🙂

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