I am so stupid.. I’m so sorry.. Rythem.
Oh hello !! Mr I Me aur Main I m angry at you.. Says Rythem
I will do whatever you say.. like really.. Says Kabir.
Really??? Asks she
Yeahh.. Replies he.
See I m giving you a chance to let you take your words back.. Warns Rythem
Decided .. a commitment is always a commitment. Declares Kabir
Hmmm.. Okay.
Demand Number one : You will never try to be bossy.
Okay.. Replies kabir
Demand Number two You will always let me to take holidays…
Hmm.. Okay..
Demand Number three You will greet me with flowers like everyday..
Demand Number four You will not hit me after this..
Kabir just didnt know what to say.he felt nostalgic. She’s like my Rhea.. He gets lost In his old beautiful memories.
Rythem moves her hand in front of his lost eyes. She gets a pillow and throws on his face.
Kabir comes back to his present and starts fighting with the pillows and her new found friend..
You stay here today. Its already late here.
Alright replies Rythem.
Its morning both get freshen up and go to the hospital together laughing and joking
.. Kia sees this and gets jealous. She drags Kabir to her cabin..
What’s cooking Kabir ??
What are you talking about?? Kabir asks Kia..
Oh nothing i mean I m so happy seeing you smiling and laughing. Today you made my day. Says she
Aww… You are the bestest friend a person can ever have..

Such a chamaleon is Kia always changing colours..
Kabir leaves her cabin. He enters his cabin and asks Rythem if she knows about the new patient ??
No sir.
Its Abeer the rock star. (of Badtameez Dil)
Omg are you serious ?
But the problem is he does not want to get operated. And Dr Malik is really stressed as the hospital’s reputation is on stake. If he loses his voice it will be painful for him and the hospital as well.
Don’t worry Kabir and she vanishes in a second.
Rythem removes her coat and enters a room.
Abeer Omg !! I m like a very big fan of yours.. Hello . Can I get your autograph and by the way you sing so great!!. Am very happy to see you. I mean its sad you are in this boring hospital but..
Stop Abeer says in an upset tone. You talk so much. But I like people who talk so much. And by the way hospital is the worst place. The doctors told me they want to operate. I mean it doesn’t make sense a surgery for such a small thing.
Rythem tells him I didn’t know you are a doctor also???
Only a doctor whats good and bad in such cases… Justifies she
I m no doctor. Says Abeer
I have heard a lot about this hospital being the best in the service. They can never risk anyone’s life. So you don’t have to worry.
Really?? Pakka. I m trusting you.
Yeah.. Assures Rythem
Kabir sees all this and starts clapping. Good job.
Ohh so you are a doctor. Lier lier.. Abeer tells her in a teasing tone

See. Its your wish you want to get better and sing for you love family and fans or feel like a trash.
Abeer thinks about Meher and Ishan. He agrees for the operation.
He gets operated and gives an autograph to Rythem. They hug each other and he signs off.
Dr Malik tells Rythem you did a big task today. Day by day you are improving.
Thank you doc.
Kia sees all of this and gives I don’t care look. She goes to Kabir and hugs him and they both leave.
Rythem asks Hema about Kabir.
She tells her he must be with Kia. Best friends you see.
She too leaves soon but felt upset. She didn’t know the reason and didn’t bother to ask herself. She decides to do shopping and then dinner and so calls Maddy.

Next chap : Coolest encounter.

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