Rythem sees Kabir and gets happy to see his long lost friend .
She whispers in his ears My boss.
Kabir is annoyed. Dr Malik tells Rythem to get her doctor’s coat from the old nurse Hema..
She rushes and when she gets it she wears it immediately. She was really happy. I have been waiting for this day since ao much time.
She enters Kabir’s cabin.
How are you ???? She asks him.
Excuse me Miss Rythem. This us not your home. And btw I m your boss.
Yeah yeah I understand. This cold behaviour. So typical of boss. And they get a case and they set for it.
Rythem assists Kabir in the operation. She was startled. Outside the OT Rythem tells him he is so perfect with this art.
It is not art. Argues Kabir
No . It is art. Says rythem.
You know whatever we do from our heart becomes an art. That’s why even after becoming a successful doctor people cant become godly infront of the patients’ eyes. But there are many people who are equal to god infront of patients.
So basically you have come here to become a god. How selfish is that.. Saying so he leaves.
Rythem tells herself I thought Kabir understands me. Whatever I do is from my heart. My heart told me to become a doctor and that’s why I became one. My heart told me to be here and so I m here..
Ofcourse i don’t want to be a god. But I want to make people happy. All should smile. She looks in the mirror and smiles and goes to Hema.
She tells him she has completed her shift.
Thank you ma. Can I call you ma.? I never had one..
Kabir sees this. This is the way you come close to people and betray them.
Rythem gets a call from Maddy his college friend.
Howz it ??
Superb yaar. Todays day was totally like a film. But now its all good. And the converse for a long time. Kia watches this.
How dare you ve on phone during your shift.? And she gives a half an hour lecture to her.
Hema comes and tells Kia that Ruthem had actually completed her shift.
All the staff stare at Kia. She feels embarrassed. Rythem smirks at her. She walks away in anger.
Rythem waits outside for Kabir.
Kabir comes out eventually but ignores her. Kia notices this and follows Kabir to his car and they both drive away.
Rythem wonders why kabir is acting so weird??..
she decides to clear the misunderstanding and goes back to the hospital to take his address. She gets it easily and decides to go to his home at 10 p.m.

Next chap : Misunderstandings cleared.

Guyys I wont be able to update regularly. I hope you understand. My exams are coming and I hv to study for it. I will update both my ff alternate days in this week and no updates in the next week. Take care and love ya n plz comment as to what you liked if you liked anything at all n whether shud I continue or stop..

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