Life is full of happiness , madness and.. (pause) and love. Rythem thinks while jogging in the park. People meet you at an unexpected place and behave unexpectedly.
Ok ok now too much of philosophy..
She plays music on her iPod listens it through I pod. I have decided she shouts.. All people look at her..
She smiles at their stare..
She whispers I have decided to smile in all situations
. A doctor has to give her best when it comes to treat patients. So smile and let them smile. The music was still playing and she gets hit by a car. The car runs away and Rythem is knocked unconscious.
She is rushed to … LIFE BEAT HOSPITAL..
She gets treated.. Meanwhile
Kia is told that new intern has not turned yet..
Late on the first day itself. She is fired.. She tells him with attitude.
Kia is joined by Kabir still they are best friends.
How can some people be so careless.
Kabir asks his assistant about the new girl admitted. Has she attained consciousness yet (referring Rythem)
Sir I hav treated her and she will be conscious shortly.
Okay.. Good Job Aarav.. I m impressed. And yeah I have talked to Dr Malik about you becoming a full doctor.
Dr Malik enters the scene. He had become one.. Aarav is happy as well as sad. He loved to work under Kabir’s guidance.
Dr Malik days now you have to find another assistant.
Yeahh.. But Aarav was too good.
Dr Malik asks about the new intern ?
She has not turned up yet says Kia coldly.
Rythem gains consciousness.
Which hospital is this she asks an old nurse
She replies Life beat hospital.
Rythem rushes to the new recruits cabin. Its already ten. I m too late..
The old nurse rums after her.
Kia sees Rythem. Are you Rythem Raichand ?
Yes’s mam.
Sorry actually bot sorry but you are fired.
The old nurse enters.. She tells that she was admitted.
A girl who can’t take care of herself cant be at hospital..
Rythem smiles at her and leaves .
She just misses Kabir and Kabir enters the cabin. He looks at stressed Kia.
What happened bae ??
Nothing just met a girl.. I fired her and she smiles at me.. Can u believe it.
Kabir starts laughing at her.
Just then Aarav enters
A new case.. A girl tried to commit suicide. She had slit her wrist.
Kia handles the case well. And she leaves.
Dr Malik sees this..
The girl sneaks out of the room and heads to terrace..
Everyone learn about the missing girl.
They search her and then someone tells them she is in terrace.
Rythem was just leaving . She wanted to cry but couldn’t. She smiled and she takes a last glance at her Dream Hospital..
She sees the girl standing at the railing of the terrace.
She rushes to the hospital and then to the terrace. They search her and then someone tells them she is in terrace.
Kia tells them of she commits suicide it wont be good for hospitals reputation.
Stop thinking about reputation. Its someone’s life which should be cared about. He rushes down.
He sees two figures at the top.

She asks the girl What’s the problem Why are you taking such a drastic step ??
My boyfriend left me.
Uhhh.. Stupid.. Don’t you care about your parents you siblings. They love you so much. Will ut be morally correct to leave them. Come down.
I’m not happy. I loved him allot
Well this is not love. In love we give life to people. And who says people cant be happy without boyfriends. I mean just look at me. Never have I ever had a boyfriend. And see still m happy. Love is crazy stupid. That was not love . Search for love again.. You will get it . She manages to get down the girl

Kabir says the girl impressed me. She will be working under me from now on.
Kia is annoyed at the girl..
Rythem comes down.
Kabir sees her. He is shocked..
Heey friends. I hope you liked I Pl comment and love ya ?
Nex chap : Kia and Rythem’s verbal fight..
Keep reading …and tell me which scene stole your if any at all..

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