The most difficult task for Rythem was to impress Mrs Briganza.
Why should I impress her ?? I dnt love her yaar..
And she steps her foot in the college before 8 am.
She was the first one o enter the class.
Mrs Briganza was shocked…

She helped her out with her silly water bottle..
Rythem darling.. Once upon a time you used to kick this bottle out now what happened ??
Rythem grumps..
Mrs Briganza smiles.
It goes on lke this for about a week. It was the last two months of the college..
Once Rythem was called to the staff room.
Got my books ?
Yes ma’am..
My water bottle..
Yes ma’am
My pen ??
Yes ma’am

Rythem.. Can you tell me how you changed so drastically ??
Ma’am it has always been my dream to work in Life Beat Hospital ?. I don’t know why ?? I just want to join there..
See Mrs Sreedevi (another teacher). This is how we control students.. If you go on like this I will think about awarding you with the letter.
Rythem walks away. Her friends were kinda bored. They decide to go for a movie..
Rythem says No guyyys you go I can’t go I hv to complete Mrs Briganza ‘s work..
Oka okayy..
The next day it was a surprise test. Rythem felt helpless as she couldn’t help them. They use cheats and get caught by her.
You students.. Go n call ur parents. I need to talk to them.
Rythem hears all of this. She was startled.
Her friends were angry at her coz she had changed a lot
They make a really funny cartoon of Mrs Briganza. Rythem enters the scene..
Guyys see Mrs Briganza’s so called favourite student has come..they are crossed at her.
She takes the duster and chalk and draws two devil horns on her head ? .
Everyone sigh in relief Our Old Rythem Is Back !!!
There was a students vs teachers competition conducted on the last day of college for which Rythem had taken out her name but she again applies for it to teach Mrs Briganza a lesson.

Competition Day…
There’s an eye to eye quiz competition and Rythem wins in this herculean task.. When she is called to give a speech she says..
Guyys I don’t know anything much about my past but after coming here I met some really awesome friends and a really cool teacher none other than Mrs Briganza.. I know you might be thinking I m trying to butter you. But seriously my fights with you are my one of my most cherishing moments. I have learnt a lot from this college. I hope to take this chance and turn it as a golden opportunity guyys. I wont say much now as I know many of u might be bored. Only thing I wud say you guyys is I LOVE YA…
Mrs Briganza was in tears..
She said I award this letter of recommendation not because u kinda buttered me but this was my decision just at the start of the year. I have monitored your scores and I can see a really good doctor in you.
Everyone cheer for Rythem..
Next chap : First day at life beat..
It’s really going to be excited you will see Kabir meeting Rythem.. But as you all kabir hates Rythem as he thinks she betrayed him…plus A lil bit of Kia drama.. Keep reading and commenting guyys..
Love ya ?

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