Rythem was as usual late. But this time it was different. She was I her medical college. Walking quicker and quicker or literally running she rushes in the staff lift. The lift was about to move and then enters Mrs Briganza and another teacher. Mrs Briganza gives her a cold look. She wanted Rythem to reach the class late so that she could stand out of the class. Rythem was about to leave but Then enters Mr. Abhishek Malik another teacher. Mrs Briganza really liked him. They start talking. As soon as the lift reaches the fourth floor it was a race between Mrs Briganza and Rythem. Rythem reaches second. (actually last coz there were only two ppl ). She couldn’t believe.
So Miss Rythem why the hell are you late ?
Actually mam I met a bull in the corridor. She was totally mentally unstable. Running in the open field. I have doubt. Maybe she has Mad Cow Disease.
The whole class starts laughing.
Ok ok enter.
After the bell everyone wanted to be Rythem’s friend.
Rythem hangs out with her now chuddy buddies..
They talk about everything.
This becomes their daily routine.
Whenever there was any exams Rythem always topped .
Kabir’s life.
Kabir worked as an intern in the Life Beat hospital. He was very devoted to his work. Of course he missed Rhea but Kia always tried to make him feel better. So all in all it was sailing smooth..
The four years For Rythem she had fun in her loveless life.
But for Kabir he had no fun in his loveful life
4 years later
Surprise test
Once Miss Briganza conducted a surprise test. Everyone were really sad to hear this. They literally wanted to murder this torturer.
The class was quiet.
Mam can you switch on the fan ?? Asks Dhruv
Nooo….grunts Mrs Briganza
Uhh.. Mam can I throw this paper in the Dustbin ? Asks Maddy
Nooo.. .
Mam can I go to washroom.? Asks Rythem.
Mam its really urgent..
Mam plz mam ppllzzzz..
And she runs away. Near the door she talks with her friends in their code language.
Miss Briganza sees this.
Rythem runs away…..
What is she going to do in the washroom? she asks Maddy
No nothing mam..
She snatches her tablet and goes bear the window. Tell me else I ll throw this right away..
Mam she’s gonna refer the textbook in the washroom.
CHEATING.. That’s what I always used to wonder. How this girl Tops in all the exams..
She rushes to the washroom before that she tells the students..
The Test Is Cancelled….
Yay hippie everyone sigh in relief..
She searches every corner of the washroom. Even searching in the flush..
She meets her friends in the library. So how was it ?? Did she tell you anything..
She called all the teachers and herself searched the washroom. She didn’t even spare the flush guytus..
Thank you yaar.!! You saved us today..
But nex time plz study Rythem commands them.
Yeah… Definitely..we have many ambitions..
Rythem tells them her only ambition is to work in the Life Beat Hospital her dream workplace.. And this is their last year . At the end they will end up in hospital..
Yeah I am so excited !! Everytime talk and gossip
And then there’s an announcement..
Students are informed that this year’s Letter of Recommendation will be signed by Mrs …Briganza.
Everyone are shocked except Rythem.
And the hospital affiliated this time is Life Beat Hospital.
Rythem’s jaw drop. She couldn’t believe her ears.
Her biggest foe in between her way to her dreams..
So now I hope you get how they will meet.. And lets see their reactions. And btw Rythem doesn’t even know she is Rhea… So doesn’t Kabir. But will Mrs Briganza give the letter to Rythem . For getting that Rythem has to do a lot of hard work.
Love ya ? and keep reading commenting..?

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