It was love..! (chapter 1 contd.)


Hello friends! I am back! Let me just review the story up till now..
We introduce Joel, a student who lives with his mother and is totally dependent on her for her education and living. Moving forward…

My existence came into being on a rainy day, second of September. From the very beginning, I was bouncing on the lap of luxury, from silken and pure cotton to sophisticated crepe and georgettes,I was bundled in all fabrics. As I grew, my closet occupied more space showing off my bundle of clothes and huge piles of shoes ranging from Louis Vuitton to Calvin wardrobe was a living example of a Supremely sophisticated and luxurious life. But as they say, every ending leads to a new beginning! This was proved too true in my case when my mother passed away and so did the luxuries of my life. Before I could come out and hold myself together,my father.,I learnt had already started ahead!

It was no later than 3 months when I , as he put it , was fortunate enough to get the love of a mother again. I must have been around 9 years of age & this incident had a strong mark/ impression on my personality. Its been 3 years since then, I go to a co-ed school and have demoted from a bungalow to a 3 room shell cottage. My appetite has digressed from a 4 course meal to a 2 time bread and butter meal with milk in dessert. Sometimes when my lady luck smiles,I get to have my favourite cheesecake in dessert. My wardrobe malfunction took place and all my lovely crepes, silk and georgettes given to me by my angelic mother were auctioned along the 50 other items of my memorabilia. I was reduced to having a pair of hand me down clothes and worn out shoes. T

he course of my life had taken a 180 degree turn! Where I had been studying in the top established school 1 year back & now I find myself in this suffocated, pale 4 walled classroom. It was a new beginning, as my father said to me each morning. The only consolation in this sad., unwanted beginning was my mother’s diary which I somehow had managed to steal away from my step mom’s prying eyes. It was my nightly ritual before going to bed. I felt more closer to my mother than ever before.

That’s all for this week folks! Hope you are enjoying! Looking fwd to ur response! 🙂 Hop in to this page next Saturday to read on further..!
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  1. Nice job dear. Will be waiting for your next update. Take care 🙂

  2. Thank you Advaita! Glad that you are liking it 🙂 see u next Saturday! 😀

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