LOVE YOU (CHAPTER – 1 She herself is a baby)

Prologue –

The sun has risen its brightest on its time not being a minute late. Sun rays are peeping my room, trying to wake me up just like every day. But alas! It has failed again in its mission. The room is empty. As I have woke up already and now is praying in front of god. Then after some time when I was done with buttering god I move to kitchen to make breakfast. As soon as I enter in the kitchen I frowned. The whole kitchen is messed up. Then I let out a sigh. Ms. Swara Singh you will never change. How many times I have told her if she needs anything do tell me but not to cook herself. But if she listens to me then na. ‘Come on Abhi, start cleaning it’ I told to me. After I clean the kitchen, started making ginger tea and poha for the breakfast, as she likes these two in her breakfast. After around 20 minutes I am ready with the breakfast. I put 2 cup tea and one plate poha in the tray and goes to her room.

As soon as I enter her room, saw her sleeping. I put the tray on the table, moves towards the window and removes the curtains. Then go to her bed and kissed on her forehead and wake her up saying ‘waking up darling it’s already 9.’ She opens her eyes rubs them a little and then looks at me and wishes me good morning baby. I have told her many times not to greet me by baby but then again if she listens to me. I told her to get up fast and have her breakfast. I asked her the reason of cooking. But she ignored my question, folded hands and does her morning prayer. I took the tray from table and put it on bed and sit down. Then she quickly goes, freshen up and comes back, we both took one cup. She smells the aroma of the tea closing her eyes, smiles and takes a sip. Then she said ‘I had to make something that’s why. Now don’t start your scolding in the morning.’ After saying this she went of the room and came back quickly saying surprise. She has two cups chocolate mousse in her hand. She give one to me saying ‘it’s your gift for now for winning the competition. Next month when I will get my salary I will give you good gift.’ I take one spoon of the mousse, taste it and told her awesome.

I also told her it’s enough I don’t need anything else. It’s the best gift in this world. Now let finish your poha it might have become cold. Listening this she quickly came and started eating. Oh her this cute antics. She calls me baby but she herself is a baby. Who can say that she is…Suddenly my thinking broke by her voice saying ‘finish your breakfast fast and get ready or else we both will be late. I am going to get ready as I am done.’ And she goes to cupboard, takes her clothe and goes to washroom. I also finished my mousse fast and went to get ready.

Credit to: Pakhi


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