LOVE YOU (CHAPTER – 1 She herself is a baby Continuation)

I quickly get ready pack my stuff and went to kitchen to prepare our tiffin. Though I know when she will come out from her and see me doing this she will be super angry and will start to scold me but who cares. No I mean I care but I can’t sit and see her doing all the work inside and outside the home. She is also a human being she also have a right to take a break and enjoy her life. I was thinking all this while making breakfast when I hear some sound. She is talking to someone on her phone. That’s mean she is ready. I will have to do it fast. Though I am almost done. Just have to put the food in boxes is about to do that but find her there standing in front of me, looking damn angry. I was about to say something but before that she started saying ‘why are you doing this. I have told you not to do all this. You make the breakfast ok I allowed. Also on your so many requests I let you help me sometimes in dinner but that’s not mean all the time you will cook only for us. If one more time I see you cooking except breakfast I swear I won’t even let you to make the breakfast. I am..’

she was about to say something more but before that I go near her kissed her in cheeks and walk off from there towards my room saying chill mom. It’s not a big deal and also it won’t affect my studies as you know I am inborn brilliant. Now pack the tiffin fast we are getting late. I was giggling inside as I know her mouth is hung open in perfect ‘O’ listening this. Have told na she herself is a baby but consider me as one. Sometimes I feel like not she but I am her guardian. As I am more mature than her (wink). When I come out from my room taking my bag, put the tiffin inside, locked the door and saw her waiting for me inside the car. I quickly sat in the car and look at her face. She looks normal hope she isn’t angry anymore won’t stop talking to me. I can’t live a day without talking with her. I can live a day without talking to Sur but not to mom. She started the car and is driving it while seeing the road. I am staring at her hoping she will say anything now. But 20 minutes past and we are about to reach my school but neither she have said a word nor have looked at me for once.

I become very sad and hung my head down. I guess my maturity cost me hard this time. Suddenly she stopped the car. I looked at her but she is still looking outside. Then I noticed my school have come. I leave the car bidding bye to her hoping for a reply or a smile but don’t get any of them. She drive away. I have to do something. But how? Even Sur is out of town. This girl didn’t get any other time to go. Now who will help me? Think Abhi think. Suddenly the school bell ring and I have to go leaving my thoughts there for some time. Though the day will going to be very bad I know.

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  1. Nice . Waiting for next update. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY EVERYONE !!

  2. Can u plzzzz provide introduction anout charecters

    1. Sorry cant give the intro i myself still not sure about the characters.. 🙁 but will give in between the story..

  3. lovely. too gud.

    1. Thank you… 🙂 😀

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