Love changes life(part 19)

[1/19, 2:37 PM] neha: Love changes life(chap 19)
Second last part

The goon abt to kis swara bt he got a tight punch on his face making him fel on floor. That time all frnds reached there nd shocked to see the scene avni nd ish cme near swara nd started to console her nd here that person is beating that goons 1 öf them abt to stab that person bt ansh stop him and started to beat him guns left frm there. Here swara was crying that person came her nd said
P-shona u r my brave girl na y r u crying(wipd her tears)
S(raised her head)-sahil(haha i knw u al thought it wil b sanky or ansh bt sorry)wo….wo log muje chune ki(between sobs)ko….koshish
Sah-sshh i m here na nd luk mene sab ko mar kar bhaga dia nw they wil nt cme to u

Sah-muchhi my babu(they al left to gm)
Here sanskar got to know everything frm laksh.

In gm swara’s room
Swara was in bed hearing scolding in phn sahil was beside him ansh was staring her angrily ishveer nd avni was giggling
Os-how could u b so irresponsible? Hw can u go without security?
Sah-are darling stop it na our kitna datogi shona ko
A-u dnt defend her bro she deserve gud scolding??
S-sorry na(holding her ears)
Voice-jaan(all turned nd saw sanskar, sahsan confuse to c eo)
S-mr kadus(whispers which is oly audible to sahil)baj jai mere band oh god save me(sah chukkled hearing that)
Sanky came near swara and hugged her

San(concerned)-jaan are u alryt?(scolding tone)wts d need to go alone agar tumhe kuch ho jata tho i couldn’t forgive my self.
S-(cupping his face)i m sorry i m 5n
San-jaan y cnt u undestand that u r my life if smething happen to u then me v zinda nai rah paunga(swara put hand on sanky’s mouth)
S-mr kadus chup dare to say that word aj k bad i wil take care of my self nw calm down
San-just hugged her nd saw sahil who is smiling)jaan who is this?
S-he is sahil my would boy frnd(sanky shock)???cutie pie luk at u ur luking like monkey???
San(making face)-jaan wil k stop laughing plz.
S-(controling her laugh)ok baba he is sahil singhania. Ansh’s elder bro nd my would b jiju(said in exitement)
San-bt u dnt hav any sis na?
S-ha v met in clg nd she bcme my di she lov me dis much(extending her hands) nd my sweet jiju 2 thats y we r cld 7star. Me ansh,avni,ish,rv,sahil nd my di nd 2day my jiju oly saved me warna(teary eye)
A-(diverting d topic)princess wil u not tel sanky wt u bought
San(smiles)-ha jaan bolo.
S(wips tearz)-ha i bought many t-shirts,pants, blazers (she was showing tat wit exitment)bt i couldn’t buy anything for u all nd for me 2(sad)
San-are its k we al wil go to shopping tmrw i wil 2 cme
S-really(hugd him)tq cutie pie
After a while swara was sleeping evry1 was in hall.
Sah(serious)-mr maheshwari can we hav a talk.

A(in mind)-oh god pata nai kya thufan ane wala hai
In room
Sah-coming to point mr maheshwari do u really love shona or dng time pass
San(angry)-dnt u dare to say me lov a time pass i lov her truly she is my life
Sah(smile)-me yahi sun na chahta ta. Sanskar dnt take me wrong she is innocent, i just want her to b happy i want best for her she is like my kiddo so i askd lyk tat
San-its k i can understand(both hugged eo)

Its hav been 3 days after that incident today is mehendi ceremony of swasan
Gm is decorated with flowers MF came to gm
Sanskar is wearing golden sherwani he was searching swara
Ish-(fake cough)jiju whom u r searching
Avni-are ish aur kise inki jaaan(streching word)ko am i ryt jiju(sweetly).
San-ji ha me saaliya adhi ghar wali(kept his hands on both shoulders) vaise u both also luking stunning
Ishni??-ap jaise dikte vaise ho nai. Hum apke pure wali gar wali ko leke athe hai(both ran frm there)
Lights got off spot light fel on swara. Sanky get dumbfolded watching her. He forgot to blink his eye. He was just staring her forgeting whole world????(swara was wearing white lehenga with golden embroid diamond set open hair)anshveer came near sanky nd shake him

San(cme to sense smiles sheepishly)-hai guys.
Anshveer-hai dulhe raja princess/shona luking nyc na?
San(again lost in her)-gorgious??
Laksh made swara sit on couch girls started putting mehendi in her hand
[1/19, 2:37 PM] neha: Girl-kya name liku?
Avni-mr kadus hai na shona?
S(fake angry)-avni chup kar(to girl whispering to her ear said smething)
Girl(smiled)-ur mehendi is finishd
BM-u know beta kahte hai mehendi dark hota hai to uski husband us se baht pyar karta hai(to sanky)its ur test lets c how much u lov her
All danced were happy
Anvi-(draging sanky)jiju cme nd search ur name in shona’s mehendi
Sanky sat near swara

San-are muje to sirf line dik rhe hai nd muje dundne ki kya jarurat hai mera name to jaan k dil me lika hai na(all stared him nd he started to search)
S-just smile cing him
After a time
San-ye lo mil gaya sanskar(all claped)
Swara slowly showed her another hand to him jisme cutie pie lika ta(sanky made face)
In mm
Kav was fuming in anger(shouting messing up her room)-its enough i can’t tolerate any more sanskar is mine his everything is mine me use katm kar dungi i wil kil her
Voice-of course beta aisa hi hoga ur wish wil cme true 2day oly.

In eveng in gm
Swara was alone as all went to respective work. Kavi came to gm nd started shouting swara’s name
Kavi(shouts)-swaraa swaraa
Swara came to hall.
S-kavita what r u dng here?

Kav-(took gun frm her purse aimed it to swara)to kil u ms swara gadodia
S(shockd)-kavi wt is dis hav u gone mad?
Kav(behav like psyco)-ha pagal ho gai hu. U dare to snatch my sanskar frm me hw dare u.
S-kavi kya kah rahi ho tum u lov sanskar?
Kav-ha i lov him nw i kil u then he wil be mine oly mine.
S(fearing)-kavita luk u r not in ur sences agar tum muje mar v dogi to sanskar never wil be urs he love me
Kav(shouts)-no he lov me just didn’t realised it.
S-kavi calm down ham bath karte hai na(she dialed sanky’s no secretively bt sme1 snatchd d phn)

S(shock to c person)-badi ma aapp?
BM-ha me i m the 1 who tried to kil u, who made that edit, who send that goons to molest u..
S-(tears in her eye)bt y mene kya kia apke sath?
BM-(ĺaughed loudly)u didn’t did anything ur mistake was u r sanskar’s love u made him to fal for u(grabbed her arms tightly)u spoiled all my plan.
S(hissed in pain)-plan wt plan? Sanskar apko bm manta hai hw could u do dis nd y?.
BM-for property ha he lov me a lot bt me chahti ki wo mere beti se shadi kare or sara property hamare naam ho jaye bt he lovd tat kumud so i had to kil her then i tot he wil get depressed bt he becme arrogant, made himself busy in work then after 5 yr u came to his life bt no worry i wil kil u then wo meri beti kavita se shadi karwaungi hahaha(grabd gun frm kavi nd shot swara making both kavi nd swara shock)
Voice-swaraaa(both turned to nd shocked to see sanskar with others)

BM(shocked)-sanskar beta mera bath sun
San-badi ma apne ye kyu(chocked voice)
Ansh nd others ran towards swara who was breathing heavily.
L-gudia kuch nai hoga tumhe
A-ha princess hum avi hospital jate hai.
San ran towards swara made her lay down kept her head in his lap
San-swara jaan u wil not leave me u promised me na?
S-san….s…kar(speaks in difficulty)i m sor…..sorry me
(cupping his face)i lov u(hands slipped shocking evry1).
San-swaraaaa(to bm)wt hav u done agar apko property chaiye ta to mujse bol deti kushi kushi apko de deta. Apne mere kumud ko v mar dia
BM(laughs)-haha muje bik nai chaiye nd i didnt killed her nd kumud u kild them by loving them nd i made ap to take al blame on her nd that fool did wt i said to save her son(laughs evilly)
Voice(clapping) tq kaveri yahi sun na chahta ta me

Precap last part

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