Love changes life(part 18)

[1/19, 2:34 PM] neha: Love changes life(chap 18)

All saw d direction nd shocked to see its non other than Annapoorna maheshwari
R-(shockd)ma apne nai ye nai ho sakta
L-(angry)rago to kya ye admi jute bol raha hai?(to ap)ku mom apne aise ku kia?
San-bcoz ye nai chati ki swara is gar ki bahu bane. Ap hamesha mere sath aise ku karte hai? Apse mere kushi deki nai jati kya?
Dp-ap kya ye sach hai? Hw could u do dis to ur son?
BM- ap bolo sach kya hai? Ye sab tumne kyu kia?
Ap(shouts)-ha i hav done this. Ye ladki ko mene marne ki koshish ki aur wo pic v mene beje. Not oly dis even i oly killed that kumud.

Swara who was numb all dis while spoke-y aunty? Ku kia apne aisa
Ap-then wt u think i accept that middle class girl for my son? Magar jab Dp ji ne sanskar k lia us ladki ko apna lia i lost my sences i cnt let tat girl to becme my bahu no ways so i killed her by dp’s car.
San(shock to revelation)-means dp was accepted kumud?
Ap-ha so i killed her then i though u wil marry girl of my choice bt u hated us u become workolic arrogant business man. Bt again u fel in love wo v is ladki se(pointing to swar)jo chal nai sakti she doesn’t match u hamara reputation ka kya?wt abt ur life sanskar she wil spoil it, so i made a plan to eliminate her frm ur life bt it failed
All were in shock by her revelation all were numb
San-(broke d silence)(emotionless)inspector arrest her
Ap(shocked)-sanky wt r u dng? I m ur mother
San-ap mere ma nai hai ma bachon ke kushi k lia apni jaan dete h bt apne apne bete ki kushi china nd nw 2 u r trying 1st kumud nw u my jaan ke life k sath v(Wto inspector)leke jao ise (inspector took ap bt she got freed frm their clutches nd grabed swara’s neck tightly).
Ap(pressing her neck)-i wil not leave u tumhari vajah se aj meri family mujse nafrat kar rhi hai i wil kil u(swara started to couph)
Sanlak seperated them nd police take her wit them here swara got unconcious
A-princess (patting her cheek)get up
San(cme to her)-jaan(tuk her in arms)ansh cal doc(left to his room)

In sanky’s room
Dr was checking swara and all were tensed for her
San-(worried)dr swara kaise hai?
Dr-dnt worry mr maheshwari ms gadodia is al right wo oxygen ke kami k vajah se behosh ho gai take care.(dr left)
L-sanky take care of gudia we wil leave (all left the room leaving swasan alone)
San(holding swara’s palm)-jaan i m sorry for not able to save u frm tat lady(kis her palm) muje tumhare life me na atha to u would have happily lived i m sorry i m unlucky t u (crying closed his eye bt at nxt moment his cheeks felt burning sensation)
San(holding his cheeks saw swara)-jaan y u slapd me?
S??-slap? I would like 2 kil u(hold his coller)hw dare u say tat u r unlucky to me?(bring him close to her)u r my lucky charm mr kadus u r my life nd hw dare u to say tat word to my life? Wt do u think of urself? (started to beat him)
San(trying to hold her hands)-jaan i m sorry k (bt she was beating)are stop (hold her arms nd kissed her) swara was shocked bcoz of sudden kiss bt then she to started to respond that was a passionate kiss showing their love,passion nd pain then they brokd the kiss panting heavily
S-wt was that? Do u wanted to kil me
San-are itne se tag gai then what wil happen after marriage i wil nt let u sleep(wink at her)
S-(open her mouth o shape)sanskar u r turning shamless(blushing her face turned red due to shy)
San-aw jaan dnt blush that much i wil loose my control nd do something to u
Swara blushed hard hearing that nd hide her face in his chest hugging him-i lov u cutie pie
San(making faces)-jaan stop calling me that nd i lov u 2(kissed her hairs)
They heard a knock nd parted away.p
San- cme in
R(cme inside)-bhai shona cme have snacks fir apna romance karna shona need sme strengh na (kept tat in table)
San-(fake anger)rago u becme naughty (she giggled nd left)to swara)cme have dis started to feed her
S(eating)-cutie pie wil u not eat?
San-i wil eat later
S-(took a piece kept tat near his mouth)-open ur mouth i wil feed u(he smiled nd ate it)they fed eo sanskar droped swara to gm

Nxt day swasan were in pani puri stall
San-jaan u got me it wil b unhygenic
S(making face)-oh mr kadus u nd ansh r same swara dnt eat unhygenic hai bla bla
San(smiles)-jaan dnt make faces k u can eat
S(exited)-sacchi(childishly)(to pani puri seller) kaka make puchka little spicy
(nd started to eat)yummiee(forward to sanskar)mr kadus eat na its tasty plz(sanky ate 1 bt tat was 2 spicy for him).
San(drinking water)-hw u eating tat its 2 spicy???
S-???cutie pie go nd eat choco its in car
San-k bt u stay here oly i wil cme(nd left)
[1/19, 2:36 PM] neha: Bt here sme1 was spying swasan when sanky left us admi ne gun nikala nd aimed at swara and shoot nd thud sanskar got shot to his hand swara was shockd(when sanky left to car he rememberd tat carkeys r wit swara so he turned nd saw sme1 is aiming gun to swara he came middle to save her)

In hospital.
It has been 1 hr sanskar is in icu all r present there swara was crying, ansh nd her frnds trying to console her bt al went in vain.
L-(side hug)gudia stop crying jb sanky ko hosh ayega aur pata chalega tat u were crying like this wil he get happy?(wiping her tearz)nw stop crying nd tel us how dis happend?
S(sobbing)-wo i was eating pani puri, sanky went to car to eat choco as he ate spicy puchka bt suddenly he came running infrnt of me nd got shot(again started to cry)
A-princess nothing wil happen sanskar plz dnt cry
R-ha shona bhai ko kuch nai hoga(hugged her)
Dp-ha beta he is my son a tough guy he wil b all ryt(kept hand on her head)nd u r my strong daughter na(swara nodded) gud.
Dr cme outside.
S-dr uncle hw is sanskar? Ap bol ku nai rhe wo tik to hai na?
Dr-swara wo tik hai goli bas chu ke nikal gai aj sham tak aplog unhe gar le ja sakte hai(all became happy hearing dis) nw we r shifting him to normal ward u all can meet him

In normal word
Sanskar was laying in bed all were surrounde his bed.
L-sanky u scared us man
San-haha sry lucky
Dp-thank god beta u r safe
San(teary eye)-dad dnt u put ur hand on my head?(dp shock)i knw i was rude in these years i m sor(interupted by dp)
Dp-no beta muje bura nai laga i knw tat u were hurt i couldnt becme gud father bt dis time me apne bete ki shadi dum dham se karenge
San-no dad u were a best father nd tq
Dp blessed him all left saying get well soon meanwhile swara was in cornor glaring sanskar angrily
L-all d best dude some1 is very angry with u(pointing towards swara nd left leaving them alone)
San(gulped in fear)-jaannn…… Y r u glaring like u wil eat me now oly

San-kuch bolo na?
S-(came near his bed)wt was d need to cme middle wo goli mere lie ta na?(teary eye)agar tumhe kuch ho jata to?
San-jaan i saved myself oly(swara saw him)if something happend to u wil i b able to live? U r not a part of my life u r my life jaan
Swara hugged him tightly-dnt do dis stunt again plz mr kadus
San-k jaan.

At evening in mm
Sanskar’s room
San-john wats d news
John-sir ur doubt was current someone bailed ap 2day mrng oly
San??-mtlb wo attack unho ne karwaya ta john tighten d security around swara. Use ek karoch v nai ana chaiye
John-s sir nd mene already apne logo se ap ji ko dund ne bej dia hai.
San-gud i want her asap.
Swara came inside room
S-wts gng on here?
San(dnt want to tel her abt ap)-wo jaan we r talking abt sme ofc work
John-s swara mam
S-offo sanskar tumhe na mujse nai is john se shadi kar lena chaiye
San(shock)-jaan wt r u saying?
S-or nai to kya mujse jyada to is john k sat rahte ho, ofc me nd gar me v ise bhula lete ho mere liye to waqt hi nai hai(swara rock sanky shock)

San(smiles sheepishly)-jaan he is my p.a nd my work is imp na?
S-whatever he became my sautan now(to john)aj se 7 din tak no ofc work for ur sir understood
John (who was numb hearing abt his nd sanky shadi???)-s mam
San-wt s mam(to swara)jaan 7 din tak nai plz who wil handle ofc
S-mr the great sanskar maheshwari agar 1 week ofc nai jayenge to bankrupt nai hojayenge(crossing her hands near chest)
San-agar me lifetime v nai gaya to v mera paisa hum dono k lia nd hamare bachon k bache k liye v kafi hoga my dr
S-then 5n (to john)u can cme her to c ur boss welbeing bt for work u r not welcm
John-sure mam(to san)sir tc bye mam(he left)
S-mr kadus nw have this soup
San-(making yuk face)jaan i m not going to drink it.
S-u have to its gud for ur health
San-bt jaan
S-pls mere liye(making a cute pout)
San(packed her pout)-k jaan(swara shock sanky rock)
Days passed it have been 1 week sanskar is now fully fit nd 5n thanks to swara’s torture???

BM-sanskar beta dont go to ofc 2day i called priest to fix a date for ur marriage
San-k bm(she gave blessings nd left)
San’s pov
Its have been 1 week to that incident swara tuk a great care of mine my cute kiddo ha smetime tortured me by tat soup, kichdi nd medicines bt i loved that torturn. She was with me whole day. I told to john to find ap bt no clue abt her, i made sure about swara’s safety bt stil dnt knw y i m being restless frm 2 days i m getting a feeling that smething gone bad happend bt i wil never let anything to my jaan its my promise

In hall priest was matching swasan’s kundlis
S(messaged sanky)-mr kadus agar kundli match na hua to?
San(read nd replied)-then we wil elope dnt worry my jaan
S(made her eye big)-wt?(shouts nd saw sanky with shock)
San gestured her keep quite
L-gudia kya hua y u shout?
S-wo kuch nai bhaiyu wo i bite my tougue so sorry
Dp-its k beta(to priest)to pandit ji kya date mila?
Priest-aise kudli mene aj tak nai deki sare gun milte hai 7 din bad k shubh muhrat hai
L-bt its 2 fast
[1/19, 2:36 PM] neha: BM-koi bat nai beta we all here na to ye tai raha after 3 days all function wil held. Chalo uto baht kaam hai karne k lie.
All frnds started to tease swasan

Next day swara was waiting for her frnds alone outside d mall for shopping tat time some goons started to misbehave with her
Goon 1-oh ho kya hot hai yar chal nai sakti fir v kamal hai
G2-ha (to swara)hello janeman cme with us na
Swara felt disgust by them
S-(slapped him) get lost (started to leave)
G1(hold her)-avi batate h tumhe(swara got afraid)
S-(crying)leave me u jerk
The goon about to kis her bt he got a tight punch on his face

Precap-i dnt tel

Only 2 parts left guys
Sorry for late update

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