Love changes life(part 17)

[1/19, 2:33 PM] neha: Love changes life(chap 17)

Jumar was broken into pieces. All were in shock sanskar sat wit thud nd started crying badly his world turned up down just then he felt a hand in shoulder he turned nd saw his jaan.
San(happy,shock)-swara(nd hugged her tightly)
S-(hugd her back)sanskar me tik hu luk(tried to break d hug bt sanky tightend the grip)sshh….calm down mr kadus luk at me na plz
San(broke d hug)-i was scared jaan feared to loose u when tat jumar fell on u i felt like my breath stoped i thought u(couldn’t complete again hugd her)i lov u jaan.
S-i lov u 2 nd i m alryt bf ne muje bacha lia varna pata nai kya hota..
San(confused)-ansh ne hw?

Fb starts
When jumar abt to fal on swara ansh saw tat nd saved her nick of time
Fb ends
San-thank u ansh u didn’t saved swara’s life u saved my life tq i m dept to u whole life
A-dude no need bcoz i savd her for me bcoz i didn’t wanted to die at young age.
A-mtlb i saved ur life by saving dis pagal’s life nd my life 2 warna meri wife muje kacha kha jati. Poor me trapd between 2 dayans(made scary face)
Swavi(swara nd avni)-??wt we dayans? Abi batati hu

L-(hugged swara)h m glad tat u r 5n!(both trowd cusions on him)
Alĺ laughed accept 1 non other than sanskar.
San(in mind)-1st tat pic nw dis accident it cnt b a coincident i have to find d matter.(saw swara who was beating ansh)i wil never let anything happen to u jaant its my promise.(party ended maheshwari’s lft mm nd all slept)
In dark room
Person(angry shouts)- she got saved 1st i thought tat pic wil seperate swasan bt no nd now 2 my plan failed(evily laugh) bt no prblm kab tak bachegi kavi to mera plan kamyab hoga(haha in her dreams???)

While swara was crossing road a truck came in speed nd hitted her leaving her in pool of blood
San-jaaaannnn………woke up wit jurk he was sweating nd breathing heavily(it was a dream??)why i got dis dream?kai uske sath kuch nai i want to c her now(he took car keys nd left)

In gm swara’s room
Swara was sleeping peacefuly having a smile in her lips bt her sleep got disturbed hearing sme sound she opend her eye nd saw a shadow near window in fear abt to shout tat person cme running nd shut her mouth by placing his palm on her mouth
Voice-ssshhh its me sanskar(whispers nd left removed his hand)
S(widened her eye)-sanskar wt r u dng here nd hw did u cme to my room door is locked na

San-wo i cme throug pipe
S(shock)-wt?(scold him) r u mad? Agar pair pisal jata or kuch ho jata to sanky???
San-are i cme here to c u nd u r scoling me(made a cute puppy pout face).
S-(melted)oh my cutie pie(pulled his cheeks)
San(irritate)-jaan i m not cute say tat i m handsome
S-no no u r my cutie pie(again pulls his cheek).
San-(making faces)ok 5n cl me wt u want happy.
S-very happy i love u my cutie pie bt y u came here at
dis time?
San-i told na to c u

S-mr kadus i knw u more than u now wil u tel me(raising her eyebrow)
San-wo i got a bad dream (swara confuse)ki something happend to u
S-sanskar c (touch his face) me tik hu nd i knw tat jab tak tum ho muje kuch nai ho sakta i trust u
San(smiling)-ha never(huggd her)u r my life jaan
S(proudly)-i know that. Now u go.(pushed him)go
San-k leaving bye jaan(kissed her forehead nd left)

Next day
All r in dinning table ishveer nd avnsh are also there
Swara was in deep thinking ansh saw dis
A-princess wt happend?
S(cme back to sences)-wo i think sanskar is disturbed by sterday’s incident
L-hmm he is scared gudia he cnt afford to loose u
S-i knw bhaiyu(smiled brightly)idea (tel smthing to every1)

In sanky’s ofc.
Sanky was busy with work checking sme files got disturbed by phone call(saw caller name nd smiled).
San-ha jaan
S(breathing heavily)-san… Plz cme to abc place jaldi(cutted d cal) swaransh gave hifi to eo
Here sanky panicd nd left hurridly
[1/19, 2:33 PM] neha: In abc place
Sanky came to dark room nd panicd
San-jaan…. Jaan…..

Suddenly he heard a voice
Voice dis sng is for my love
Zehnaseeb, Zehanaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
(spot light fal on swara nd sanskar)
Mere kareeb, mere habeeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
Zehanaseeb Meaning: My Fate (someone who is destined to be yours)
(she sang above lines watching sanskar)

Tere sang beete har lamhe pe humko naaz hai
Tere sang jo na beete uspe aitraaz hai
Iss kadar hum dono ka milna ek raaz hai
(she cme towards him saying above lines)

Huaa ameer dil ghareeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
(she hold her ears making puppy dog face)

Lena-dena nahi duniya se mera
Bas tujh se kaam hai
Teri ankhiyon ke sheher me
Yaara sab intezaam hai
Khushiyon ka ek tukda mile
Ya mile gham ki khurchane
Yaara tere mere kharche me
Dono ka hi ek daam hai
(she hold his palm nd kissed him his hand)

Hona likha tha yunhi jo huaa
Yaa hote hote abhi anjaane mein ho gaya
Jo bhi hua, hua ajeeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
Zehnaseeb, zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
(nw all lights got on the hall is beautifully decorated in red nd white heart shaped baloons and near table is kept wit sanky’s fav dishes)

Hua ameer dil ghareeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

S(holding dairy milk babli)-when i 1st saw u v had a 5t nd i though u r akdu in 2nd meet when i made u pay more for necklace by using ur angrines oly i though u r egoistic bt smewhere i saw pain 2 in ur eye and in 3rd meeting when u scold me i thought u r heartless bt when u asked sorry i made u stay wit me for 24hrs in tat savd me nd we becme frnds i got to c ur new shade which was caring, sweet, nd after that loving 2 little protective,possessive bt i lov u. Tumne muje bataya ki mujse v koi itna pyar kar sakta hai. U made me believe tat i m beautiful. U made me happy by ur presence, u made me complete my cutie pie i lov u…. I lov ur smile, ur brown eye jisme me apne apko dekti hu, i love ur kaduspan 2 by which v becme close(forward choclate)so wil u allow me to irritate u whole life? Wil u allow me to cl u with variety of names whole life lyk mr kadus,cutie pie,chipku maheshwari bla bla wil u?
San(happy tearz nd sat on in his knees)-i wil and i lov u 2 my ms pagal(tuk choclate unwrapd it nd fed swara nd she fed it to sanskar)

S-hmm cme lets have food i made it wit my own hands
San-hmm smells gud bt jaan wt is d need to make it? Tag gai hogi na?
S-are no nd ish nd avni 2 helped me nw stop talking nd taste it(served dish)tel me how is it?
San-(tasted)hmm its (make faces)
S-(felt sad tat he didn’t liked it)its k sanskar acha nai bana to dnt eat(abt to tuk his plate)
San-are who told u tat. Its awesme
S(exited)-really u teased me na??
San-k baba sry nw eat k
(they had lunch nd left)

At evng mm in sanskar’s room
Sanky got a cal
San(bossy tone)-did u find out?
Os-s sir its………………..
San(boiling in anger)-5n send him to mm ryt now.
In hall all were present as sanskar called them even swara laksh nd her frnds
L-sanky y u called us
S-sanskar is everything is alryt na? Y r u so angry
San-wait sme time sare sawalon k javab mil jayenge (john came with sme man)
John-sir he is the person who(interupted by sanskar)
San-who tried to kil my jaan by cutting jumar’s chain(boiling in anger his eyes were blood shot while others were in shock)

A(angrily held tat man’s coller)-hw dare u to hurt my princess(punched him)
San-calm down ansh ye to sirf mohra hai asli kiladi koi aur h
[1/19, 2:34 PM] neha: L-kaun(angry)
San-(to man)tum bolo kaun hai wo jisne tumse ye sab karvaya?
Man-wo (fumbles)wo…..
San(shouts at peak)-tel me dammit before i kil u
Man(afraid)-point finger towards person
All saw d direction nd shocked

Precap-another attack on swara

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