Love changes life(part 16)

[1/19, 2:29 PM] neha: Love changes life(chap 16)

Swara turned hearing sanskar nd was shocked to see tat sanskar had cutted his wrist blood was flowing frm his hand
S(shocked nd scared)-sanskar(cme near him)r u gone mad?(panicked) Oh shit kitna khoon bah raha hai?? (shouts)ramu kaka bring firsh aid box fast(tuk phn nd dialed a no)hello dr cme soon to gm its emergency(cutd it cl nd mad him sit in nearby chair)sanskar sit(kaka gave box,swara started to clean his blood)sanskar i m talking to u dammit say sme thing y d hel u did dis?

All dis while sanskar was standing like lifeless body when swara made him sit he just sat lyk robot. Its like his brain has stop registering his surroundings oly swara’s words when she said in anger tat “i dnt love u i dnt want to c ur face” was echoing in his mind he was oly look at floor here swara hold his face wit her palm nd turnd to face her.
S(wit love)-sanskar(saw his eye oly to c pain a lot of pain,bt his face was blank)
When he saw her he fainted.
S(panickd)sanskar(splashd water on his face bt no use)(to kaka)kaka take him to my room.

In swara’s room
Docter was checking him while swara was crying at tat time raglak nd avnsh cme nd got to knw evrything
S(wit concern)-dr uncle he is 5n na? Koi serious matter to nai
Dr-no swara u gave him 1st aid at ryt time
S-den y is nt gaining conciousness?
Dr-he is alright he fainted due to stress nd weakness may b his didn’t eat anything 2day
S??-wt?(to kaka)kaka didn’t he had his bf?
Kaka-no beta frm sterday he didn’t ate anything.
S(tears whelmd in her eye nd started sobbing)-its al my fault i should have tc of him.
Ansh-princess he lovs lyk mad
L-ha gudia u r his life. Mene deka hai use thoot the hue when kumud died u gave him a new life shona dnt snatch tat life nw give him a chance(they left)
S(hold sanky’s hand)-i m sry sanskar pls open ur eyes na c i m crying u told tat u wil never let me cry, wipe my tearz na i love u sanskar plz wake up(she to slept beside sanskar)

At midnyt swara wokeup due to voice, she saw sanskar was sweating nd murmuring sme thing
San(neend me) plz d…dont le….leave me. I m s……sorry i wil n… hurt u. I can’t live with…..out u i wil di….die plz i love u(tearz was flowing frm corner of his eyes)
Here swara was shocked to hear dis she felt a pain in her heart she was guilty for hurting him,her love so much tat he getting nightmare
S(shaking him)-sanskar get up,c i m here oly wit u plz wake up(shouts)mr kadus.
Sanskar woke up wit jerk panting heavily
S-(lov nd concern)mr kadus.

Sanky saw her nd hugged her tightly
San-plz dnt leave me i m sorry(crying)
S-(pating his back)sshh i wil never leave u(just den sanskar hitted with reality)
San(broke d hug)-i m sorry swara i knw u dnt want to c my face i should leave nw
S(tried to calm him)-sanskar listen(bt interupted by him)
San(choking voice)-swara i knw tat u hate me i promise i wil never cme in ur way(tried to go bt felt dizziness)
S-sanskar sit u r stil weak

San-its k swara i can manage i dnt want to hurt u more i wil(swara was frustrated bcoz of his same line)swara u should let me die (dis was it for swara)
She pulled him with force put her soft lips in his hard lips, she was kissing him wildly she bite his lower lips which start to bleed sanskar was in ful shock
S(broke d kis nd hold his coller)???how dare u to hurt my life, how dare u try to kil my love?
San(innocently)-bt i hurted myself na? (smething strike to his brain)means u hav forgive me, (swara nobbed wit smile).

San(happy)-i wil never hurt u again(hugged her tightly nd kissed her head) i lov u swara
S(hugd him back nd tightnd d grip)-i knw nd i lov u 2,3,4

Next day
Avnsh were teasing swasan ishveer 2 joined them
Rv nd ansh-doli sajake rakna mehendi laga k rakna
Ish nd avni-sahra saja k rakna (swasan were red like tomato)…
L(hugged swara)-i happy for u both
R-(hugd sanky)-get ready to becme dulha??
Whole maheshwari’s came to gm to fix engagement date
Priest-tmrw is wil b best for sagai.
BM- we dnt mind(to laksh)wt abt u?
L-no badi ma we r happy
Ap-bt itne sara taiyari
BM(glared her)-ap we wil manage ryt?.
Ap-ji didi
[1/19, 2:32 PM] neha: Next day at eveng

Gm was decorated with white, rëd cloths nd red roses all over the wall laksh was welcming d guest avni nd ish was handling menu all guest arrived all maheshwari’s 2 arrived.
Sanskar was just finding his jaan..just then swara came down sanskar was just mesmerised to c her Swara was wearing a orange coloured lehenga with heavy jewellery nd a little make up she is looking like a princess while sanskaar was wearing a orange sherwani nd golden patial pant he’s looking a prince m dead ??????
Sagai ceremany started
Swara put ring on sanskar’s finger nd sanskar abt to slide platinum ring which is beautifuly curved $$ with diamand to swara’s finger bt swara withdrawn her hand
S-not so soon my to b fiancy
San(confused)-swara wt r u dng?

S(smiles nautily)-mr kadus i want u to do smething to me
San-what do u mean by spcl?..
S(hitting her forhead)-smething spcl (pout) u just confessed ur love bt u didnt proposd me?
San(smiles)-oh so u want me to propose u(swara nodded)
San-k wait(light went off)

Sanskar in spot light wit mike dis is for u ms pagal(startd to sing)
Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho-2
Jeevan Meethi Pyaas Yeh Kehti Ho
Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho

Har Shaam Aankhon Par
Tera Aanchal Lehraye
Har Raat Yaadon Ki
Baarat Le Aaye
Main Saans Leta Hoon
Teri Khushboo Aati Hai
Ek Mehka Mehka Sa
Paigaam Laati Hai
Mere Dil Ki Dhadkan Bhi
Tere Geet Gaati Hai
Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho

Kal tujhko dekha tha maine apne aangan mein
Jaise keh rahi thi tum mujhe baandh lo bandhan mein
ye kaisa rishta hai
yeh kaise sapne hai
begane hokar bhi
kyu lagte apne hai
main socch main rehta hoon
dar dar ke kehta hun
Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho

Tum Sochogi Kyon Itna
Main Tumse Pyaar Karoon
Tum Samjhogi Deewana
Mein Bhi Iqraar Karoon
Dewaanon Ki Yeh Baatein
Deewane Jaante Hain
Jalne Mein Kya Mazaa Hai
Parwane Jaante Hain
Tum Yunhi Jalate Rehna
Aa Aakar Khabon Mein
Pal Pal dil ke pass
tum rahti ho
jeevan meethi pyaas
tum rehti ho

Pal Pal dil ke paas
tum rehti ho

Sanskar went to his knees-swara i dnt say any cheasy lines bt want to say tat i love u i want u to b with my whole day, i want to take u in my embrace in evry ngt,i want ur shoulder when i m sad nd ur smile to smoot me i want to share my happines wid u i m all urz my life,my breath
agar tum na ho
Tumhara sath na ho
Tumhara trust na ho
Tumhara pyar na ho
To me nai
Mera sanse nai
Mera zindagi nai

S(overwhelmd by his proposal happy tearz cme frm her eyes)-s mr kadus
Swara forwarded her hand nd sanky slided ring to her finger(huge applause were heard)

Ish-oh how romantic jiju is(to rv)learn smething how much sanskar lov swara use kitna spcl feel karvata hai nd u dnt give 1 rose also
Av-ha ish u r ryt (glares ansh)we r not that much lucky i think(fake sad)(anshveer opened their mouth in o shape??)
Here swara was blushing to hear them
All were dancing enjoying the party swara was in middle of hall sanskar was talking wit sme businessman just then he heard wierd sound he turnd and saw that jumar which was in abov swara was abt to fal on her nd thudd……

Precap-dnt knw????

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