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Love changes life (part 4)


[12/10, 10:21 AM] neha: Love change life (chapter 4)

Sanskar was sitting in chair at his luxurious room and thinking about swara
Sanskar- what she think about herself muje itna sunaya nd me v kuch bol ku ni paya? She is strange disable hai par i liked d way she talked with me. Wt r u thiking? dnt forget u r SM. And she made u shut up u hav to pay for this mis.

Swara’s room swara nd ansh were 2gether swara had told everythink abt mr.kadus to bf.
S-wt he think abt himself kitna akad dika raha ta😡😡bt i enjoyed to tease him😂😂bechara soch raha hoga kya bolke chali gai? Firse mile to i wil tease him more.
A-haha princes u r impossible kash me v hota waha😂😂😂 bt dr y want u to tease him. Something something a?(mischivious smile)
S-oye apni chotu brain m itna bada bada bath mat socho half pagal to ho pure ho jaoge
A-princess ruk tuje to(start tickling her)
S-are bas kar bf i cnt laugh more plz.
Both were laughing.

Sanskar room- sanky phone rings he lift it without cing
San-hello SM here
Up-hello beta
San(emotionless nd cold voice)y did u called me? (annapurna san’s mumma)
Ap-beta kb tak hame punish karoge? Cme back beta i mis u. My old sanky jo masti karte tagta ni ta sbko hasata ta aj hasna bhul gaya h.
San-painfuly laughs)us sanky ko ap logo ne mar dia h Mujese meri jine ki vajah chin k nd dnt cl me again. Nd cutted the cal. (to himself)i hate u mr nd mrs maheshwari i wil never forgive u.

Next day
All frnds were xyz place all were enjoying sanskar was also there buying something for ragini. Nd swara was shopping for ish. Swara saw a beautyful necklase nd said-plz pack it. Just then sanskar came and said pack this for me.
S-(saw him) hello 1st i said to pack u buy smthng else.
San-i want dis oly (to manger)pack it i wil pay double price. And dnt dare to say no to SM(stirn luk)
Manager gulps in fear
S-😱u r Mr.SM? The ruthless,arogent,devil Sanskar Maheshwari?(shouts loudly tat sanky step bak almost getting heart attack)
SM-stop shouting mis. Nd ya (smirk)
S-i wil pay d 3x price pack it
SM-😠😠 (i though she wil get scared nd apologize to me bt she is just showing her attitude fine nw i wil get tat necklase at any cost) 4time higher.
S-ahh 5 times
SM- 6 times
Manger nd whole staff was like😨😨😭😭.
S-🤔🤔( to manger) k i loose😞😞 nd went frm there.
SM-i said no 1 cn beet me.😏😏. Nd followed her
SM-hello miss harke kaise laga? U wanted to 5t wit me na? Itni jaldi har man li i m SM and i dnt knw to loose.( al dis while he was facing her bak side)
S-(startd to laugh)
SM- glares her) y r u laughing pagal to ni ho gai😏😏
S-no i was thinking ki hw u becme business man?
SM- – – -wt do u mean?
S-or ni to kya? I din’t loose. i made u pay 6 times more than actual cost of necklase(winks) muje tm tang karna chate the na?😂😂😂😂
SM was lost 😨😨😨🤐🤐😡😡😡

John was super duper shock and thought- dis girl made sir ki bolti chup. Wow aj tk kisine v aise ni kia ta.
SM- hw dare 2 fool me?( hold her wrist tightly)
S-(hisd in paid) plz hath chodo u r hurting me.
SM lft her hand wit jerk bt stumbld little her bracelet stuck wit his watch nd she landed upon his chest both fell down there was a chotu sa eyelock which was broken by ansh.
An-(shouts nd cme to her) princess r u al ryt? (left her wit his arm nd made her sit in her wheechair) tm tk ho na? Chot to ni lagi( cheking her)
S-are bf calm down luk i m fit nd 5n.u knw na i m complain girl💪🏻💪🏻
A(rolling his eyes) whatever. Cnt u shut ur bak bak.
S-hw mean bf i wil cmplain to bhaiyo.(fake wala cry😭😭😭)
A-are sry yar chup kar evry1 is glaring me lyk i hav done a sin. K i wil give u choko
S-ice cream 2
A-k my kiddo
All was witnesd by sanskar nd he was nt lyking their close.😉😉😉Nd left frm there
SM -what she think about herself? She made me fool (frustrated) and who d hel is he? Wo log itne close te😒😒😒bt y i m thinking abt her jo v ho y should i care. I wil surely show u my power miss pagal😏😏.

Precap swara to shout at sanskar

  1. Rosey

    amazing yarr its superbbb poor sanskaar swara ne to wakai uss ki bolti band kar di hehehehe 😉

  2. Srusti

    Episode was awesome my poor sanskar was fooled by swara not bad but I enjoyed their fight a lot and plzzzzzz write in English in next episode dear

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    Amazing dr…
    Nxt one soon…

  5. Mica

    please update in english deaar

  6. I have read this ff in fb are u the same person who is writting in fb??? but the author’s name is different in fb it is neha rai and her different it is u. are u the same person who is writting in fb??? anyways dear continue i loved this ff. even i knw the story but i will again read and comment for u. all the best for ur further story of this ff. love u dear

    1. Pummy

      Tq sana nd ha i m neha

  7. I have read this ff in fb are u the same person who is writting in fb??? but the author’s name is different in fb it is neha rai and here name is different

  8. Krystle

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    Sorry guys i cant ryt in english i hav already written whole ff so nw cnt change sory for inconvinience

  11. Awesome 😊😊 and had already read in fb but will again read it

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