Love changes life epilogue

[1/19, 2:39 PM] neha: Love changes life(epilogue)

After 6 years
In huge mansion 4 year girl running nd a lady 2 running behind her.
Child-(while running)mumma i dnt want to drink milk tat dont taste gud
Lady-bacha its gud for health ruko dnt make mumma run so much.
(child ran nd dashed with man he lift her)
Man(lifting child)-doll y r u running like this? U wil get hurt na?
Ch-papa mumma is making me drink milk(making face just then lady cme panting heavily)
Lady-thank god u hold her mr kadus(man is sankskar only nd that child is swasan’s baby girl sarah nd tat lady who was running was swara nd nw she can walk)give her to me she hav to drink milk
San-doll you wan to becme like me na(sarah nodded)u knw i always drink milk to becme strong
Sar(childishly)-realy papa(to swara)mumma give me milk (drank it in 1 go)
S(widend eye)-itne der se muje bagak papa k ate hi drank milk
San-she is my doll papa’s princess(side hug swara)
S(pout)-hmm mumma se to koi pyar hi nai karta
Sar-doll lov both mumma nd papa(hug them)
Swasan-we to lov u mera bacha/doll
Voice-nd we 3
(trio c d source of voice nd smile watching them)
S-bf (ran nd hug him)i missed u so much
Kav-nd wt abt us(holding her baby dump)
S-side hug her carefully missed u 2 (to others)and al of u(they had a group hug)
(avnsh has 5 year boy aryan, ishveer got married after 1 yr nd hav a girl of 2 yr named riddi,kavsan married after 6 mnt has 3 yr boy krish)
All childrens were playing.
A-princess lucky bhai kab a rhe h?
S-tmrw evng wit rags nd wit my raksh(raglak son 4 yr got married after 1 mnt)
They talked did sme masti
Sar-(to ansh)mamu i wil sleep wit u 2day apne story half m chod di 2day cmplet it
A-k(made her sit in lap)my cutie 2day all children sleep 2gether nd i wil tel a story
Kids(jumped in happines)-yeppie
All went to their respective rooms(all live together wit ap nd dp in 1 mansion)
In swasan’s room
Swara cme frm washroom nd saw sanky lost in deep thought near window
S-(back hugging him)cutie pie dnt u knw that in bedroom biwi k alava kisi aur cheez k bare me sochna crime h
San(cme back to sense feeling his jaan’s touch nd turn)-nt oly in bedroom kahi aur v biwi k alawa sochna crime hai kaskar when wify is so beautiful like u(kissing her earbone)
S(blushing)-sanskar(release him)tel na abt what u were thinking?
San(cuping her face)-do u remember 2day date
S-sanskar forget it na that was a past.
San-a worst day of my life(hugged her tightly) i was so scared that day(tightend d grip)
After marriage everything was perfect sanky used to pamper swara a lot
San-(feeding her)jaan last bite pls
S-(pout)cutie pie i m ful i cant eat
San-uff stop calling me like that i m not cute
S(pulling his cheek)-for me u r cute only???
San-(fake anger)jaan enough if nxt time u called me by that name then (naughtily)i wil not let u sleep(wink at her)
S(widened her eye)sanskar u r turning shameless day by day ??

Days passed
San-jaan be ready at 7pm k.
S-y mr kadus do we hav to go anywhere?
San-jaan u forgot we hav to go reunion party of my clg
S-hmm ya k i wil b ready(sanky kissed her forhead nd left for ofc)
At evng in party
All were enjoying swaragini were talking with sme frnds nd here sanky was with his frnds.
Rajat-(sanky’s frnd jealouse of him)sanky did u get any other girl than swara(sanky glare)i mean she is beautiful bt stil yar she is disabled.
Sunny-ha sanky rajat is ryt nw may b u dnt get any prblm bt in future? Sanky u r very big business man what about ur reputation?people wil make fun of u.
Ra-ya avi dek lo u cnt enjoy wit her i mean she wil b dependent on u life time u wil becme her slave.i think dis oly she wanted thats y she trapped u(before he cmeplt whole hall echoed wit a slap sound s sanky slapped rajat hard)
San-dnt u dare to say any word against my jaan she is nt dependent on me the truth is i m dependent on her. She is my wife so u better stay away frm my life
(here swara heard evrything nd she was gng out of hal just then she dashed wit a girl)
S-sry i was lost
G-ofcourse darling u were lost tats y u trapped sanskar na?(swara shock)wt dnt c me like u dnt understand(smirk)u knew that he was heartbroken so u acted as gud infrnt of him like removing his pain nd marriaed him knowing that u cant give happiness afteral u also needed a pupet na wt a plan (swara heart broken left frm there wit driver)here sanky cme to knw evrything wt that girl told swara nd left for mm
In mm swara was crying miserably
S(in mind)-they were ryt i m not rialable for sanskar i m spoiling his life i wil leave him(wiping her tears) ha i wil go far away frm evry1(with d support of wc she go to cupboard nd was paking her bags just then sanky cme)
[1/19, 2:40 PM] neha: San(shock to c her paking)-jaan what is dis? Y r u packing ur bags?
S(stern voice)-i m going away frm u frm all
San??-swara wt rubbish u r talking?
S-its nt rubbish mr maheshwari i wil not let u to spoil ur life so i m l(incmplet becoz sanky captured her lips by his stard to bite her lower lips showin his anger,pain ĺov while swara was shock by sanky’s kiss)
San(broke d kis)-never dare to say that (hold her shoulder)u r mine nd u dnt hav d ryt to go away frm me??nd if u again think like dis i swear swara i wil kil myself (seeing directly to her eyes)me apne ap ko aise maut dunga u would hav not imagined
Swara horrified to hear nd cing his madness-sanskar bt (startd to cry sanky hug her)
San-chalo lets sleep(made her sleep comfortably in bed nd laydown beside her hugging her tightly keeping his head on her shoulder soon both slept)
Next day swasan woke up got fresh sanky left for ofc nd swara went to hospital
S-dr is there any way to walk any treatment anything
Dr-mrs maheshwari there is a way it is do operation bt
S-bt wat dr?
D-chances r very less if it got unsuccessful u may die also.(swara got shock bt composed herself)
S-i m ready for d operation
D-are u sure
S-s bt kisi aur ko iske bare me pata nai lagna chaiye.
Dr-k opt wil b after 2 days
S-hmm k(swara lft frm hospital came to mm)
S(in mind)-i m sorry sanky bt i cnt tel u or any1 abt my optn, u wil no accept dnt knw after 2 days wt wil happen bt in these day i wil spend my every moment wit u(sanky came nd saw swara lost in tot)
S(smiled)-cutie pie u came i wiĺ bring coffee u get fresh (sanky smiled)
In these 2 day swara enjoyed wit sanky nd her grup.
Operation day
Swara left to hospital saying that she has sme meeting nd come late at nyt sanky came for lunch went to fresh opend cupboard to search smething saw a file(swara’s report)got shock to see (it has mentioned everything)
San(in mind)-no jaan u cant do dis to me i wil not let dis happen(took keys rushed to hospital nd drive as speed as possible nd reached)
San(to receptionist)-is there any operation of mrs maheshwari.
Rec-s sir its gng on nd about to finish (sanky ran towards operation ward at that time dr came out)
San-dr how is swara? Is she alryt tel smething dammit
Dr-bow head sry mr maheshwari bt we could not save her(sanky went inside ot)
San(shock to c swara sitting in bed)jaan u (hugged her nd kissed al over) bt dr said that u(swara made him stand nd slowly taking support frm cot stood by her nd hugged him)
S(happily)-sanskar nw i can walk (broke d hug) c i m standing in my own feet hehehe
San(shock+happy tears)-jaan u can(lift nd twirls her around)i m so happy(smting stuck to hîs mind nd became angry)jaan y u didn’t told me abt operatin hw could u take d risk? Agar tumhe kuch ho jata to? Kavi socha hw i wil live without u?
S(tears)-i m sory cutie pie bt wt to do me nai chati ti koi tumhe meri wajah se taunt kare so i m cholly(hold her ears nd make puppy face)
San(melted)-its k bt age se dnt dare to risk ur life
S-s boss
All came to knw tat nw swara can walk al were very happy Nxt day swara got discharge nd went to mm
After 1 mnt they got to knw tat swara is pregenant
San-swara i m so happy tq for giving me dis precious gift
S-hahaha cutie pie leave me i 2 happy nd tq for coming in my life
In pregnancy time sanky took immence care of swara nd handled her moon swings happily like a gud hubby fulfilled all her wishes after 9 mnts Swara gave birth to angel sarah
Flash back ends
San-u knw jaan i when i got to know about operatin nd risk i was so scared nd when dr said that u r d….(couldn’t cmplt)i felt like i lost my soul
S-bt i knew that muje kuch nai hoga ur love wil save me as always
San-s jaan 1st i hated u nd nw i cnt imagine my life without u, 1st i was a body without soul nd nw u becme my soul, my life, my madness tq swara ur love changed dis arrogant ruthles man to funloving man ur love changed me LOVE CHANGES LIFE(kissed her forehead)
S(smiled)-ha cutie pie really love changed life like ur love changed my life i love u
San-i lov u 2

The End
Thank u for baring me nd my story atleast aj to sb cmnt karo plz again thanku. Do u want me 2 ryt other story?
Tata bye c ya

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