Love changes everything(RagLak) epi-9 (truth of past)

Episode 9

Sorry sorry sorry..realy sorry for late updates and thank you so much for all your lovely comments
The episode starts with swara informing Ragini is missing. Everyone’s shocked. Laksh runs to her room. Sanskar and others also follow them. Room is filled with silence. Laksh checks cupboard..ragini’s every belonging is there only…shekhar feels betrayed by ragini.
Shekhar; I loved her as my own daughter but she payed me this…sumi cries.
Sanskar; maybe she got kidnapped by rivals of laksh..her belongings are here..
Laksh hits his hand on wall…how can she betray me…blood comes out..drop of blood fall on a paper
Laksh picks the paper…he reads…the bride is safe with her groom to be, you don’t need to worry about her. Laksh remembers something..he crushes the paper with anger.
Meanwhile Ragini is unconscious in jeep.

Laksh; we need to leave for Amarpur asap…sanskar you come with me….Ragini is kidnapped
Shekhar; Amarpur….
Sumi looks at him worried.
Shekhar; what is this laksh..tell me fast.
Laksh; I came to know..ragini isnot your real daughter that day in study room.(DP ,sujata and RP are shocked) I hired a person to get ragini’s background. I was so angry..
Shekhar; wait..AP ji knew everything..she said all of you had no problem with ragini being adopted.
Laksh and everyone looks worried.

AP; I will tell you all reason later but first ragini..
Laksh; I came to know..Ragini is an orphan..she lived in a haveli of Indra Thakur from childhood. She ran away from their in day of her marriage with indra..i was so angryi asked my men to inform them about Ragini..i thought ragini is a golddigger..she is trapping you and me uncle.
Shekhar stumbles; indra…………he falls down and cries. Sumi stands like a statue.
Swara; papa..what happened..she makes him stand
Shekhar stands and slaps laksh on his face three time….how dare you? You snatched my daughter from me..
Shekhar; sumi..we need to leave for amarpur right daughter sumi..our daughter she was with us how couldn’t we recognize her..
Sumi wipes her tears..shekhar..i want my daughter back..she breaks down..let’s go shekhar.
Everyone else are shocked..
Swara; Mom..what are you saying..

Sumi; swara let’s go…ragini is your own sister swara..we need to save her from indra..
Laksh; I will also come.
Shekhar; no need..
Shekhar, sumi and swara leave for amarpur.
Laksh and sanskar also leave separately. Laksh feels guilty.
Haveli is decorated for marriage function. Ragini wakesup and find herself in haveli. She is shocked.
A man comes to her.
Ragini ; you..go away
Indra catches her hair and slap her. Ragini’s head hits the table nearby and blood comes.
Indra; how dare you run away from me. I I will marry you won’t have any option left.
Ragini; how can you marry a girl of your daughter’s age..pls leave me..what do you want from did I came here..
Indra; your laksh informed us..
Ragini; I don’t believe you…
Indra shows her the voice recording of call. Ragini is broken
Indra; chuppp…just wipe your’s time of mahurat
Ragini is forcefully brought to mandap..she remembers her moment with laksh.(moh moh k plays)
Shekhar; indra thakurrr…
Police sorrounds haveli..

Ragini runs to swara and hugs her. Sumigoes to Ragini and hug her and cries.
Shekhar;how dare you marry my daughter was alive..
Ragini is shocked.
Ragini; what are you all talking about…
Shekhar starts telling.
Shekhar; ragini you are my own daughter..i thought you were…d..e..a..d
King of amarpur (although kingdom system was abolished still people of amarpur respected him as king) takes promise from shekhar (his right hand’s son) who came back just from europe completing his study to marry is only daughter Janki Singh. Shekhar agrees with heavy heart and king breaths his last.
Shekhar goes to sumi(janki’s bestfriend) and apolises to her as he can’t fulfill his promise and marry her. Sumi with heavy heart agrees. Shekhar leaves. Sumi keeps hand on her stomach and breaks down.sumi is pregnant.

Janki and shekhar marry. Janki isin lovewith shekhar. One day shekhar sees sumi with 2 months baby..shekhar questions sumi and comes to know the truth. Janki also hear it. She feels she betrayed her bestfriend. She came in between shekhar and sumi. Janki wanted to unite them but couldn’t as she herself was 6 months pregnant. Days passes..janki gets depressed. Shekhar takes care of her but janki was feeling guilty all the time.
Janki falls from stairs one day…she is rushed to hospital. Janki gives birth to a baby girl. She is really weak. She knows she won’t be alive now.she knew it before only coz doctor had informed her either baby or she will be alive. Sumi comes to janaki as she had called her..janki gives her baby to sumi

Janki; are my best friend..i can only trust you..take care of my Ragini..shekhar..i know swara is your daughter. I am sorry I came between you. Swara needs a father. I am sure sumi youwill love my ragini more than me…janki passes.
Time passes..little swaragini love eachother a lot. Sumi fed ragini her own milk. She was yashoda maiyaof ragini. Swaragini are 4 years now.
Indra Thakur was brother of rudra Thakur..who wanted to marry janki for her property. But was killed by janki’s father. Shekhar had prohibited girls to go out of home in his absence but once swara takesragini with her to play. Indra who was 20at that time to take revenge of his brothers death does bombblast to show ragini dead..swara gets saved..ragini is taken away(because ragini is janki’s daughter..she is the hier of propery of king) by indra but shekhar and sumi thinks she is dead. Shekhar and sumi with swara leaves the palace as they don’t want to live in that place again)
Flashback ends

Swara; you hid this big thing from me..
Shekhar; sorry beta..we thoughtyou would take blame on yourself..i am sorry ragini..
They have a emotional family hug.
Indra escapes from police hand and puts gun on ragini’s head. He drags her out. Shekhar and police run after him. He takes ragini in a jeep. Police are behind them.
Laksh sees ragini in jeep and follows them.
Jeep stops. Indra takes her out and drags her. Ragini is crying. She pushes him kicks him on point and runs in jungle.

Indra follows her. Laksh sees the jeep stops and goes inside the jungle. Sanskar stops near jeep so he can search for ragini there. Police van also arrives.
In jungle..ragini has become weak..she was hungry all day..all her stamina is gone now.
Ragini reaches a cliff. Laksh sees her. Lakshgoes near to her.
Ragini remembers the phone call and runs away from laksh. Now from one direction laksh is approaching near to her and from other indra. Ragini is in cliff.
Ragini looking at indra; Buri hai yeh duniya
Looking at laksh; Buri hai mohobbat
She jumps from cliff.

Shekhar and everyone also reaches there.police catches indra.
Shekhar getsa heart attack and collapses.
Episode ends.

Precap;is this the end of Ragini? Will she return back?

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  1. so sad superb update

    1. Moni

      i know it’s sad j don’t worry..and thank you

  2. so sad of ragini superb update

  3. Ragini must not die. ? anyways it’s awesome

    1. Moni

      thank you anjali..ragini’s future wil be decided in next part

  4. No plzz plzz get back ragini next part soon

    1. Moni

      i will try my besttoupdate next part soon nikky..thank you

  5. Sindhura

    Just one request dont kill shekar

    1. Moni

      thank you sindhura

      1. Moni

        shekhar won’t die..don’t worry

  6. Fouzarshi16


    1. Moni will find it in next epi

  7. Superb episode

    1. Moni

      thank you arjuna

  8. Hemalattha


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      thank you hemalattha

  9. This was an AMAZING update Moni. Ragini’s past was really interesting. But aww, poor Ragini. She has to suffer so much. This Indra guy is such a creep. And wow, I loved the ending ❤️❤️. Well it’s sad Ragini fell, but it was a great cliffhanger and twist. I wonder what’s gonna happen next. Can’t wait to read more ?

    1. Moni

      thank you so mush fats 🙂

  10. Feeling bad for ragini.

    1. Moni

      thank you lovely

  11. Megha123

    It brought my eyes welled up ???
    I hope that she’s alive .

    1. Moni

      aww..don’t cry will know everything in next update

  12. Shana98

    Hopefully she returns back ? But nice episode

    1. Moni

      thank you shana

  13. Maddy_02

    Hmm….awesome girl you nailed it

    1. Moni

      thank you maddy

  14. Buri he ye duniya that lines were awesome
    Can U update it today itself pleasee

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      thank you muskan

  15. Varsha

    Sad n pls sav rags ma i wnt raglak pls pls

    1. Moni

      hope everything will be good varsha

  16. SPP

    Please bring back Ragini
    Waiting for the next one…….

    1. Moni

      thank you so much spp

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  17. Ruhani

    Amazing yr.. I knew it… So ragini’s their daughter… It’s awesome yr.. Laksh shouldn’t have done that but it’s not his fault he misunderstood her… Omg is she dead.. I hope she’s safe n nothing happens to shekar

    1. Moni

      thank you so much ruhani

  18. Dharani


    1. Moni

      thank you dharani

  19. Akshata

    this is so sad, she suffered a lot. laksh is at fault, he had to think twice before doing that.

    1. Moni

      yeah akshata..but it was in their fate

  20. Ragz_teju


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      thank you ragz_teju

  21. Moni… brilliant twist… love it

    1. Moni

      thank you nee

  22. Woah Moni……… all the updates in one go! You are an amazing writer. Love this ff and Raglak. This episode was brilliant! Waiting with bated breath for the next one 😀

    1. Moni

      thank you so much bela

  23. Vimala

    Can’t accept the fact of ragini’s suicide…but I know the wont kill her…there is a bright future for her…?

    1. Moni

      thank you vimala

  24. Sakthi Gayathri

    Hey, awesome show… don’t show negative in starting… please return Ragini ….. Shekhar too…. please give the previous episode link… all…

    1. Moni

      thank you sakthi

  25. Zuha Fatima

    Sorry for being late Moni di! Actually school is opening on Monday. 8th Aug and I am busy with school projects, so I hardly open the site! The episode was shocking! But amazing at the same time! U rocked it once again ! And the dialogue at the end,BURI HAI YEH DUNYA 。BURI HAI MOHABBAT was just amazing! And of course Ragini has to return for Laksh! Keep going!

    Keep smiling 🙂 my darlo 😉 Moni di 🙂

    Loads of Love and support!

    cutie pie!


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