Love changes everything(RagLak) epi-8 (love blooms)

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Episode 8
’After a month
All the family members are busy on raglak’s marriage preparation. Sujata wanted swasan to marry at the same day but pandit said they can’t marry at the same day because of some grahadasa..they can get married after 2 months. Family decides that swasan will get engaged immediately after raglak’s marriage and get married after two months. Raglak marriage is after 10 days. In past month all those ragini’s funny antics were going on laksh was tolerating all these as usual.
Ragini was used to talking with laksh now. She liked making him irritated. She had fallen in love with him. She was happy for her marriage now. Laksh who never bows down infroont of anyone…he had to obey her orders anyhow…otherwise what she does next was always harmfull for him.
Once laksh didn’t answer her call for 2 days…she stormed into his officewhere he was having an important meeting..he showed her his usual attitude and asked her to go home but she just sat in laksh chair folding her hands and he had to cancel his meeting. laksh was the same laksh for everyone but helpless laksh infront of Ragini.
Shekhar had called laksh for breakfast and some discussion about business early morning. Laksh reaches GM and goes to swara who was busy making pancakes.
Laksh; swara..i love pancakes
Swara; I know laksh..i am making this for you only..afterall you are my bestfriend.
Ragini comes calling swara; Swara why hasn’t cactus reached yet.
Laksh stares her. Ragini runs.
Shekhar and sumi comes to them. All have their breakfast.
Laksh is in shekhar’s study room now. They are discussing something. Shekhar gets a call and he picks and goes outside for a while.
Laksh looks at books collection. A file falls down. He opens the file. File falls down from his hands. He tightens his fist. He leaves with rage in his eyes.
Laksh is driving. He calls someone.
Laksh; I am sending you her photo…takeout all the information about her..where she came from..everything?…He remembers ragini once said amarpur and then she suddenly stopped with long pause….he informs the man about amarpur also.
Laksh goes to his gym and starts kickboxing. He is angry very much angry. How could that sadak chap girl fool me..his mind and hearts were juggling….heart wanted something else mind made him do something else.
Laksh didn’t go office that day nor was he in home. AP was trying to call him. She informed ragini also..Ragini was worried.
At night 7 pm…
Laksh is driving. He gets a call and answers it. It’s the same man..(all convo are muted)
Laksh; inform them.
Laksh cuts the call and sees a truck coming. He looses his control and the truck hits the car.
……………………………………………………9 PM………………………………………………………………
Everyone is in hospital. Ragini was crying. Laksh was o negative so was ragini..she gives him her blood.
He was still unconscious…ragini was crying and swara was consoling her. Ragini goes to temple and walks in burning coal.
Ragini’s POV; why always give pain to me…I was so happy after those painfull 20 years..i got a family and I loved someone…I know he is egoistic, stubborn and rude..but I fell in love with him..i can’t imagine my life without him..if he dies I will kill myself infront of you..she breaksdown.
She receives a call from swara. She wipes her tears and goes.
Laksh is visited by everyone.
Ap; where is Ragini.
Laksh also realizes ragini is not there.
Sujata; ragini is made for laksh only..she saved you laksh today..
Ragini looks at laksh from window..she was not going in. laksh sees her in the window. Ragini hides.
Laksh is taken to home.
Ragini comes with breakfast for laksh..Ragini acts strong infront of him. Laksh ignores her. Ragini is confused. She is leaving the room. Laksh notices Ragini’s leg bandaged and she walking unusually.
Laksh; Ragini..come here…ragini goes to him. He opens the bandage which was done carelessly. He sees ragini’s burnt leg. He feels a pinch in his heart. He understands what she must have done A tear escapes from Ragini’s eyes.
Laksh scolds her and orders nurse who was there for taking care of bandage ragini’s wound.
Slowly days are passing. We see ragini taking care of laksh staying in MM.( Man masta magan man masta magan from two states plays all the while.) all scenes like ragini feeding soup, giving him medicines are seen in entire song. (guys imagine it by playing the song). Laksh alsogets fine
GM and MM are fully decorated for marriage after twodays. (theydecided not to cancel marriage beacause AP didn’t wish to cancel the marriage)
It’s mehendi
Ragini is looking beautifull in acream coloured lehnga. Swara dances on mehendi hai rachne wali…
Ragini sends pic of mehendi to laksh. Laksh receives message and smiles.
Next day is sangeet.
Laksh is also there. Ragini looks beautiful in orange and pink lehnga..swara is blooming in white and red. Swasan are talking and challenging eachother through eyes.
laksh feels little dizzy. Ragini notices it and sends him to her room to rest. Laksh denies but everyone else also says the same. Sanskar makes laksh rest. Ragini putscamera on sangeet hall and connect it to laksh room’s tv.
Sangeet starts
Swara and sanskar dances on salam e ishq..everyone else also joins them.
Uttara, swara dances on London thumakda..ragini also joins them
Laksh laughs lookingat ragini in tv.
Sangeet ends on happy note.
Next day is marriage. Haldi is done early morning. Ragini is ready as a bride…she is glowing. Sumi puts kala teeka on her.
Laksh is ready as groom.
Laksh POV; he smiles..i never knew I would be happy marrying a girl who is complete opposite to me…don’t know how I will handle her all mylife..but she makes me forget all tensions of my professional life and brings a new side of me. I am amazed myself that how it doesn’t matter me now even knowing she is not swara’s own sister.
Meanwhile sanskar calls him
The baarat leaves and reaches GM. Ragini looks from window. She sees laksh and blushes. Laksh looks at her. She gets shy and pulls the curtain.
Shekhar, sumi and swara welcomes baraat. It’s time for varmala. Pandit asksfor bride.
Swara goesto take ragini.
Swara doesn’t come for 15 mins. Pandit asks to do fast. Swara comes running.
Swara; Ragini is not in her room. Not anywhere in the house
Laksh is shocked. He stumbles. Sanskar catches him. Everyone are shocked.
Precap; Where is Ragini? What has destiny planned for ragin and laksh now?
Ok so guys how was the epi…and yes thankyou thank you so much…yesterday many of you replied me and I guess some of the new commenters were my silent readers. I was really happy yesterday. Pls tell me your views about this story.Do comment.
sorry for typos and grammatical mistakes..i really am in a hurry always so no time to check.

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  1. oo god plzz don’t separate raglak are lakshya marry her and torched her as she leave in mandap next part soon

    1. Moni

      thank you nikky….i am really not sure what i am gonna write innext part..finger crossed

  2. Sindhura

    Nice and suspence

    1. Moni

      Thank you sindhura

  3. Shana98

    Oooo awesome can’t wait to read more

    1. Moni

      thank you shana.. 🙂

    1. Moni

      thank you j

  4. Megha123

    Awsm part can’t wait for the next part post it asap plzz

    1. Moni

      thank you my little sis

  5. Varsha

    Oh dear, what happened to our Rags, pls dnt separate thm na, btw its supr n i m waitin fr d nxt epi

    1. Moni

      hehe..thank you varsha

    1. Moni

      thank you piya 🙂

  6. Amazing moni

    1. Moni

      thank you lovely

  7. Zuha Fatima

    Moni di it was a stupendous chappy! Seriously mind blowing! Ur FF is making me crazy! U write so well?Amazingly Amazing! Keep it up??Loving ur FF more and more! And what a twist! I am super excited??Waiting eagerly for the next chappy?Keep writing!
    Love u!
    Cutie (Zuha)

    1. Moni

      aww..thank you cutie

  8. SPP

    Awesome Superb work
    Now what is the twist u r going to bring
    Excited and Waiting for the next one……

    1. Moni

      thank you so much spp 🙂

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  9. Pavani

    Suspence????I can’t handle them

    1. Moni

      handle 1 more pavani di..thank you..glad you also read my ff

      1. Pavani

        Iam reading this from last two updates nd it seemed interesting good work darling

  10. Akshata

    again suspense???? kitna suspense yaar i am unable to handle it now. where is ragini? did amarapur people kidnap her? update soon or else i will faint due to anxiety …

    1. Moni

      akshata can’t faint this fast hehe..will try to update soon tomorrow

  11. Loved it dear and plz don’t separate Raglak. I’m eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Moni

      thank you ammu 🙂 🙂

  12. Plzzzzzzz don’t separate raglak dr

    1. Moni

      sanchami..they will unite once afterall it’s a raglak ff

  13. This was a really sweet update Moni. Ragini really loves Laksh so much. The way she walked on burning coal for his health was just so beautiful ❤️❤️. And all the wedding functions were really nice as well. Oh and I loved the line Laksh was ‘helpless Laksh in front of Ragini’ ?. Can’t wait for the next update, I wonder what’s happened to Ragini xx

    1. Moni

      aww..thank you fats

  14. Ragz_teju


    1. Moni

      Thank you ragz

  15. Yashal

    Superb no words to describe ??????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Moni

      Thank you yashal

    1. Moni

      Thank you hema?

  16. Dharani


    1. Moni

      Thank you dharani ?

  17. Awesome

    1. Moni

      thank you sharanya

  18. Ruhani

    Amazing dr… Wow laksh accepted ragini.. Omg where is she gone.. Did someone kidnap her

    1. Moni

      thank you willknow everything as story progresses

  19. My soul sis… ot was awesome.. I just loevdit.. where is ragini

    1. Moni

      aww..thank you neets

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