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It’s a rainy day. Ragini is in her balcony…eating hot pakodas with pudina chutney. Ragini is humming some songs.
It’s been a month of RagLak’s engagement. Lakshya had gone abroad for his work. So, they had no interaction from past 20 days.
A car arrives at gadodias.
Driver; laksh sir has asked me to pick you.
Ragini; (with pakodas in her mouth); when did he return?
Driver; Today itself.
Ragini; just 2 mins..
Ragini goes to her room and wears a pink chiffon top and white pants.swara have completely changed her dressing style now. She looks at mirror and smiles.
Ragini has developed a soft corner for laksh now.
Ragini reaches MM. Noone is there now.
Ragini goes to Laksh room. She is little afraid. She doesn’t see him there. She just sits on the couch
A newspaper hits on ragini’s lap. Ragini looks at him
Laksh; What is this Ragini?..You are giving singing classes to children in slums. He makes round of room and says you are my to be wife and daughter of big family and all that for like 20 mins.
Laksh; why aren’t you speaking..Are you getting me? He looks at Ragini…
Ragini was asleep. She was looking cute.
Laksh; this girl is impossible. None has dared to act likethis infront of me..if it was not for my brother sanskar..i would have never accepted her.
He just sits there working on his laptop. It’s already 8 at night. Ragini wakes up. She sees herself in Laksh bed and Laksh dozing in couch. She sees her watch and searches her phone and realizes she left it in home.
Ragini ; everyone must be worried for mein home..i didn’t inform everyone..
Ragini tries to go out. She sees AP and DP in hall. And three other persons. They are Sujata, RP and Uttara. Hey just returned from USA.
RAgini’s POV; oh no! I need to return home fast but I can’t go down..what will all staying at laksh room …and looks like there are some guests in house..what to do.
she runs in Laksh room and asks him to wake up. Laksh was tired so he is in deep sleep. She pulls Laksh cheeks.
Laksh; ouch..What happened.
Ragini; take me to my home fast..
Laksh; you go with Driver.
Ragini; it’s already driver and I can’t go by door..
Laksh; What?
Ragini explains laksh her point of view.
Laksh; NO..come with me..noone will think anything. Laksh catches her hand andtries to walk. But ragini sits on floor and starts her drama of fake crying.
Laksh; I can’t believe you and swara are sisters..ok now stand up
Laksh goes down and meets everyone. He says he is going for drive. AP is astonished coz laksh don’t drive himself usually..nor he goes for drive..
Laksh goes out and stands near his window.
Ragini throws her slippers from up. It hits Laksh. Laksh fumes again.
Laksh; Raginiiii
Laksh; sorry sorry..pls don’t speak loudly.
Ragini comes down through pipe. Her leg slips and laksh runs to her and holds her. She gets lost in Laksh eyes. Laksh srops her down
Ragini; ouch
Laksh; this is for throwing slippers on me.
They both leave in car. Sanky sees raglak together getting in car. He smiles and call swara.
Laksh; you are the first person who is sitting beside me while I am driving. You should thank me.
Rags; what?’s not a big deal…this seat is made to sit..why would I thank you?
Laksh just rolls his eyes and drive. He hears some sound. He looks at Ragini..Ragini catches her stomach.
Ragini; I am hungry.
Ragini sees panipuri stall and ask laksh to immediately stop. Laksh thinks something imp so he stops. Rags runs to panipuri stall and starts eating.
Laksh looks disgusted.
Laksh; this girl will ruin my respect. Ragini comes to Laksh and pulls him.
Ragini; I know you are hungry come
Laksh; Ragini get in…there are always papparazi around me..what if they click your pic here..i won’t.
Ragini takes her scarf and drapes it in laksh face and pulls him.
Laksh; I am not eating this street food.
Ragini; cactus..
Laksh; whaa..ragini puts pani puri in his mouth..he eats it..
Laksh.; How..she again puts pani puri..he eats that
Laksh; dare you..she again puts it..(I am laughing writing this scene)
Laksh doesn’t speak at all now..his mouth is burning due to spicy panipuri
Ragini runs to other shop and brings two icecream
Ragini; Now eat this…otherwise you will faint here only..she laughs. Laksh is lost at her that moment.
It starts to rain heavily. Some child who Ragini knew asked her to dance..she agrees..laksh denies( he and his image haha) ragini doesn’t care about it and starts..
Cham cham cham
She dances with kids whole heartedly enjoying it
(laksh looks at her and remembers something)
She falls on pit of dirty water…laksh laughs. He sees some paparazzis around he takes ragini and runs towards car.
He drops Ragini home. In way he was just scolding Ragini for her childish activities and ragini like a kid was listening.
Swara teases ragini as sanky had informed her about raglak being together. Ragini blushes.
At MM sanky is in main door. Laksh reaches there. Sankylooks at dirty seat and teases Laksh asking how was their mud date. Laksh is embarrassed. He kicks sanskar and goes straight to his room. Sanky laughs.
So, Howwas the’s epi is filled with Raglak moments. Fron next epi..there will be Drama, revealation, and many more so I made thiss epi little romantic..personally I am not good at romantic scenes..i thimk I made it funny instead of romantic. I know it is short but I am little busy with assignments..plz do comment..silent readers if there are any..plz comment.
Precap; raglak’s marriage ritual start…Thunders and storms.
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    1. Moni

      thank you sindhura 🙂 🙂

  1. Varsha

    Ya I wil try to tweet @ 7pm. Its was so funny n cute as Rags didnt lik dat she is extremely cute in hr behaviour. Suspense again in urs also??? Ok dear, will be waitin

    1. Moni

      Thank you varsha..what’s your twitter id..see you at 7 today 🙂 🙂

  2. Loved it

    1. Moni

      Thank you ammu 🙂

  3. Zuha Fatima

    Moni di??U write so well! Hats off to you! U are Amazingly Amazing! This is 1 of my favorite FFs on Raglak! U write so well! And who said u are bad at romance u are so good at writing cute romance??And I was also laughing on the pani puri scene?? Laksh is so damn??I have no words to describe! Usually I don’t write long stuff but this FF is STUPENDOUS that it makes me fall in love, and it increases with each episode! Keep it up!

    Well the part 5 of my FF “Ria:Ma and Pa just tell me your love story” has been posted! Plz read my boring FF when u feel so?


    1. Moni

      aww zuha..rulaogi kya haha…thank you so much cutie (it’s your nick name by me)..i will for sure read your ff…:) 🙂

  4. Megha123

    I’ll also try to tweet today @7 ….
    Btw It’s an awsm epi

    1. Moni

      Thank you megha dear..yes plz come to trend..we need as many raglakians as possible. can you give your twitter id i will follow you

    1. Moni

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  5. Fouzarshi16

    Love cute ragini

    1. Moni

      thank you fouzarshi…i read your ff that nyt changed my’s one of my fav..couldn’t read in past 2 days..will read it today….:)

  6. it’s was all comic scene no romance

    1. Moni

      yes lisa coz they havenot build a strong feeling till will get to see intense and romantic drama soon

      1. Fouzarshi16

        It’s kkk my dr. I too love ur family am a regular reader for tooo

  7. Amazing

    1. Moni

      Thank you lovely

    1. Moni

      Thank you Dharani

  8. Very cute one will be on Twitter at 7pm

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      Thank you ankita??

  9. Yashal

    Superrrrrrrrrrrrr sis ???❤???❤???????❤ and scene is the best scene ever ?

    1. Moni

      thank you yashal

  10. raglak moment are just awesome specially ragini next part soon

    1. Moni

      thank you nikky

  11. Shana98

    Loved it. Can’t wait to read more

    1. Moni

      thank you shana

  12. Ruhani

    Wow amazing… Ragini is so cute…

    1. Moni

      thank you Ruhani dear

  13. Awww it was a really nice, cute and funny update Moni. I can’t believe Ragini fell asleep during Laksh’s lecture ?. And even I was laughing a lot during the gol gappa moments. Loved how SwaSan were reading RagLak as well ❤️. Can’t wait to read more. And yeah I’ll try come on Twitter to trend xx

    1. Lol I meant to say teasing instead of reading ?

    2. Moni

      thank you so much fats 🙂

  14. So cute…panic puri….so sweet…

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  15. Superb

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      thank you sharanya

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  16. SPP

    Awesome Superb

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      thank you spp

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  17. Akshata

    Ragini is so full of life, very lively person. she really drives him crazy. little scared after reading precap. loved it.

    1. Moni

      thank you akshata..don’t worry it won’tbe that scary haha

  18. Ragz_teju


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      thank you ragz_teju

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  19. Superb episode

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      thank you arjuna

  20. Interesting Dr

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  21. Moni hu nailed it…ig was really cute.. I was smiling throughout

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