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episode 6
The episode starts with Laksh looking at the girl.
Laksh; Ragini
Ragini is scared. She looks down.
Ap; yes she is Ragini Gadodia..younger daughter of Shekhar Gadodia..and soon to be our DIL
Laksh is angry. Ragini looks at him worried and scared.
Swara had sanskar’s pic..Ragini saw it and then bombarded swara with questions.
Swara; yes..Ragini..i love Sanskar…me Sanskar and Laksh are childhood friends. I love sanskar from childhood and sanskar also loved me..but sanskar thought laksh loves me so he never agreed he loved me..but it’s clearly visible in his eyes. You have seen laksh..he doesn’t talk with other people’s only me and sanskar for him..Laksh have some hiddenpain inside which he doesn’t show to I didn’t want to break his trust…and I agreed but I have decided I will be a honest wife to laksh forgetting my past..but don’t know how..coz he lives in the same house.
Ragini; you should once talk to AP auntyand laksh.
Swara; No use ragini..sanskar won’t agree
And then Ragini goes to meet Ap
Ragini tells everything to AP.
AP; is not’s the matter of our respect now..tomorrow is their engagement. So pls go and do preparations afterall it’s your sister’s engagement.
Ragini goes disappointed.
Later Ap goes to Sanskar’s room. She sees sanskar painting harshly …she knew that he does painting only when he is hurt. Ap feels bad.
Then, Ap goes to Laksh room.
AP; laksh…do you love swara?
Laksh; what? I don’t have time for these silly questions…I don’t believe in love..and from when did you start talking about these things. Swara is my friend..she understands me..
Ap listens and goes from there.

Next Day
Ap calls Ragini. Ragini comes to her.
Ap; I am ready for swara and sanskar relation but I can’t take a chance to ruin my son’s reputation..if you are ready to marry him then I am ready.
Ragini is shocked.
She remembers how swara gave her love and family. She reluctantly agrees for sake of swara.
Flashback ends.
All the media captures them. They smile for shutterbags.
Press conference ends. Engagement is in a hour
All the family members are in a room.
Ap tells everyone about swasan.
Laksh goes to sanskar and slaps him for hiding this big thing from him. Laksh don’t want to marry ragini for ego issues but agrees thinking of his pride. Shekhar and sumi ask Ragini if she is really ready ..ragini nods yes.
Swasan look at eachother and smile happily.
Everyone leaves RagLak alone so they can talkalone.
Laksh; listen..
Ragini; I know what you will say now..i am just marrying you for your respect and all that and yes the same goes to me
She leaves. Laksh fumes..he can’t tolerate someone cutting his words.
Laksh and Ragini exchange rings.

Next Day
Ragini goes to MM. she greets AP and DP
AP; ragini..i called you as I want you and Laksh to get close…he is in backyard horse riding..go and spend time with him.
Ragini agrees.
Ragini folds hands and prays to god to save her from that cactus.
Ragini doesn’t see laksh there. She thinks uff I am tired I will just sit here. Ragini falls asleep there for some time. She feels some tickling and opens her eyes…she sees Rambo and jumbo..ragini is very much afraid of dogs. She starts to shout and run..then dogs also chase her…Ragini is just running and crying..huhuhu pls leave me..someone take away these dogsfrom here.
Laksh comes there riding horse..Ragini sees him..
Ragini;laksh..pls save me..
Laksh for the first time laughs loudly seeing Ragini’s expression.
Laksh; NO..i won’t
Ragini is acting like a baby and running; pls laksh…I am your to be you want to be a male bidhwa..
Laksh; What? I have not married you..first say sorry then only I will save you..
Ragini; I won’t..(Rambo and jumbo are approaching near her now)…ok baba..i am sorry..
Laksh acts like he is leaving her and then he picks her up in prince style and puts her in front..while riding the horse…Ragini looks at his eyes while laksh is looking forward. (moh moh ke female plays)
Episode ends on both of them in horse.

Precap; maybe laksh will know rags is not shekhar’s own daughter.

How was the episode pls comment..sorry for typos…thank you all for your support and comments.


  1. lisa

    hahaha total filmy siyappa
    love rags love ur ff and my especial love for the two most imp members of ur ff mambo and jumbo who can go to any extend to make raglak close hehehehe

  2. nikky gupta

    ooo god plzz nobody know rag is sekher don’t create this problem till raglak marriage next part soon

  3. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Simply Amazing! Awesomely Awesome 👍Just superb! Loving Raglak😘😘😘 This FF is amazing! Just loving it! Keep it up👍The horse scene was amazing😍😍 Loving your FF! Keep writing! This Episode was the best till date! Keep it up👍👍


    • Moni



      Thank you my little cutie study in which standard? You are so small and writing such a lovely ff 😘😘

      • Zuha Fatima

        Zuha Fatima

        |Registered Member

        Moni di! I am in grade 7 but assume me in 8 as in our school they make us study the course of one class ahead! And thanks for appreciating my writing skills! It means a lot!

  4. Varsha


    |Registered Member

    I lud d way Laksh picked Ragini, it was cute and want more nok-jhok between them, Laksh’s attitude and Ragini’s stubborn is so sweet

  5. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    ragini gave nice nickname to laksh cactus, hahaha, update is really hilarious. hope everything fall into correct place.

  6. Fats

    Awwwww this was such a sweet update. I loved the nok jhok between RagLak. Lool I so get Ragini because I’m so scared of dogs too 😂😂. But it was sweet how Laksh was actually laughing at Ragini. And it was even sweeter how he saved her from the dogs ❤️💖❤️. Can’t wait to read more xx

  7. Ruhani


    |Registered Member

    Aww ragini did all this for swasan so sweet of her… I’m surprised Ap agreed to her… Hahaha laksh and ragini fights were so cute.. Omg he’ll find out..

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