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Episode 5
Swasan picks Ragini. Ragini is fuming.
After few Days
Ragini is roaming happily.she sees some kids who she had met earlier. The kids drag her.they play for sometime.
Now Ragini is sitting in front hood of a car with her leg crossed.she starts to say a shayari
Ragini; ye sunkar mat karna merepar war
Kids; waah waah waah
Ragini ye sunkar mat karna merepar war
Kis bewakoof ka hoga ye car
Kids; hahahahahahaha
(I know I deserve tomatoes and eggs for these type of shayaris :p 😉 )
laksh; what the hell is going on here.
Ragini sees his face from mirror of the shop infront of her. She quickly wraps her face with her scarf remembering her previous encounter with him.
Rags turns; Hell is not’s up stupid cactus..
Laksh; who are you? Why are you hiding your face..he tries to take out her scarf but ragini pushes him and they fall and roll down together. Now laksh is in top of ragini. He looks at her eyes.(moh moh ke music hmmm hhmm plays) Ragini gets up and runs from there.
Ragini; ufff..thank god I escaped.
Laksh; don’t know why I keep colliding with these type of people nowadays.
Ragini reaches home…
Swara; gosh Ragini..where did you came from?..your clothes…they are so dusty.
Ragini; Long story swara…I will tell you later.
Swara; ok Ragini just go change…Maheshwari family are coming for Dinner.
Ragini; What?
Swara; what happened..why are you so shocked?
Ragini; Nothing..i will change
Maheshwari’s arrive for Dinner.
Gadodia’s welcome them.
Laksh just goes and sits in the garden.
AP; Where is swara?
Swaragini comes and greets everyone.
Shekhar tells everyone Ragini is his youger Daughter. DP had some idea about shekhar’s past so he assumes Ragini as shekhar’s own daughter
Later all of them are having dinner. Ragini is trying to avoid laksh.laksh remembers party night. Swasan are avoiding eachother
Ap; shekhar ji amd sumi ji..we want your swara for laksh.
Swara is shocked. Laksh is shocked too. Laksh agrees.(he thinks swara matches him). Swara looks at sanskar. sanskar ignores her.(Ragini notices it)
Swara; I am ready.
Everyone gets happy.
Some days passes..ragini often visits MM..she and Sanskar are buddies now.
Next Day DP has kept press conference for announcing laksh fiancé and their engagement.
Ragini was walking in home..she sees swara crying. She goes to her ans sees someone’s photo..she is shocked..ragini asks swara to say the truth.
Ragini; I will talk to her swara.. she will understand.
It’s press conference now…
A grand engagement setup is done. Engagement will take place soon after press conference.
(guys I think I forgot to tell about Laksh Proffession. He is biggest young businessman and he plays only a movie a year under his mother’s production and he is very selective. He is known for getting highest number of awards )
Laksh and DP are ready to announce..
DP; so here comes out to be Mrs Laksh Maheshwari..
Ap enters bringing a girlwith her. The girl is in pink and cream indowestern lehnga. She is looking beautifull.DP is shocked. Ap signals him. All reporters capture her. Laksh turns to recieve her. He is shocked.
Precap; some revealations.
How was the may be boring..coz I am not getting ideas..will try to use my brain more in further episodes. Thank you all for your lovely comments. i am getting less comment so pls silent readers (if there are any) do comment.
I know it is short but I am busy with my project reports..sorry for that.


  1. Fats

    This was a lovely update Moni. Ragini’s character never fails to make me smile. She’s so funny and her antics are just adorable ❤️❤️. Aww it was cute how RagLak fell on each other as well. And a great cliff hanger Moni, can’t wait to read why everyone is shocked xx

  2. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Firstly sorry for being late…The episode was epic👍and I guess the girl is none other than Ragini☺ Keep it up!


  3. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    suspense??? reveal it fast, is she ragini? so many questions and all the answers are with u only so update soon 🙂

  4. Ruhani


    |Registered Member

    So swasan were in a relationship.. N is that girl ragini… The shayari was so funny yr haha.. They always fight with each other lol..!

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