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Hi everyone..i am back with another episode..this episode will be a little more of swaragini for some upcoming track in future. Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Episode 3.
After a month
Ragini has managed a place to live. She had stayed with swara for some days and then left the place. Swara insisted her to stay as she was happy when ragini was with her but ragini didn’t agree.
Ragini is riding cycle…..she leaves her hands and manages to ride it without catching handle. She laughs whole heartedly there. A car comesfrom opposite..ragini’s cycle gets disbalanced..her cycle hits the car and she gets thrown away and her face lands on cow dung.
Laksh gets out angrily from car and starts scolding.
Laksh; you people can do anyting for money…you were deliberately coming to my car to get hit .he throws a bundle of money on her and says I think this much is enough.
Ragini is really angry now. She comes towards him..kicks his car and lifts her cycle and is about to throw at him but she sees something..she drops the cycle and throws the bundle of money on air and runs.all money gets scattered in air and falls on laksh. Laksh tightens his fist and enter car and leaves.
Ragini is running towards a bridge..a girl is standing in bridge and the girl jumps. Ragini runs and jumps in river. The girl is drowning. Ragini saves her and takes her to river bank. Ragini is shocked to see swara.
Ragini; swara..swara…wakeup..nothing will happen to you.
She asks for lift to everyone. Swara’s face is covered with her shawl. A car stops. A boy comes out. He is Sanskar. He takes them to Hospital. Ragini thanks him.
The doctors treat swara and inform ragini that she can take her home now.
Ragini takes swara to her home. She makes her rest in her bed. Swara sleeps as she was really weak. Ragini thinks to contact her parents. She calls sumi from swara’s phone and informs them. Sumi starts crying and says they will return immediately. It will take them 2 days as they are in USA right now and request her to stay with her. Ragini agrees.
Laksh is seen doing kickboxing. He gets angry thinking how could that girl throw money on him. He starts kicking it more harder. I will teach that girl a lesson but I haven’t seen her face…I don’t know why I have the feeling that this girl and the girl in the party are same.
Swara wakes up.Ragini gives her juice and asks her why did she do hat.
Swara; why did you save me Ragini?…swara starts crying….

Ragini immediately hugs her and asks her the reason.
Swara; alone..being alone made me do that..look ragini..ihave this big house but I don’t have anyone to talk. I have my parents with me but they are always busy travelling here and there. I don’t have anyone with me to share my happiness or sorrow…and that day it was my plan to drop that chandlier on me but you saved me…those two days you stayed with me..i was sohappy..i never mingled with anyone..but I felt a connection with was like I found a sister…but that was temporary..i got alone again and I took this step again…
Ragini is in tears.

Ragini; swara..i am with share your feelings with me…now you are not alone ok..we are soul sister…we are swaragini .
Swara gets emotional and hugs ragini. (swaragini plays)
Two days passes..swaragini gets more closer..swara is happy now and ragini is really happy as she was also alone…her pain was even deeper but she had promised herself to never think about past.
Sumi and shekhar comes home and runs to swara and hugs her.
In evening..sumi is preparing juice for swara..Ragini comes there and tells sumi the true fact how swara feels..sumiis in tears and shekhar also hears it.
Sumi hugs Ragini and thanks her for everything. Ragini feels warm as she had never felt motherly love.
Sumi and shekhar goes to swara..they both catch their ears in front of swara…
Sumi; sorry swara..we are really sorry…that incident before 16 years made us so involved in our work..we forgot our daughter…sumi breaks down
Swara hugs her ad they have a family hug.
Sumi; Now..shekhar..we will manage business fom here only..not we but you…I will stay at home..make food for my daughter and when she comes home exhausted from work.. I will talk to her..apply oil in her hair and pamper my princess..understood?
Shekhar; yes my highness. (they laugh).
Ragini sees everything from door. She runs to balcony and breaks down.
Ragini is getting harassed and beaten. She cries remembering her parents and asking them to comeback and take her.
Flashback ends.
Sumi comes to her and says you are also our daughter..from today we have two daughters. Ragi cries and hugs her. Swara too joins them.

Ragini sings bhajan. Swara sumi and shekhar joins them.they have tea together.
Shekhar; what work are you doing ragini?
Ragini; hehe..uncle..i got such a nice job..i have so many fans.
Swara; wow didn’t say this to where do you work.
Ragini; I am singer and actor as well..i sing bhajan and last week I played sita in play organized in temple…radha aunty, kamlaaunty..and so many are my fans.she says it proudly.
Shekhar, sumi and swara laughs seeing her funny antics. Ragini also starts laughing with them.
Shekhar gets a invitation of party at maheshwari’s. Shekhar ask both swara and ragini to get ready for evening. Ragini is hesitant but swara convinces her.

Precap; laksh asks Ragini for a dance.

So sorry..there was no raglak moments but from nextepisode I will start Raglak story.

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
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    Loved Swaragini relationship
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    laksh is so arrogant but ragini is so witty. she always used tit for tat method. loved it.

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    Awesome episode dr.. The cow dung wala incident is so funny… I think ragini is their lost daughter or something..

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