Love changes everything(RagLak) epi-15


The episode starts with AP discussing about swasan engagement with sujata. Pandit Ji fix a day after 10 days. Laksh comes out from his room and asks his driver to start car.
AP; laksh..
Laksh; Mom..Later..I am in hurry now.
Laksh reaches Gadodia Mansion..He goes in to talk with Shekhar. He sees a doctor leaving.
Shekhar: here?
(swaragini are sitting beside Shekhar..shekahr is lying in bed)
Laksh; yes Uncle..but what happened to you?
Shekhar; Actually few health Problems..Bp got highand I fainted
Laksh; please take care of yourself..actually i came here to take your passport forvisa
Shekhar; ohNo…laksh Doctor have asked me to do rest for a week. But for the contract thew will need both of ours signature..

Laksh; yes..But you should not risk your health
Shekhar; I have authorized ragini’s signatures in absence of there’s only a way now..Ragini..
Ragini; yes Papa
Shekhar; You need to go with Laksh…I hope you don’t have both said na you have left your past behind.
Laksh; yes Uncle..
Ragini; ok Dad.
Laksh; Ragini come along withme..we need to fill that visa form today itself and wewill be flying day after tomorrow.
Ragini nods and leaves with Laksh.

Laksh and Ragini are in Car.
Ragini gets a phonecall. She receives it and a big smile comes to her face.
Ragini; Swara so happy for you..your engagement is after 10days..(swara blushes on other side of phone)..ok swara will talk withyou at home.
Laksh; ragini..i have to tell yousomething.
Ragini; What do you want to say now?(rudely)
Laksh; see..i am Laksh maheshwari and I never bend in front of others but..i think we should keep our egos aside and be a good family friend now
Ragini; (Confused) What happened to you suddenly?
Laksh; see..we are business partners and our family is gonna have a relation now..your sistermy bestfriend and my brother are gonna get itsbetter w are in good terms.
Ragini; I agree
Laksh smirks
Ragini’s POV
I know something is going in your mind…but what? How this sudden chsnge orare you genuinely saying it?
Laksh; So Friends?
Ragini is lost thinking.
Ragini; Yeah Friends.
They both fill visa forms and laksh drop her home and goes to his office.
At a hospital.
Aryan runs to a cabin in hospital. He opens the door anda girl is there sleeping peacefully.
After half an hour
Aryan ; Thank you so much doctor..i had lost my hope but now I am reallygrateful to you…
He leaves from there..goes to a temple and thanks god.
He gets a call from ragini and gwts to know she is going paris along with laksh.
Aryan ; OK ragini but don’t forget your promise.

Ragini; I won’t.
Aryan ends the call and hits his fist on pillar of Temple. He looks at the blood.
Aryan; why why do you giveme pain ragini..why? he acts weird.
Gadodia mansion.
Swara is blushing and talkingwith sanskar in phone.
Ragini enters. Swara tells sanky she will call later.
Swara hugs Ragini.
Swara; I am so so happy ragini..finally me and Sanskar will be one.
Ragini; I am really happy for swara pls help me…I need to do packing..what should I take there are top fashoinista..youpack my clothes pls
Swara; No
Ragini; srryswara..i am must be busy ..aand I am here busy thinking about me.
Swara burst out laughing..i was joking baba

Ragini; swara… she throws pillow on her
Swara; Ragini ki bacchii. They have pillow fights for few minutes and after they get tired they stop.
Now swara is packing Ragini’s clothes and raginiis lost somewhere.
Swara; Ragini..i know you are tensed pls say.
Ragini; actually swara I was thimking how laksh easily accepted what I did to him.
Swara; umm Ragini..Laksh and me we are best know laksh may look arrogant and rude but he is a really good person by heart..and his friendhip proposal for you..he may be angry but I thinkhe changed his decision for me and sanskar we tw are his only friends..he takes all other person as competitor.
Ragini; may be you are right..i am overthinking.
Swara smiles.
Swara; ragini how is Aryan huh? (teases her)
Ragini just smiles.
Swara; Ragini..Do you think I am a fool?
Ragini is shocked.

Swara; Do you really like him..i mean genuinely.. I know you had started having feelings for laksh. I can accept yourdecision of being angry with him but I know you don’t love Aryan ..i am damn sure…Ragini this is life..(ragini tries to go swara holds her hand) know love changes everything..laksh was my bestfriend my family wanted me to marry him and I know laksh is hard for outside world but he would have never hurted me though he didn’t love me..but I couldn’t accept it..i tried to commit suicide coz I was lonely but now when sanskar is back I feel I am the happiest girl..i have family my sister my love everything…By saying all this what I want to say is don’t compromise ragini..Laksh is not that bad
Ragini; Swara ..pls I can understand what you mean to saybut Aryan..i agree I don’t love him but he is a good man..i will fall in love aftermarriage. He is not egoistic like laksh and is always down to earth.
Swara; but will you remain happy?(she holds Ragini’s cheek and ask)
Ragini with a determined face; I will

Swara; ok then what I want is just my sister to remain happy.
Ragini smiles. But is lost again thinking something.
Swara; ok no more pls reach in time on my engagementday..i am not gonna get engaged without you.
Ragini; I will don’t worry our flight will land at morning and your eng is in evening but yeah buy a beautiful lehnga for me afterall I am bride’s sister. Shewinks.
Both of them laugh.
It’s the day for their flight to Paris.
Aryan calls ragini.
Aryan; Iam really sorry Ragini..i cannotcome to drop you..Urgent work came up.
Ragini; its ok Aryan.
Ragini bids bye to everyone . sumi feeds dahi to Ragini.
Swara goes along withRagini to drop her.
Laksh arrives at airport with sanskar. Swaragini reaches.
Raglak look at eachother.

Laksh; Ragini..Lets go..
Ragini ; ok bye swara bye sanskar..take care of eachother she smiles.
Swasan; bye have a safe journey.
Swara; Laksh it’s the first time Ragini is travelling in plane pls take care of her.
Laksh; relax swara..i will Ragini is my friend also.
Ragini is confused.
Raglak goes inside. Swasan leaves swanskar’s hand get scratched by a metal there.
Sanskar; ouch
Swara; sanskar she takeshis hand and ties it with handkerchief with tears in her eyes.
Sanskar; it’s a small wound..chill
Swara; sanskar you need to put tetanus injection…let’s go
Sanskar; No need
Swara eyes him.

Sanskar ; ok baba lets go.
Whereas Laksh acts sweet with ragini..helps with her luggage and is talking normally.
Ragini; Why are you being so were never sweet when we were engaged?
Laksh; I don’t understand you girls..he makes faces..look I have moved on but you seem stuck in past.
Ragini; no ven I have moved on.
Laksh; oh really..but you don’t act are trying to ignore me.(he goes near).or are you afraid of me(smirks).
Ragini goes near him and look at his eyes and say; This ragini gadodia is not afraid of anyone Mr. laksh Maheshwari.
Ragini; why are you laughing now?
You look funny when you show attitude hahah attitude equals to laksh. Understand he again laughs.
Pessangers are called.
Raglak enters inside plane and sit. Ragini sits and chant some mantras.
Laksh thinks This ragini can never change. He puts his headphone and sits..ragini looks at him and do the same . laksh looks at her. He goes near to her. Ragini gets scared.
Ragini; Laksh.

Laksh goes nearer. Ragini’s hearbeat rises. He puts her seat belt.
Laksh; you will never change..atleastyou should remember to put seabelt when you are in Plane..and why are you sweating.
Ragini; Thanks..i thought…(ragini realises)..nothing
Laksh; you thought I was gonna kiss you. He laughs.
Ragini; (angrily) noo
Laksh; laksh maheshwari did friendship with you doesn’t mean he will kiss you.. and I wi never take step..Girls are desperate from me..they will make the firstmove (he smirks)
Ragini rolls her eyes; Whatever she starts reading newspaper.
Flight takes off. Ragini is scared. Laksh holds her hand. They have an eyelock.
Swasan are in hospital. Sanskar is getting bandaged. Swara gets a call and goes outside.

Sanskar after finishing bandage comes out to search swara. Sanskar sees Aryan there. He goes towards him. He hears Aryan saying..i will come to take her tomorrow..I am so happy she goot well and I can take her home now.
Sanskar’s POV; what is Aryan doing here and whom is he talking about.
Swara comes and pats him. Swara sees Aryan.
Swasan go near him.
Swara; here..You said you have a meeting.
Aryan; actually I was in meeting but suddenly I started having headache so I came here for check up.
Sanskar thinks why is he lying.
Sanskar; But..
Swara interrupts; is everything fine.
Aryan; yes it was just due to stress. And Ragini..i couldn’t call her at airport..
Swara; oh..take care and Ragini ..heir flight took off.
Aryan; lets go then.
Swara; yeah sanskar let’s go.

Sanskar is confused. They leave from there.

Next morning.
Raglak lands in Paris

Precap; a bride is running. She reaches a temple.a groom is seen there. In GM a groom is in mandap. Bride with ghoonghat is brought to mandap. A new entry is seen welcoming bride. In an isolated place a man is injured. Some people comes to him and say you are free now and releases him. Who are bride and Groom in temple and bride and groom in mandap. And whois new girl and that man who is released just now. This precap is for next next epi will be raglak in paris moments.

Pls leave your comments and thank you to all my silent readers too and i am really sorry ki i cannot update regularly..i feel bad myself but i will not promise to update daily but i promise it will be 2-3 epi a week for sure ..i hav clz and then i need few time to tweet for raglak and little time t read ff and then study my books and watch swaragini and pardesh eat sleep hahah so i don’t get time but i will not be too late now

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