Love changes everything(RagLak) epi-13

Chapter 13

The episode starts with party. Most of the people are busy in conversation. Laksh is drinking.ragini and Aryan enters with swasan. Sanskar goes towards Laksh.
Laksh; Sanskar go enjoy with swara..
Sanskar; are you ok?
Laksh; I am perfect..i won award and I am celebrating my win
Sanskar smiles and go.
Sanskar takes swara for dance. Aarav gets a phone call.
Aarav; ragini I will be back in an hour..something urgent work came in office.
Ragini ; Ok I will wait for you.
Aarav; Thanks
Aarav leaves.

Laksh goes towards ragini. She moves from there..
Laksh laughs. Ragini turns.
Laksh goes nearer to her.
Laksh; why are you afraid.
Ragini; I am not.
Laksh moves more closer.Now?
Ragini; No I am not..she moves backward and strikes at wall.
Laksh comes more closer..
Ragini; you are drunk..go away
Laksh; I am in my senses..seems you are not..i can feel your heartbeat. Laksh leans..Ragini closes her eyes. Laksh laughs and turns.
Laksh; I don’t touch garbage.
A girl comes towards Laksh..
Rhea; hello Laksh
Laksh; Ohh hi Rhea..long time
Rhea; yeah laksh..i was busy for a movie shoot
Laksh sees Ragini
Laksh; Rhea..Dance?
Rhea; laksh are you ok? would be my pleasure.
Laksh Dances with Rhea sensuously. Ragini fumes.

Ragini POV
What happened to me..i was going to let laksh kiss me…how would I face Aryan. I cannot do this..and why am I so affected..huh why wouldn’t i..i had started to like him..but he is not worthy for me..
Ragini gets disturbed. She searches for swara but doesn’t find her..
She goes to bar counter and gulps a drink
Ragini; I feel better now..haha..i need one more
Ragini drinks 4 glasses..
She walks towards the exit.
Laksh notices her.
Laksh; Rhea excuse me..
Rhea; what happened..
Laksh; over..i don’t answer anyone..good bye
Ragini sits in the garden and cries. Laksh comes there
Laksh; ohh so you are crying.
Ragini looks at him and starts crying like a baby
Laksh gets shocked.
Laksh; You are drunk..
Ragini; ssshhhhhh she keeps her finger at his mouth. Ragini goes near him and look at him weirdly.
Ragini; laksh hahah you have two nose..hehe..she pulls his nose..
Laksh; Ouch..Where is Swara and your new toy Aryan go home
Ragini; Aryan oohh he…why are you jealous?
Laksh looks at angrily at her.
Ragini; do you know..why I left you and choose him..she beats laksh at are a bad boy (she says childishly)..why did you do that to me and him..

Laksh; say cleary…
Ragini; umm.. I forgot..i am thirsty..she takes out a bottle from behind of bench..she drinks it..
laksh tries to stop her.
Ragini; I remember now but..
Laksh; but what..
Ragini; (smiles) you have to finish this bottle
Laksh; I am going
Ragini sits at floor and starts crying
Laksh;okkkkk (he finishes the bottle)
Laksh; hahhahahaha..ragini..your nose is so pointed like a blade
Ragini; What? What do you cactus
Both of them laugh
Ragini starts crying…
Ragini; laksh you don’t miss me..why will you? never liked me..
Laksh..NO…I don’t know if I like you or not..but I miss you..
Ragini; No you are lying..liar cactus..
Laksh; chupp..i am not liar..i am laksh maheshwari..i don’t lie..
Ragini; Really..
Laksh; yes…

They both have a painfull eyelock..(hamari adhuri Kahani plays)
Ragini goes near laksh..They are really close now. Ragini closes her eyes and laksh also leans..they are about to …but Ragini pukes.
Laksh; Yuckkk
Ragini; I am sorry (cutely)..I want to go home
Laksh; lets go..
They sit in car..
Laksh; Driver..
Ragini; farmhouse..i cannot go home..i drank that ganda juice I won’t go home
Laksh; ok farmhouse
They reach farmhouse. Laksh and Ragini enters.
Laksh; Ragini go sleep..
Ragini; nooooo..i don’t want to..ragini throws a pillow..
Soon both starts playing pillow fight..after they get exhausted they doze off in bed. Rags with her one leg in laksh stomach and laksh in a position where his head is hanging out of bed.

Chaper ends.

This one was a realy short..will try to write long one in next epi will be uploaded tomorrow.

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