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Helloooooooooo so so sorry for late updates I will try to post frequently now. Sorry again
The epi starts with ragini falling and police catching indra…laksh and police runs to cliff..little down we see ragini catching a branch..laksh looks at her..sumi is taking care of shekar..sanskar and all put shekhar in car.
Laksh slowly tries to pull ragini…
Ragini threatens him she will fall if hetry to come near him.
Police helps her and rescues her.
Ragini faints.
Shekhar is treated. He had a minor attack. Ragini wakes up. She ses swara near her.
Swara; ragini..are you ok
Ragini; yes I am.
Swara leaves from there. Shekhar is discharged.
All four of them leave to home. Sanskar also reaches home.
Laksh is not seen anywhere
There ragini is lost somewhere. Swara passes by. Ragini notices it.
She goes to her and hugs her. Swara cries. Ragini wipes her tears.
Swara; sorry ragini because of me you got to bear so much pain.
Ragini;No swara it was not your mistake…don’t blame yourself.
They both wipe each other’s tears and smile.
Ragini; I am happy that I got my family back.
Swara; And Swaragini back.
Swaragini plays.
That day swaragini pamper their dad and all four of them have a quality family time.
Next Day.
AP and DP comes to meet them.
Shekhar is angry for what laksh did.
Ap and DP apolises. Shekhar agrees coz he didn’t want to blame them for what laksh did.
Sumi; but anu we had told you the truth..why didn’t you told it to laksh.
AP panics. She apolises and says she thought it was not important.
Swaragini comes down.
Ragini takes blessing from all of them.
Ragini; Mom Dad … I want to do engagement again perfectly but not here in Amarpur palace so can we all go there.

Everyone are shocked. AP and DP are happy.
Shekhar; BUT?
Ragini; No dad.. I don’t want to talk about past.
They agree.
Ragini; ok so Ap aunty you also do preparation..we will go tomorrow and engagement will be after 2 days.
AP and DP informs this to everyone. Laksh reaches home.
Ap; laksh where were you? We went to meet Ragini. She wants to get engaged again in a grand way in Amarpur palace.
Laksh is confused. He thinks how can she forgive him so easily.
Laksh nods and goes to his room. He calls Ragini.
Laksh; ragini
Ragini; hmmm
Laksh; Areyou sure..ragini stops him.
Ragini; laksh leave it. I am busy now..see you in amarpur
She cuts the call.
Next day everyone leave for amarpur.
The locals of Amarpur welcomes ragini warmly after they got to know she was grand daughter of their former king. Locals addresses her as Rajkumari.
Maheshwaris arrive. Everyone welcomes them.
Preparation is on full swing for engagement. Swasan are invoved in their nokjhok romance.
Laksh tries to speak to Ragini but ragini is always indulged in some work he doesnot feels nice to be neglected but he is controlling.
It’s engagement day
Ragini comes in a heavy traditional lehnga. Laksh also arrives looking handsome. Media arrives at the venue.
Episode ends.

Precap; you guys guess. What will happen. Was it ok to forgive laksh easily? Or there’s some other twist..guesss..guess

I am sorry once again. I will upload next epi Wednesday coz I have some work tomorrow.
Thank you
Pls do comment.
I have not checked mistakes sorry for that also.

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    awesome, i thnk she is trying to get revenge on laksh?

    1. Moni

      Maybe or maybe not?

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  3. Akshata

    finally you are back, laksh did a mistake out of misunderstanding but its not a big crime. he should apologies to her for his behavior. let him repent for this. but somewhere i still think there is some twist. update is awesome as always.

    1. Moni

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  4. nice may be ragini is gonna torched lakshya as a name of marriage bcoz for lakshya his image is every next part soon don’t take so long post regularly

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    I think ragini will reject him

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  8. Aww it’s so great to see you back Moni ❤️❤️. It’s nice to see Ragini safe and happy after being reunited with her family ?. And wow, RagLak’s engagement is going to happen again. That’s exciting ?. Can’t wait to read the next part xx

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    Ragini is doing to take revenge
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  10. Superb episode and waiting for twist

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    I think she will insult him now

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      Nice guess sindhura but it may be true or maybe not??

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    Awsm epi dear

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    U do I feel that she is going to get engaged to someone else..

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    Finally u r back! Missed u a lot… Thank god both ragini n shekar’s safe… Whoa ragini agreed for the engagement? What’s cooking in her mind….

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  17. finally Moni.. lubly updte.. but ragini forving laksh ali chito vaqyena ?? but i can smell sum twist lol…

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