Love changes everything (swaragini) Episode 1


Love changes everything
Episode 1
Hi everyone…I am Moni..remember me..i am writer of where she went. I am back with another ff right now. I will write Season 2 of where she went later..sorry for the delay. But this is a totally new ff. Hope you all will like it. Here, I will concentrate on one pair more..other will also exist but one pair will get more focused. Do comment..i will only continue it if I get more comments. From anotherepisode title will be love changes everything (lead pair)
Somewhere….it’s dark……we can see a image of a girl….she takes out a big suitcase of tin..there she keeps her clothes hurriedly….she has kept some money inside a flower pot..she hurriedly takes that. She ties the tincase with ropes and ties it in such a way that she can carry it as a bagpack. She throws it outside the window and jumps. She carry it and…only the girl’s back is seen..we can see her hair platted and she wearing a green salwarkurta ..her clothes are old.

At girl’s home
A lady knocks the door and calls her…you lazybone..wakeup..who will do the chores here..she gets angry…a young man comes there.
Man; what happened ?
Lady; this stupid girl is not opening thedoor…
Man; what does she think of herself…(he breaks the door)
They enter and are shocked to see her clothes missing.
Man; How dare she..tomorrow is our marriage and she ran away…
He takes out his gun and calls his men. They leave to search for her.
The man is Indra Thakur…one of the gangster in amarpur(my imaginary place) and the lady is his mom.
The girl is praying… me..
The girl is running…she sees some men behind her…she runs..she falls down..her face is covered with mud..but she doesn’t lose hope
The man orders his men to bring her dead or alive
she sees a big truck and there two men are talking about delivering rice sacks to Mumbai…she hides herself there.
The truck leaves..the girl is relieved.

Next morning.
A big mansion is seen….a stylish women is taking calls..she is getting irritated. She asks her PA to either find him or get fired. She is Annapurna Maheshwari…a big name in film industry.
A man in 50s comes there and asks her about their son…she replies about him missing…he is Durga Prasad Maheshwari. He is one of the richest person.he has a metal factory.
Dp; you don’t need to get worried..He will come in time. I have kept a birthday party for him today…make sure the arrangements are good.
A boy is seen horse riding. He gets down. He is tall, Handsome,arrogant, filled with pride. His shoes gets a little dirt. A man comes running to him and cleans his shoes. He walks..and enters his car. He reaches Maheshwari mansion. He enters main door.
The girl wakes up. She sees a board of rice mill. She gets down. she walks…she reaches a place…many people are standing in front of a big mansion. She asks them about what are they looking at but no one gives her reply. She rude?
She then ask another little girl…suddenly some light falls on her face…a man from the mansion stands and waves everyone…the light from his watch gets reflected to her face…The girl’s face is shown now..the girl is…………(you guys guess it..i will tell you the answer in comments)
The little girl replies..Laksh maheswari.
The girl sees the man..she hears all the woos and noise in background. Her eyes get stucked….A big smile appears on her face.
Girl; My Heroo..Laksh …Laksh Maheshwari
Episode ends.

precap; Birthday party

There may be many typos and mistakes but just ignore it ok.

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    1. Moni

      Thank you rafee

  1. welcome back moni, please choose raglak as main pair otherwise ragsan?

    1. Moni

      Thank you lovely?

  2. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Please continue DEAR
    I think it is Ragini just a guess
    Waiting for the next one………

    1. Moni

      Thank you spp?

      1. SPP

        U r welcome
        Welcome back ………….

  3. Moni, it’s nice to see you back with another FF, I loved where she went so I’m sure I’ll love this too. It was a great start and Laksh’s intro was really cool. And I think the girl is Ragini ?. Can’t wait to read more ?❤️?

    1. Moni

      Thank you fats..i will try my best to make it interesting

  4. Megha123

    Awsm promo well about guessing I can’t imagine any other except 4 ragini so I guess it’s raglak fingers crossed???
    Really glad that u came up with another ff
    Try to first part ASAP???

    1. Moni

      Thank you megha..i missed your comments ?

      1. Megha123

        Me too di welcome back

  5. Plz,plz,plz make it raglak

    1. Moni

      Let me think?? thank yoh gor commenting

    1. Moni

      Thank you snehahari

  6. Ruhani

    Awesome dr.. Great comeback.. Is that ragini? I hope it’s her

    1. Moni

      Thank you Ruhani??

  7. loved it….may b d grl iz ragini…?…..hope its raglak..☺☺?

    1. Moni

      Thank you fairy ☺?

  8. Moni

    Looks like everyone here is good at guessing…??

    1. He he he??? so its ragini nly…gr8 yaaar..??..nw waitng eagerly for nxt part???

  9. Nice start

    1. Moni

      Thank u ammy

  10. Akshata

    welcome back dear….. 🙂 the episode is full of suspense. i believe that girl is ragini.

    1. Moni

      Thank you akshata??

  11. Nice intro and keep going yaar

    1. Moni

      Thank you sweety

  12. ragini
    just love her

    1. Moni

      Thank you lisa

  13. Interesting dear and Raglak plz

    1. Moni

      Thank you ammu

  14. Moni sweetheart. I just loved it . Waiting for next update…
    I know the girl… but I won’t say. Hehe. ;P

    1. Moni

      Thank you’s our secret hehe

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  16. Joyful Jessica

    nice Moni . Thanx for this ff

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