Your love changed Me ( swasan ss) Part 8


Hiii, thanks for your response on previous part and pls read note at the end of story.
Soon their moment disturb by someone’s voice.
“ Ragini now we should change our habit before entering in their room “
Both become highly embarrass and started to looked down.
Laksh” I didn’t knew this baby became so big”
Sanskar” bro, he has learn everything from you only”
Now it time for Raglak to be embarrass.
Ragini diverted topic by saying they need to talk to doctor regarding discharge, she drag laksh with her.
Swara still not looking at sanskar, she tried to excuse herself.
Sanskar “ Thanks for everything “
She turned toward him and looked into his eyes.

He continued to speak
“ Thanks for bearing my torture, thanks for taking care of me, thanks for giving me new life…”
Before he could complete she sealed his lips with soft kiss, he become shocked by her sudden act but he reciprocate by equal passion. They broke it due to lack of oxygen.
She angrily sees toward him and says” you know I did everything for you because I used to love you. But by saying thanks you’re disrespecting my love. “
She angrily went from there.
Laksh entered their and ask him reason of his sadness. Listening sanskar’s answer he burst out in laugh.
Laksh “ now you will understand how much it is difficult to handle your wife”
Sanskar “ ha bro you’re right, It was better when I don’t know these things. Atleast she don’t used to show me tantrum na. Now see every second she is changing her mood”
Both started to complain about each others wife.
One week passed sanskar discharged from hospital.
As sanskar wanted they should start their relation after swara’s parent constant. They started to live in separate room.

Sanskar started to go office with laksh, he trying to adopt things.
Now one months, he decided to talk with swara’s parents. Both reached swara’s house. Seeing swara after 8 years their eyes welled up with tears but soon it turned into anger remembering swara’s choosing sanskar over them.
Both were trying to convince her parents to forgive her and give him a chance. Somewhere swara’s mom convince by them but her father still not ready to melt.
After lots of pleading her father finally agree to give them chance but he kept condition.
“ if in 2 years sanskar not able to prove himself capable for swara then he have to make her agree for second marriage”

Both shockingly looked toward each other.
Swara” dad what are you saying?”
Saket” what wrong in it? You proved your love na by making him fine. Then why he can’t prove his capability”
Nidhi tried to argue with her husband but sanskar agree with him.
Sanskar “ I will,I promise if I don’t able to prove myself then I will myself find guy for her”
He emotionally looked toward her and went from there leaving her shattered. She tried to run toward him but saket hold her hands.
Swara” dad I can’t live without him”
She tried to argue with him but he didn’t give any heeds and take her inside. She run toward her room and closes door from inside.
She became shocked by seeing sanskar there. She immediately hugged him and started to cry.
Swara” why you agree with dad? “

He hugged her back and says” don’t you trust me”
She” more than myself”
He” then don’t cry, wait for that day when your parents themselves give your hand to me”
She smiled with tears and nodded in yes.
“ Promise me you will back”

He nodded in yes and says” can today I sleep in your embrace “
She nodded in yes and make him sleep with her.
Next day was not blissful for them, they well knew this morning bring separation. Before they could say anything to each other someone started to knock on door. He kissed her forehead and went from there with this promise he will back soon.
Like this two years passed, they used to live separate from each other. In these two years sanskar never contacted from Swara as he promised to her parents.
Separation was not easy for them specially for swara. Destiny always took test of her love and patience. Now no more test for her.

In these two years , not even a single second passed when she not remembered sanskar. Sometimes she wanted to run away from there and tightly hug him. But she used to step back remembering her promise of waiting for him.
At Otherside, sanskar trying hard for proving himself. Many times he used to become frustrated on failure. That time he only used to remember swara’s struggle. That struggle keep him encouraging never loose hope. Physically swara was not with him but her love was with him that never allow him give up.
That day finally coming to knock on door when happiness is entering in her life with open arms.
Today was that day when sanskar about to come in her home to talk about them. From morning itself there was diff glow in her face. Not even for a second her eyes sided from window. Her heart well knows he will come and take her with him.
With passing seconds her nervousness started to raise. Moreover her father still not ready to believe in her love. According to him, he must have forgotten her and move on with someone else. She never tired to argue with him because she knows he will come and her belief finally won over her father’s experience.
He entered inside her house, she noticed there were many changes in him. He was wearing suit like gentle man. He took seat in front of her. He was looking mature. Most important change was his love, there was immerse love in his eyes. Both eyes met, their eyes were showing craving for each other.
Their eyelock broken by her father. He strictly looked toward him, he gulped in fear. Nidhi and swara smiled seeing his fear.
Sakte” so tell me what you have achieved “
He politely looked toward him and says” you also knows, in these two years there was not even a single day you not keep record of me”
This was biggest shock for swara, she always used to thought her father not like him. That’s why he separated her from him.
Saket smilingly looked toward him and says” so you knew about me.”
He turned toward swara and called her near him.
“ I am proud of your choice. I never meant to strict with you but I care for you. No parents allow their child choose someone who is not capable for their child.”
She hugged her dad and ask sorry for not understanding him. He keep his hand on her hair and bless for wonderful future.
Sanskar “ uncle..”
Saket angrily looked toward him, he step back.
Saket “ who is uncle? Call me dad, now you’re also my son”
Sanskar nodded in yes. He emotionally hug him, he always wanted to father’s love who can scold him for doing mistake. Finally his this wish also fulfilled.
Saket hug both of them.
Sanskar “ dad can I steal your daughter for 3 hours. After that I have to steal her for life long”
Saket angrily looked toward him.
Sanskar “ mom, your husband will be never change. He will surely kill me with his anger”
Nidhi smiled at him and allow him to take her.
Sanskar “ dad, now I don’t need your permission. Home minster is with me”
Sanskar looked toward swara and signal her to become ready.
Swara ran in room, he tried to go behind her. Saket tried to stop him by saying he need to spent time with him.
Sanskar “dad, you spent time with your beautiful wife and allow me spent time with my beautiful wife “
He slightly pushes nidhi and went behind swara.
Before she could close the door he entered inside her room.
Swara “ ohh so now you remember me. You know since you went from here leaving, there was not even a second I don’t ….”

He keep finger on her lip.
Sanskar “ how much you speak? Now be ready for my surprise”
She curiously looked at him, without saying anything he hugged her.
Sanskar “ I miss you”
Swara” then why not you contacted me”
Sanskar” I promised your dad, moreover I don’t want to fall weak. That separation only motivate me to achieve my goals”
Swara” hmm, now no more sadness in our life”

Sanskar” still one thing is remaining “
Swara” now what?”
Sanskar” I can’t forget those days which I spent in orphanage. I can’t forget that day when Mr maheswari insult my doll. You gave them challenged na now this is time for showing them their real places”
Swara” forget na, its enough na we are together “
Sanskar “ you can forget it but I can’t. I can forgive them for what they did with me but I can’t forgive them for what they did with you. You leave those things. Ready for my surprise “
She nodded in yes, he went from there and took saket-nidhi’s blessing.
Again saket started his class, but he was in some other world. He impatiently looking toward stairs. Finally his wait was over, she came down wearing Red gown.
He seeing toward her without even blinking his eyes.
Swara came down and sees toward him.
Saket and nidhi noticing all things, saket about to interrupt them but nidhi drag him with her.
Both lovingly looking in each other eyes, he forwarded his hand. She keeps her hand in his hand.
Both went from there, he opened car door for her and started to drive.
Nearly after half an hour they reached their destination.
She become confuse by seeing that place.
Swara” sanskar, what are we doing here”

Sanskar “ this is same place na where I met you. This place has lot of memory.”
She nodded in yes.
He took her inside, whole orphanage is decorated with white lilies.
Everyone is staring them with open eyes no one able to believe their own eyes. Ignoring all glares he take her at near bench where he first time saw her.
((Dekha hazaaron dafa aapko
Phir beqarari kaisi hai
Sambhaale sambhalta nahin yeh dil
Kuchh aap mein baat aisi hai

I have seen you a thousand times
Still why is there restlessness in me?
Even though I try, my heart does not stabilize,
There is something in you that causes this))

She closes her reminiscing that moment. Her eyes were filled with tears.
(((Le kar ijaazat ab aap se
Saansein yeh aati jaati hain
Dhoondhe se milti nahin hain hum
Bas aap hi aap baaki hain

Now my breath asks for your permission
To inhale and exhale
I search but am unable to find myself
Only you are there)))
Swara” you know sanskar, that time I was hell tired and when I felt someone touching my hairs. I felt to kill that person. “
((Pal bhar na doori sahein aap se
Betaabiyan yeh kuchh aur hain
Hum door ho ke bhi paas hain
Nazdeekiyan yeh kuchh aur hain

I don’t bear a moment’s separation from you
This retlessness is something else
We are close even though we are away
This closeness is something else)))

Sanskar” yeah I remember how you outburst on me and how I behaved with you”
He felt guilty that he tried to harm her.
Swara” look toward me”.
He looked in her eyes.
Swara” if that time you not behaved weirdly then may be I never able to meet you again.”
Sanskar “ still swara, I harmed you”
Swara” never, my sanskar can’t harm him.”
Both become emotional.
Swara” now enough of emotional stuff,where is my more surprise “
He took her that place where she found him crying when she slapped him and he hided from her.
That places was most beautifully decorated.
(((( Dekha hazaaron dafa aapko
Phir beqarari kaisi hai
Sambhaale sambhalta nahin yeh dil
Kuchh aap mein baat aisi hai

I have seen you a thousand times
Still why is there restlessness in me?
Even though I try, my heart does not stabilize,
There is something in you that causes this)))
Sanskar “ this is same place where I realized I can’t see tears in your eyes”
He wipes her tears.
Swara “ yes this is same place where I realized your importance “
Next he took her in that room, where he used to live.
Sanskar “ this is same place where you used to come hiding from everyone and used to give me chocolates “
He makes her eat some chocolates.
Swara” this is same place where I saw you sleeping peacefully.”
Next he again took her at same bench. This time that place was perfectly arranged for their sitting.
He make her sit at there.

Sanskar bring some soil from near places.
Sanskar “ you remember I used to play with it and you kept on starring me. And when I used to became tired I silently come toward you and sleep in your lap”
She nodded in yes.
(( Aaghosh mein hai jo aapki
Aisa sukoon aur paayein kahaan
Aankhein humein yeh raas aa gayi
Ab hum yahaan se jaayein kahaan

Where else can I find the peace that
I get in your embrace?
I like your eyes
Where else do I go from here?)))
Sanskar” but one thing you don’t know”
Swara” what”
Sanskar “ I used to do that because I don’t want to share you with other one. I used to felt angrily when you used play with other child.”
Swara” I never knew you were jealous from those children”
Sanskar” still I can’t see you giving importance to other.”
Swara” you don’t need to feel insecure because for me you’re most important person in my life or I should say you’re my life.”
Both spent some times there. He resting his head in her lap. She was caressing his hair.
(((Dekha hazaaro dafaa aapko
Phir beqarari kaisi hai
Sambhaale sambhalta nahin yeh dil
Kuchh pyaar mein baat aisi hai

Phir beqarari kaisi hai
Kuchh pyaar mein baat aisi hai))))
Sanskar “ now ready for my last and most beautiful surprise”
He blindfolded her and make her seat in car.
Swara” but now where are we going?”
Sanskar “ shh have a little patience”
After sometimes they reached somewhere.
He opened her eyes, she become shocked seeing herself in same temple where she married him.
Difference was that this time whole media, her parents, raglak, and several other people were present.
He kneel down and says
“We have passed many years of our life together and made some beautiful memories, but it is just the beginning and still a long way to go together. Lots of beautiful memories are still left to build.
Will you give me your hand to make some more beautiful memories? “

Whole crowd started to cheer for him, he still sitting on knees. She looking at him, everyone saying her to say yes.
“ yes”
Sanskar “ have anyone listen ?”
All shouted in no.
Sanskar” see swara, no one able to listen your answer”
She loudly says “ Yes”
All started to clap for them, medias started to take their photos from diff places.
He make her wear platinum ring. Ragini came near them and handed a beautiful ring to her.
She made him wear it. He kneeled up and hug her.
He departed her from himself and announced he will marry her here only.
He” dad you don’t have any problem na”
Saket” no, if I have prblm then will you stop this Marriage? “
He” then I will eloped with your daughter”
Everyone burst in laugh, he gave her red lehanga. Nidhi and ragini make her ready. Laksh help sanskar in becoming ready.
Sanskar came first, he was looking breath taking in white sherwani.
He sited in mandap, mandap was beautifully decorated with peony and white rose.
Swara came in red and white designer lehanga, her face is covered with veil.
Nidhi make her sit near sanskar.
Finally marriage took place.( marriage part already happen in first one, so I am not dragging here)
Maheswari were also present, sanskar simply ignore them and took swara’s parent blessing.
Both bid toward their home where raglak were waiting for them.
Fb end.
Laksh ended story,sees toward Annie. She was cutely sleeping with smile at her face.
Swasan room
Swara nervously looking down, he cupped her face and see in her eyes which is filled with nervousness and desires.
Sanskar” are you alright? “
She nodded in yes.
Sanskar “ if you not want that we can….”

Before he could complete she took first step, she places her lips on his lips. At first he become shocked by her bold step later he also respond with equal passion, soon their kissing turn into love making. After 3-4 hours of love making both finally marked each other as their. Both fall asleep in each other embrace.
Two years passed, their love for each other never decrease. Sometimes they also used to fight over silly things but can’t able to remain angry for long times. Now Swara was 9 months pregnant, her delivery date was very near. Suddenly labour pain started, sanskar took her hospital.
Swara badly shouting in pain, sanskar teary eyed holding her hand.
Sanskar “ shona claim down be strong “.
Swara “ You idiot all thing happen due to you, when you will deliver child na then I will say sanskar claim down “
He become embarrass.
Sanskar” vo sry”.
Swara” keep your sorry to yourself “

she again started to shout in pain. Doctor send him outside, he don’t want to leave her but unfortunately he doesn’t has any option.
Outside raglak, swara’s parents standing with tension. Sanskar came there an started to roam here and there.
After some time they finally hear crying sound of baby.
Nurse came with baby in her hand and handed to sanskar.

“ congrats, you become father of boy”
He kissed his forehead.
“ baby, you are mom’s prince”
Everyone adore his bond new born baby, he was not ready to give him anyone.
Some pairs of eyes were seeing all this happiness with guilt in their eyes.
Sanskar went near them.
“ Today I only called you here to show my happy life, Mr maheswari see he is my child. When I most needed my family you all separated me na. But unfortunately this mad again returned in your life but instead of improving your mistakes you ill treated me and my wife. Not only this when shona came to you , you again insulted her. See me today I am happy with my family. I have all those things which someone needed but you…, leave it.”
Dp” sry beta we were blind in society “

Sanskar “ nope you were not blind due to society. You were feeling ashamed due to me. Leave all that now you can leave.”
Dp and other family member tried to seek forgiveness but no use. He walk from there and leaving them behind.
“ someone says ignorance is best punishment you can give to someone “ He also did same.
He entered inside swara ward and keep baby near her, she smilingly open her eyes.
Swara” sanskar our baby”
He nodded in yes.
Sanskar “ Swara he is symbol of our love, your care and patience. He is my Shourya”
Both happily hugged each other and kissed Shourya’s forehead.
Sanskar “ Thanks for such beautiful gift”

Finally her family was complete, after lot of struggle happiness entered in their life. Its only due to her love, her love proved if your love is true then it can change anyone. Her love not only give him new life but also hope of starting new life with her. At every step her love encourage him living again. Her love give life to that boy who was disowned by his own family in name of Society.
Huhh finally completed, I can’t able to say how much I am happy after completing my dream ss . yeah it was kind of dream for me writing this story. Since I started writing this concept was in my mind. I am very happy as well as sad after completing it. It is my third ss which successfully get completed. I am planning to go on long vacation.
First time I wanted you to give mark to this story out of ten, a pretty pls do it for me. Negative marks is also allowed.
And today each silent reader should cmnt atleast cmnt in one word na. That will only take some second.
Should I say one more thing pakka this is last, thanks for bearing me, you all readers are great.
Now enough of my blabbering, meet you all in cmnt box.

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