Your love changed Me ( swasan ss) Part 7

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Raglak went from there.
Swara went in her room.
Swara “ Bruno go and finish your food”
Bruno went from there.
Sanskar” why you send him, I was playing na.”
Swara “don’t you want to spend some time with your doll”
Sanskar “ hmm but you’re boring.”

Swara” ohh so after getting Bruno I became boring”
He nodded in yes, she started to tickle him. He started to laugh unaccountably.
Sanskar “ chorrrrry doll, you’re not boring I am boring.”
Swara stop tickling him and give him winning smile.
Sanskar” doll”
Swara “hmm”
Sanskar “ I heard that you’re going somewhere. Will you also leave me”
Swara” nope, who said that? Wherever I will go na, I will also take you.”
Sanskar “ but I don’t wanna go there and you also not go na. They are bad people. They slapped you and they also called mad”

Swara” they are family na”
Sanskar” no only you and bro- bad aunty are my family. You told me na family always took care of us, who help us in every situation, who stand with us most importantly family means love unconditionally. Then how can they be my family”
She become overwhelmed by listening definition of family by him.
Swara” everyone deserve last chance na…”
Sanskar “ no I will not go there and if you will force me na then I will again leave you. This time I will hide somewhere where you never able to reach.”
He went from there leaving her alone.
Swara “ I know sanskar, they not deserve even single chance. Trust me I also don’t wanna go to them but decision about your life I can’t take alone.”
She went near him who is angrily munching chocolates.
Swara” listen na”

Sanskar” no first tell me we will not going there”
After thinking something she replied “ okay we will not go there”
He happily sees toward her and pecked her cheeks.
Swara” but since we have holiday we will go some other place. Is it okay na”
He suspiciously looked toward her.
Sanskar” pakka na, you are not fooling me na”
Swara” not even in my dreams, how can I able to fool intelligent Sanskar. “
Sanskar “ yeah I am most intelligent. Will Bruno come along us on this trip?”
Swara” yeah not only Bruno but also your bro, ragini and any guess”
Sanskar “ frnd”
She nodded in yes and make him sleep as usual by telling stories. After he fall asleep she whispers sorry in his ears and wipes her tears which was ready to came out anytime.

Next mrng,
Raglak also reached there, all sited in car and started their journey.
Almost after 6 hours of journey they reached Kolkata.
Laksh” swara , Ragini I had booked two rooms for us because anyone of us will not going to stay in Mm.”
Both ladies nodded in yes.
Sanskar came out from car and tightly hold swara’s hand.
Swara “ what happen? Don’t you like this place?”
Sanskar “ I liked it but you will not leave me na.”
Swara” never I will leave you”
Sanskar” me 2, bro I am tired I wanna sleep”
Annie and Bruno also came out.
Laksh “okay come along me”
After taking keys, swasan and raglak went in their respective rooms.
Sanskar being tired he immediately fall asleep.
Swara covered him with comfort and kisses his forehead.

Swara” sanskar, don’t worry today I am going for taking some important decision of your life.”
She kneel down and take Bruno in hand.
“ till I not come don’t disturb him and if awake then not let him go outside “
Bruno nodded in yes, he went and silently sited near sanskar.
Without making any noise she went from there.
Raglak also came outside.
Laksh “ is everything okay?”
Swara” yeah I made him sleep but if he awake then?”
Laksh “ don’t worry my men are here only. If he will try to go outside they will handle situation. But swara think once again I don’t think they will even allow us come inside”
Swara” just a try”
Laksh” hmm”
Swaraglak reach Mm
They rang the bell, a mid aged man opened the door.
He confusedly sees toward swara and ragini.
Man” who are you both and whom do you wanna meet?”
Laksh came forward and says
“ Mr durga prasad maheswari they are with me, hope you identified me”
Others family member also came there.
Dp sees toward swara and remember sanskar. His eyes turned blood red and about to close the door without giving them answer. She put her hand between door to stop him closing it.

Swara” uncle, pls atleast listen us. It is about sanskar.”
Dp” aye ladki now what do you want? Only due to you I lost my respect”
Laksh “ see swara, he even not asked about bro. He is alive or dead. You know why because this man is blind. Now no need to be here, come with me.”
Swara” uncle pls side your ego and listen me once.”
She sees toward Ap and moved her side.
“ Aunty you say na him give us a chance”
Before Ap could speak, dp shows passes her death glare. She again looked down.
Dp” I don’t want to listen anything about that person. It doesn’t matter to us he die or ….”

Swara interrupted him and says “okay then you all listen, if anything happen him during operation then I will not going to leave you all. If operation will be successful then I will not let you even take single glance of him”
Dp” I wish he die, so that strain wash away from me.”
Swara” don’t worry uncle, nothing will happen to him. My love will save him.”
Before anyone could speak she went from there.
Laksh “ well I am not even little bit surprised but I thought at least Mrs Ap maheswari will speak today. No problem me and ragini are with her.”
He held ragini hand and moved from there.
All silently sited in car, for sometime no one speak anything. Finally swara break silence and says” I am ready for taking risk.”
Laksh stopped the car with jerk and looked toward her.
Laksh “ what are you saying swara, you know na there is only 20℅ chances. You see na he improved a lot without any operation. We will wait for some more year”
Swara” you can wait but I can’t. I can’t able to answer his innocence question. Whenever he asks me why he can’t be like you all. Why he can’t go outside alone. Laksh you don’t know anything in these 8 years what I have gone through. You were busy with your work and family but I had to manage all things alone. I am not blaming you but you think na if tmrw something happen to me then who will take care of him. Are you able to give your 24 hours to him? Are you able to console him whenever he will feel low? Are you able to fulfill his all needs without being his saying?”
Laksh looked downward.
Swara” laksh, you had done lot for us and trust me I respect you for it. Pls trust me I am taking this decision for his and everyone betterment.”
Laksh “ but if something happen to him then can you able to live without him?”
Swara” I even can’t imagine my life without him. But still I want to go with operation “
Laksh” as you want, I will take appointment”
Swara” hmm,now drive we have to reach there also.”
All reaches hotel,swara hurriedly went in room.
Bruno jump over her and shows her he had done his duty perfectly.
Sanskar sadly sitting on bed.
Sanskar” where you gone?”
Without answering him, she hugged him. He warped his hand around her waist.

Sanskar thought she is sad because he speak rudely and says“ what happen doll? Sry I will never talk you rudely. Pls don’t be sad na, I became afraid when you was not here and he also not let me go outside “
She parted herself from him and looked toward him.
Swara” nowhere, I was just outside . I only told him to not allow you go outside “
Sanskar” but why”
Swara” you were tired na, that’s why.”
He nodded in yes and put his head in her lap.
Sanskar “ I love you very much, never leave me like that”
She nodded in yes and went to freshen up. After sometime laksh informed her operation date is after 1 week.
In these one week swara pampered him lot, she fullfiled his every single wish.
Like 8 year passed without their notice, this one week also passed.
Today that day finally came which was going to change her life.
At hospital
Sanskar lying on bed and looking toward everyones face.
Sanskar” doll,why everyone is sad? You told me na nothing will happen to me then smile na”
She smiled and remembered how she convinced him for operation because she don’t want to keep him in dark. She wanted he should face biggest reality of his life.
After talking to doctor she come to sanskar who was peacefully sleeping cuddling pillow imagining swara. She touched his hair and softly whispers his name.
He opened his eyes and sees toward her.
Swara” sanskar, I wanna say something “
Sanskar “ you say na, I don’t kept tape on your mouth.”
He started to laugh loudly.
Swara” first you sit down and stop laughing “
Seeing her serious mood he silently followed her order.
Swara” now I am going to tell you some thing very important. Promise me you will listen me carefully without making even single noise”
He keeps finger on his lips and nodded in yes.
Swara” do you remember some days before we went to doctor?”
He nodded in yes.
Swara” that doctor told me my sanskar can be also become like his bro. He can also go for job. He can also go outside without anyone help.”
He become happy and asks “really, I can do that.”
Swara” ha but for that you need some treatment”
Some flashes played in his mind how in orphanage doctors used to give him shocks and injection. He become afraid and hide his face in her embrace.
Sanskar “ no I don’t want anything.”
Swara” don’t you want to become strong”
Sanskar” I am strong boy”

She well knows she is only his weakness now she have to use herself for making him agree.
Swara” Tell me something if tmrw something happen to me or Bruno what will you do?”
Sanskar” I will call bro”
Swara” if he don’t able to come then”
Sanskar” then what will I do?”
Swara” that’s why I am saying for this treatment na. Trust me after treatment you will become more strong boy who doesn’t need any support. Who can able to take care of himself and “
Sanskar “ and your. I will go for treatment because I always want to protect you.”
She happily hugged him.
Fb end
Swara” no one is sad, everyone is happy for you.”

She smiled and caresses his hair. Doctor came there and told them to leave from there.
Sanskar “ doll I am afraid”
She pecked his forehead and says” nothing will happen to you. Just remember I love you”
She leave his hand and began to go but he held her hand to stop her.
Sanskar “ plz don’t go.”
Swara” arre buddhu I need to make your fav things. When you will become fine then I have to give you treat na.”
She signal doctor to start their work.

Sanskar” but…”
Before he could speak anything, he felt slight pain in his arms. In fraction of seconds he loose his conscious due to strong doze.
She also leave that room after taking some glance of him.
Doctors started their operation whereas outside raglak were trying to support her.
Nearly 3 hours passed there was not even single news of him.
Swara silently went from there and stood in front of god’s idol.
Swara” I did right na”
Tears which is she stopping from so long, finally that came out.
Swara” I don’t know god today what news will I get but whatever will happen I will accept it thinking as my fate.”
She went from there and sit in park. A sweet smile crept on her lips remembering her and sanskar first meeting. How in first meeting itself he think her as doll. And how she reacted that time.
Swara” I never knew that single day will change my life. You’re biggest gift of god.”
Ragini came near and told doctor is calling her.
Swara” operation is successful na”
Ragini “ I don’t know it”
Both reaches in doctor’s cabin where Laksh is there only.
Doctor “ take your sit”
Swara” doctor first tell me about how is he? He is fine na. whatever be medicine is required tell them I am going to him”
She turned to go but stop listening further.
Doctor “ Mrs maheswari operation is successful but still we have to wait for result. We will shift him in normal ward then you can meet him but remember result can be positive or negative. I can’t say anything now.”
Swara “ but doctor “
Doctor “ I know what you wanna say, in these type of cases result can’t be predicated. Now hope for best”
Swaraglak came out and started to wait for shifting him in normal ward.
Laksh” swara you go home, me and Ragini are here. You must be tired since one week you’re doing so much work”
Swara nodded in no and went to sanskar’s room.

She sited beside him and started to wait for his gaining conscious.
After 4 hours,
He slowly open his eyes and finds some weight on his chest.
He tried to move his hand, sensing movement she opened her eyes and became happy seeing him.
Swara” sanskar, are you fine na?”
Sanskar confusedly sees toward her and started to roam his eyes in whole room.
Sanskar “ who are you”
These words pierced in her heart, her sanskar is asking her identification.
Swara” don’t you know me?”
Tears started to came out from her eyes.
Sanskar “ no and why are you calling me sanskar”
Laksh also heard there conversation and become shocked.

Laksh “ sanskar what are you saying?”
Sanskar “ I don’t know anyone of you”
Swara emotionally looked toward him and stood from there.
Swara” sry to disturb you”
She began to go but someone pull her.
Voice “ you promised to me, you will not leave me but you’re going. Go your sanskar will not talk to you.”
She looked into his eyes.
Sanskar “ yes I don’t know you because my doll was not crying baby. But since I opened my eyes yours eyes is filled with tears”
She angrily looked toward him and says ” laksh I don’t want this sanskar. He is very bad. Laksh come with me we don’t know him.”
Laksh “ yeah right we don’t know him.”
Both began to go from there, sanskar joined his hand and signal Ragini to do something. She nodded in yes and took laksh from there. Now swasan were alone in that room.
Sanskar” so doll don’t know me”
She not turned toward him, he tired to sit but due to weakness he don’t able to do so. He hissed in pain, she angrily looked toward him and make him sit.

Swara” Are you mad? I don’t know why I agree for your operation my old sanskar was better at least he don’t used to disturb me na. He never used to hurt me”
She looked other side.
He smiled at her and says ” this sanskar will also never hurt you. He will always take care of you. Most importantly this sanskar will love you more than anything.”
She still not looked toward him.
Sanskar “ Sry na I was only teasing you.”
Swara” no, do you have any idea what was my condition? I am waiting for this day since 8 years. How will you understand for you I am a doll who doesn’t have any feeling and with whom you can play…”

Before she could say further he keep his finger on her lips.
Sanskar “ shh now listen me, I remember each and every moment with you. How in our first meeting I started to play with your hair. How you slapped me once. How you married me. How you fight with your parents for me. How my so called parents bad mouth about you. How you always took care of me. I remember each thing swara. If today I am able to express myself then you’re reason for it. Seriously swara today I am saying ‘ your love changed me’
She hugged him and started to cry remembering those 8 years.
Swara” pls never say like that you don’t know me”

She suddenly remember he called her by her name.
Swara” sanskar, you call me swara “
Sanskar” don’t you like it”
Swara” I never loved my name as today I am loving it.”
He smiled seeing her happiness and says” form this moment I will fill your life with happiness “
She hugged him.
Sanskar “ but I am angry from you”
She confusedly looked toward him.
Sanskar “why you were leaving me? Can’t you slap me and say sanskar maheswari I’m swara maheswari your wife”
She smiled at him and says” I don’t wanted force myself on you”
Sanskar “ thanks for everything, thanks for coming in my life”
Swara” no need to say thanks, if you want to do something for me then stand on your feet. Now I wanna see you successful.”
Sanskar “ I will and I wanna say something more”
Swara” say”
Sanskar “ I want to start fresh, everything from beginning like first I want to win your heart then I will marry you with your parents constant.”
Swara” they are angry from me, in these 8 years they never tried to contact me”
Sanskar” don’t worry I will sought out everything but I want 2 years. Will you able to give it?”
She nodded in yes and says” I can wait for you life long but it doesn’t mean my anger is cool down. In past I bear your tantrum now ready to bear my tantrum”
She began to move from there. He pull her toward him.

Sanskar” I am ready to bear you and your tantrum. In these 2 years I will proof your parents that your choice is not wrong. Till then you’re my girlfriend. And I will also romance with you secretly you. You can’t stop me”
Both joined their forehead and looked in each other eyes. He sees toward her lips, she shyly closes her eyes but……..
Precap: do you want to see how sanskar proofed he is capable for swara then wait for last part/epilogue.

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