Your love changed Me ( swasan ss) Part 4


Hii, this part is mainly for rabia di. All are writing os for you but I can’t able to write os. Whenever I tried writing os ,it always become ts or I thought to write small part of this ss . hope you like this part.
Thanks for response on previous part..
Swara “ is your final decision “
Sanskar “ yeah, I will not stay in that house. I wanna big wala house”
Swara turned other side and says” okay then, I thought to give you chocolates and pizzas if you live here but its kk. I will give all this to your bro.”
Before sanskar could react ,she again spoke “ and ya one more thing I will also drop you in orphanage then those big needle”
She stretches her hand to show size of needle.
He immediately come down from car and stood in front of her.
Sanskar “ doll, you are very bad. Now I am not going to talk you. You always blackmail me”
Before turning his face, he took some chocolates from her hand bags and run inside.
Swara “ pagal, but I love this pagal”
Swara came inside and become tensed seeing condition of house. It is totally looking horrible .
Both brothers busy in their own work one is busy in mobile while other is busy in multi work.
From one hand he is busy in eating chocolates while from other hand he was handling his toys.
Seeing her he turned his face and tried to sit on floor.
Swara “ arre sanskar , that place is dirty. First let me clean this place.”
Sanskar “ no, I will sit here here only”
Laksh “ sry Swara I need to go, you don’t worry I will send some maid. Till then you have to handle him alone”
Without listening her further he rushes outside.
Swara came near to sanskar and tried to talk to him. Everytime he used to stick his tongue and moved from there.
Swara “ sanskar, stop na “
Sanskar” no, I will not talk to you. You always make me afraid “
Swara “ okay from now onward I will not do like that”
Sanskar “ s..a..n..s..k..a..r don’t trust doll”
Listening his words , she felt like someone stabbed her heart with thousand words. She immediately hug him.
Swara “ never say like that, if you will not trust me then who will do. Now you are only reason of my living”
Unknowingly he felt sad, seeing her sad. He warp his arm around her and said” I again make you sad na, I am very bad boy na. I always make you sad”

She parted herself from him and wipe his tears.
Swara “ no your doll is very bad, she always make you cry. You’re reason of my happiness, my smile or moreover my life”
Sanskar “ no, I am bad. My doll is very good.”
Swara smile at his words.
Swara “ no my sanskar is very good …”
Sanskar “ my doll is also”
Swara “ kk your doll is very good. Now let me clean all these then I will make yummy foods”
Sanskar “ s..a..n..s..k..a..r will also help his doll”
Swara “ nope, you have to take rest. You must be tried na after this long journey “
Sanskar” no I will also help you. We both will clean this small house”
Swara “ sanskar”
Sanskar “ doll”
Swara” you will not listen me na”
He nodded in no.
Swara “ no one could win over you. Okay but promise you will not mischievous things”
Sanskar “ haww you don’t trust me , I never do any mischievous things. I am good boy na”
Swara “ yeah ,you are very good boy. Now let’s make this house more beautiful than your big wala house”
She picked broom and started to clean hall, he also pick other broom and started to follow her work. Whatever she was doing he was repeating it.
Well more than cleaning it, he was ordering her.
Sanskar “ doll, look here it’s still dirty. You are not cleaning properly. Oh god how much work I have to do”
He playfully hits his forehead and chuckles.
Swara “ oh so you’re complaining about me”
He nodded in yes.

She started to beat him lightly, he started to run here and there.
Swara “ sanskar , stop or else I will not make dishes for you.”
Sanskar “ my bro will make more yummy dishes for me then I will tease you.”
Swara “ yeah , today you both bro will make food for me”
Sanskar” doll, how much you speak. Clean fast na I need to watch doremon na”
Her mouth open in “0” shaped.
Swara “ look who’s talking about cleaning , the person who is disturbing me”
He started to clean the mess.

Sanskar “ no, sanskar is doing work he is not disturbing anyone . Doll is very lazy she is not doing work propely.“
Swara “ okay I am disturbing you . now let’s clean all this or else you will miss your cartoons”
Both began to work, sanskar still commenting on her works. She instruct him to clean other side. So she could focus on her work. He make faces but later agree with her on condition of more chocolates. She nodded in yes.
He held curtain but unfortunately it fall on him. He almost warp in it.
He started to shout her name , she immediately rushes near him and crushes herself for stupidity of sending him there.
Instead of standing at one place ,he started to move from there. As a result he fall on her.
He was top of her, it was first both were so close to each other. Feeling him so close to her she closes her eyes. Her heart beat started to raise like it will came out anytime. She almost lost herself in his closeness. After some moments , She felt his lips on her soft lips, soon forgetting everything she started to kiss him. Soon she looses herself in it, her one hand automatically started to pull his hair to make him more close to herself. Her other hand draped around his waist. She started to kiss him passionately.
Soon her lovely moment disturb by some voice.
Voice “ doll , free me”

She come in sense,realizes that was her beautiful dream.
Swara( to herself)” you are seriously become mad in his love. Only god knows what will happen to you now”
She make him stand and started to free him.

Sanskar” doll, you know I was feeling suffocated “
Swara “ then who told you to play with it”
Sanskar “ haww you are scolding me. You told na help you..”
She make him free and make him sit. She clean his hair and set it properly.
Swara “ ha toh I only told you help me not to draped yourself in it”
Sanskar “ I was just pulling it”
Swara “ okay fine, you are helping now you sit quiet. I will clean myself.
Sanskar lifted his collar in winning manner.
Sanskar” but then what I will do”
She gave him mobile for playing games.
He nodded in yes and started to play candy crush on it.
After 3-4 hours of cleaning and setting his room , she comeback in hall and see toward sanskar who is sleeping with cute smile on his face. The happiness is reflecting from his face. Seeing happiness and peacefulness on his face,she don’t want to disturb him. But next moment she changes her thought and started wake him for his medicine and also for his medication session.

Swara “ sanskar , wake up it’s your medicine time”
Sanskar spoke in sleeping condition“ no that medicine is yuck”
Swara “ oh I thought to you will help me in preparing food but it’s okay I will manage myself “
She said all this with sad expression.
Sensing sadness in her vioce he immediately wake and started to make different kinds of faces.
Sanskar “ doll, you can’t able to do anything without my help”
Swara” yeah ,now come along me. You promised me to you’ll help me.”
Sanskar “ really you will take my help but I don’t how to cook. Will you teach me?”
Swara “ of course I will teach everything to my sanskar”
Sanskar packed he cheeks and run inside kitchen.
Swara touches her cheeks and smile at his innocent behavior.
She also go behind him and become shocked seeing him playing with knives.
Swara “ leave all that”
Sanskar “ no I will cut vegetables from it. I had saw in TV…”
Swara ( cut him) “ arre but you have to do big – big work, these small kinds of work I will do”
Sanskar “ no I will cut Vegetables “
Swara” no means no, you sit on slab I will …”
Sanskar “ very bad doll”
He gave her knives and sit on slab.

While making food, she was also telling him stories. More than listening story he was disturbing her asking spices names. Still she was enjoying his company.
When she was cutting onions, it bought tears in eyes. Seeing her tears, he throws onions and wipes her tears.
Sanskar “ doll I had thrown that bad things”
Swara “ sanskar, you are really too much”
She went to pick those onions, he jumped from slab and kicked it.
Swara “ sanskar, now how I will make your fav pizza”
Sanskar” I don’t want that, bro will make it”
All this conversation listen by someone.
Someone “ great means if by cutting onions your doll’s eyes turned teary then I have to do those work “
Sanskar” yeah sanskar don’t like crying doll. Bro ,will you make food for me and my doll”
Swara “ sanskar, laksh is tired I will make it”
Laksh “ do you think he will agree with you?, let me show my skills to both of you”
Swara “ but how will you”
Laksh “ no more argument, bro take your doll. She is disturbing your bro.”
Sanskar” doll, bad habits come with me I will tell you story “
He held her finger and took her from there.
Swara” I don’t know how I will handle this naughty and sometimes overprotective kid”
Sanskar “ I am big boy”
Swara” yeah, you’re big boy . only I am kid here.”
Sanskar” no you’re also my big doll”
She hits her forehead whereas he become confuse by her antics but follow her activity. Seeing him following her a sweet smile spread on laksh’s face.
Both feed each other , she make him take his medicine. Seeing her pale face he don’t resist this time.
Both went for sleeping, both sleep cuddling each other.

Without support of family, it was very hard to manage alone. Most of time laksh also have to leave city due to work. It was very difficult for her to handle him alone, expect her he never trusting any other people. She also tried to appointed caretaker for him but as he never allowed anyone come near him. He used to make them run. She was managing hard to take care of him. One side her job and otherside her life which was only depending on him.Time was passing quickly, many things started to change in her life. Day by day his condition was becoming good. He started to analyze things better. Most important change in him was, he start to understand his and swara relation. Now for him, she was not only his doll. She was more than a doll for him. He used to react whenever she used to talk to other mens, he used to feel bad whenever she used to give attention to someone else…..
To be continued…

Precap: life changing moment, good or bad I don’t know. So wait for next part…

I am not focusing on raglak life, as it’s swasan ss mainly swara love story . so I am only giving importance to her struggle. Hope you’re okay with it.
I know this part is not so good but what to do I want to write this part for all of you and specially for rabia di. Pardon me if it’s so much boring…
One question, are you loving sanskar’s childish behavior. I don’t how these types of person behave I just thought to resemble his behavior like child. Hope I am doing justice with his character.Don’t worry soon you will see mature sanskar also. So wait for next part…
Cmnts are necessary , if cmnts will be good na then next part will be more earlier than it..

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