Your love changed Me ( swasan ss) Part 2

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After two days
She again came to meet him but unfortunately this time no one let her do so.
All started to put different allegations on her, some of them were saying she just wanna take advantage of his innocence and all were pointing finger toward her character. Soon she fed up of all taunts and angrily pushed them.
She directly entered in his room held his hand and turned toward them.
Swara “ enough of your drama, you wanna know what is my relation with him?”
All nodded in yes.
She removed her hair little and show something which makes their face pale.
Her hairline is filled with little vermilion and wearing a simple mangalsutra.
One of them came forward and ask “ what you wanna say?”
She smiled little and said “ I didn’t know you all are so fool. It is okay let me explain you, sanskar maheswari is my husband”
Whereas sanskar happily smile and says “ yes, now my doll will live with me forever.”
At temple,
Swara sadly sitting in temple, her eyes were closed and slightly reciting prayers.
Swara “ pls god ji, show me some way I wanna take him with that mess. My heart is says, he will be okay with care…”
Her prayers disturbed by some sounds, she opened her eyes and see toward sound source.
There one couple taking pheres.
Seeing it, she happily closes her eyes and went from there.
At 2:00 am
Someone silently entered in some room.

Voice “ sanskar, wake up”
Sanskar started to rub his eyes and sees toward that person.
Sanskar “ doll, I wanna sleep more. Pls let me sleep”
Saying it, he again closes his and turn his face.
She moved other side and again started to wake him meanwhile he again and again changing his position.
She smiled naughtily and sited beside him.
Swara“ Okay you continue to sleep, from tmrw when I will not come na then you will have to cry alone and also they will give you bigger injection”
Listening word ‘injection ‘ he open his and sited in front of her and make face crying face

Sanskar“ I awake na now they will not give me na that thing”
She smiled seeing him and spoke “no for that you have to do something “

He excitedly sees toward her and said “what “
Swara “ first tell me, you wanna live with me for forever or not”
Sanskar “ If you will give me chocolates then I will always live with you”
Swara “ okay done, now be a good boy and come with me”

He nodded in yes and put finger on his lips.
Swara “ good boy, listen we are going to temple.”
Sanskar “ Temple, hurry …”
He started to jump in happiness
Swara “sanskar be quiet,if they will see you na then they will give you very big injection”
He again put finger on his lips and slightly began to follow her.
Both reached temple, there raglak are waiting for them.
Seeing stranger he tightly clutches her hand.
Ragini felt weird seeing his behavior
Ragini“ swara, everything is okay na?”
Swara understood what she mean to say
swara” yes rago, I will tell you everything late. For now don’t ask me anything “

Still, Ragini not stasify by her answer and held her hand for asking further question.
Seeing Ragini holding swara’s hand, sanskar pushes ragini.
Sanskar“ don’t touch my doll”
Both raglak become shocked by seeing his behaviour.
Swara” sanskar, say sry to her”
He nodded in negative and more tightly hold her hand
Ragini “ swara, what is this? Are you planning to marry this mad person “
Listening ‘mad ‘ word swara become tensed remembering sanskar’s reaction.
Other hand he started to become panic.
Swara” Ragini, he has little trouble in understanding things.”
She turned toward sanskar who is becoming more panic.
Swara“ sanskar, cool down. Your doll is saying na”
Listening swara words he immediately cools down and started to look down.
Sanskar “ she is also bad aunty.”
Swara “ sanskar, bad habits you’re good na then keep fingers on your lips”
He immediately follows her order.
Ragini “ swara, you can’t take this step”
Swara “ I can Ragini, first I only want to save him because of humanity but now I realized I love him. I love his innocence, his care , his unsaid love for me ,each and everything about him. “
Sanskar didn’t understand anything except love.
Sanskar”I also love my doll”
Ragini still don’t wanna to let her destroy her own life whereas laksh seeing all this with teary eyes.
He finally broke and says “ Ragini, pls let her take this decision”
He went near sanskar,who immediately hide behind swara.

Laksh smiled at his behavior and forward his hand.
Laksh “ hey, I am laksh. I am your doll’s frnd. Will you wanna be my frnd?”
Sanskar didn’t understand anything what to do?
Understanding his situation, she turned toward him.
Swara “ he will also give you chocolates and you know Micky mouse is his best frnd”
Sanskar “ sacchi (true)”
She nodded in yes
Sanskar came out and forward his hand for handshake.
Sanskar “ frnds but your name is too difficult I will call you frnd only “

Laksh “ okay done, from now onward you are my bro. And I will call bro”
He nodded in yes and hug him.
Ragini can’t able to take itm more and finally blurted out
Ragini“ What is this laksh? Are you also mad like swara? Can’t you able to see she is destroying her life for this mad guy”
Laksh went near Ragini and hold her through shoulder.
Laksh“ Ragini, I can understand your feeling but at least trust your frnd. She must has taken this decision….”

She jerked his hand moved from there, before going further she turned toward them.
Ragini“ I can’t be part of this drama”
She finally went from there.
Seeing her best frnd leaving her hand in her life most the toughest decision her eyes brimmed with waters.
Seeing her eyes, sanskar give her kissed on cheeks.
Sanskar“ Doll, don’t cry she is bad girl”
Laksh “ yes my bro doll don’t cry, everything will be fine. Now do your work fast or else tmrw I will fall asleep in office only”
She smiled and nodded in yes
Swara” sanskar, now whatever I will say na you have to follow it. Without any arguments”
He nodded in yes.
Swara “ now sanskar, we have to take rounds around this fire okay”
Sanskar”you mean we have to play ‘ train -train’ game”
She nodded in yes
Sanskar”but I will be not in forefront”
She asks “ why”
He “ everytime my frnds (orphanage frnds) made me engine, they say I am big na that’s why”
She” okay, I will be in forefront “
He happily nodded in yes and stood behind her.
Both take 7 rounds around fire and she makes him sit there.
Laksh did their gathbandhan(wedlock)
She gives him vermilion and tell him” put this here(indicating her hairline)
Sanskar tried to ask her question but she shows her eyes.
He silently followed her order and fill her hair line.
Feeling vermilion in her hairline, she closes her eyes. A lone tear escaped from her eyes which she quickly covered by blinking eyes.
Next she handed him mangalsutra (nuptial)

Swara told him to tie it around her neck, he follows her without any arguments.
Finally, their marriage completed, she made him stand and told him to do prayer.
He about to close his eyes but seeing so many sweets he went near it started to eat.
Swara still busy in her prayer while Laksh just seeing sanskar’s activities with teary eyes.
After finishing her prayers, she opened her eyes and became shocked seeing sanskar.
He was still busy in eating sweet, she about to say something but Laksh signal her to keep quiet.
After sometime they drop sanskar at orphanage, swara made him sleep and moved from there.
Fb end
Swara “ now can I take him my husband with me “ ?
Now no one able to say anything to her, she moved away with sanskar.
Laksh came to take them, seeing him again sanskar’s happiness has no bound.
He run toward him and gun him
Sanskar “ frnd, you also come to take me Micky mouse house”
He nodded in yes.
Laksh “ but first we will go to my house”
Swara “ but Laksh how could I”
Laksh” swara see Ragini is angry from you, so you both can’t able to live with her and your family is also not here. So till Ragini doesn’t understand, you will live with me.”
Swara “ but your parents”
Laksh “ they will come after 2 months. Now no more question”
She nodded in yes
Both swasan sited backside.
Nearly after half an hour they reach laksh house, he welcome both of them with full ritual.

She started to take care of him, she has strong believed on her love one day he will be fine.
(now read each line of sing carefully, this song will describe swara’s love journey. So don’t dare to escape it)

[(Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon

You come in my heart
When I take breath
I pass everyday through
Streets of your heart)]

Sanskar is sleeping on bed holding her hand tightly, she caress his hair and singing Lori for him.
Next mrng
His sleep disturb by sunrays, she tried to block Sundays. He open his eyes and become afraid by seeing different surrounding.
He started to shout due to fear.

[(Hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

You move like the wind
I fly like the sand
Who will love you like this
Like I do

Ho ho….)]

Listening his shout, she came out. Seeing her in front of himself, he claims down.
She makes him sit properly and give him milk for drink.
Sanskar “ no I don’t like it”
Swara “ sanskar, drink it or else I will drop will in orphanage then big….”
Before she could complete, he snatches glass from her and drink in one breath.

After drinking milk, he turned his other side.
Sanskar “ bad doll”
She makes him turn her side and clean his lips.
Swara “you wanna be string boy na”
He nodded in yes
Swara” then you have drink this milk daily, Will you?
He started to think something and later nodded in yes but put one condition.
Sanskar“ If you will never leave me alone “
Swara “ never”
After sometime, she makes him ready in different clothes.
She made him stand in front of mirror.
He smiled at his own reflection.
Swara “ my sanskar is looking so handsome today”
Sanskar “ me handsome”
He started to clap due to so much happiness, see his smile she also become happy.

[(Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaqi hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chuke

Journey of my eyes
Stops at you
Nothing left to say
I already said I wanted to say)]

Like it, days were passing for them. She daily used to take him different places and make him introduced to new things.
In starting seeing so different places and people he used to become scared but later with support of swara he started to enjoy it

[(Meri nigahein hain
Teri nigahon ki tujhe khabar kya be-khabar

There are my eyes
You are not aware of your eyes )]

Laksh appointed different doctor for him, seeing doctor everytime he used to hide behind her.
Everytime she has to give new greed for check up.
Still, he used to run from there, both swa-lak used to make him understand.
During check up times, he used to started play with equipment.
With so many difficulties, doctor used to handle him with the help of swara.

[(Main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar
Teri aankhen padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

I read your eyes
Hiding from you
Who will love you like this
As I do)]

Most difficult task for her to make him eat food. Instead of eating he used to become busy in playing games.
Whenever she used to give him food, he always used to run like 5 year old kid.
Still, daily she used to take proper care of his from waking up to making him take his tablets or making him sleep with singing songs or telling him new stories each day.
With so much honesty she is playing many important role in his life, she was showing him a new world which is full of happiness.
Precap : laksh’s and swara’s family reaction. May be last part or second last part.
To be continued……
any idea why laksh eyes brimmed with tears seeing sanskar, if you have idea kindly share with me also
While writing this part I only remember my one of fav ss “ in your love” don’t worry guys it’s not sequel of that story. You have to wait little more for that one.
Now enough of my silly talks, give your reviews. Ya if you will not respond na then forget next part????????
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