Your love changed Me ( swasan ss) Part 1

Hii, thanks for your response on previous part. Frankly speaking then I don’t expect this much huge response, hope you will love this part also.
Don’t be surprised seeing next part so soon, I was in good mood and also free that’s why I able to write it.
She always used to come and meet him but one day, due to busy schedule she don’t able to come there. When she next day arrived he turn his face angrily.
She try to sit near him but at her every step he used moved from there.
She asked” are you angry from me?”
He nodded in yes.
She asks him” why”
He replied her” where was you yesterday, you know I missed you so much” he show her how much he missed her through his hands.
She held her ear and plead through eyes, he started to laugh seeing her doings.
She said” sry”
He again turned his face and said ” no”
She cupped his faced and kiss his cheeks.
Swara” now”
He again nodded in no
Swara” then how my sanskar will talk me”
Sanskar “ s…a…n….s…k…a…r is angry from doll, she is very bad. She doesn’t give me chocolate and also not play with me”

Swara smiled at him and show him chocolates.
Swara” you want it, then forgive your doll”
He took it from her hand and give kiss to her cheeks.
Sanskar “ doll, now you never leave me na. These bad aunties give big wala needle. It pains lot and also my head pains several times”
He started to cry , she wipes his tears and make him sleep in her lap.
She understand it is happening because of shock, she decided to talk to them.
Swara” sanskar, I am coming in some minutes. Don’t go anywhere “
He nodded in yes and become busy in playing.
She angrily went to doctors.
Swara “ doctor, I wanna know about sanskar “
He offered her seat and tell her same things whatever that lady told her.
Swara” can’t we handle him with love? I mean doctor he just need love and care. He will be absolutely fine by that. Don’t need to give shocks”
Doctor became angry by listening her” you are doctor or I. Don’t dare to tell me what should I do or what not?” He angrily yelled at her.
She also with same force replied “ I know I am not doctor, but I know his condition can be better by love and affection “
Doctor “ just get out”
Swara” ya, I will. I will also take sanskar with me, if you all can’t take care of him then I will give him love and care”
She began to go but stop by sudden voice
“ from which relation you will take him, is he your lover or pass time ….” Before doctor could complete she slaps him.
Swara” I don’t need to clarify my relation with him. Above all relation there is one relation that is humanity. I will take him by that relation “
She again began to move but his next statement make her shocked.
“ you wanna enjoy with him na , ya he is only child from mind but yet he is man”
She wanted to kill him but control herself thinking about sanskar. She furiously leave from there.

Other hand, sanskar totally unaware of this cruel world he was busy in playing.
She sited next to him, he smiled seeing her again become busy in his own world.
After sometime, when he became tired . he come next to Swara and sleep in her lap.
Remembering recent encounter with doctor, tear brimmed in her eyes. One drop of tear fall on his hair, he immediately sees toward her.
Not understanding what to do he himself started to cry. Like a child wants to seek his mother’s attention.
She came in sense listening his crying sound, seeing him like that she become shocked.
She started to check him whether he got hurt or not but not finding anything she ask him” what happen?”
He still not stopped crying, seeing him like that her tears again started to flow.
Swara” what happen, why are you crying ? Do you need anything “
He nodded in no.
Swara” then, do anyone told you anything “
He again nodded in no
Swara” pls tell me or else your doll will also cry.”
He even started to cry more by hugging her.
Sanskar speaks in chocked voice “ why you were crying”
She become overwhelmed by listening his words. Immediately,She wipes her tears and plastered smile on her face.
Swara” see, now I am smiling. You also smile”
He separate from her and started to clearly observing her face. Seeing no tears left on her face , he finally smiled.
Sanskar “ never cry, s…a….n….s….k…a….r don’t like crying doll”
She smiled at his care “ never, you also promise even you will not cry”
He happily nodded in yes and become busy in playing with her hair.
She started to think how to help him in recovering.
Swara ( monologue) now I will not let him live here. I will take care of him. I know sanskar, we don’t share any relation yet I want to see you fine. I know one day my love will change you.
She called his name to seek his attention.
Swara” sanskar, will you come with your doll?”
Sanskar confusedly sees toward her and asks “ where ?”
Swara” my home, it’s very big. I will also give you chocolate”
He happily nodded is yes.
Sanskar replied her“ yeah, I will come with you.”
After thinking something, he sees toward her and says” will you let me watch Doremon , oggy and cockroaches and ha chota bheem also”
She nodded in yes.
He again ask her” will you take me to Micky mouse”
Swara” yes, I will fulfill your every wish”
He happily started to shout and ran away from there.
“ I will go with doll. Yahoo I will go away from here. I will see doremon also. Micky mouse I am coming with my doll”
In whole orphanage only his happiness sound were been echoing
She smiled at his happiness.
She decided to go and ask permission from mother.
Before she could ask her permission, mother herself came to her and warn her to stay away from him.
She understood its all due to doctor.
Swara ( to herself)Now by hook or crook, I will take him from here.
She started to find way to take him from here, but nothing getting her in hand.
All are only asking only one question ‘relation with him’
One day, she was sadly sitting in orphanage. Sanskar came near her and as usual he started to play.
Due to irritation , she jerked his hand and started to scold him.
“ Don’t you know anything else than playing. No no you know na playing and eating chocolates. Rather than it do you know anything “
He don’t able to understand her frustration. He started to cry , she become more irritated by it and slap him hard.
Swara” go away from here, I don’t wanna see your face”
He even started to cry more and run away from there.
After sometime, she realized what she had done.
Swara ; ( to herself) what I had done? How could I slap him ? What was his fault?He was just came to me for playing and I. Swara, stop thinking about that . now important is how you will able to pacify him.

She started to find him but n every bit of corner but its seems like god was also angry with her for raising hand on innocent child.She sadly sited near huge tree and started to curse herself.
After sometime she find some ray of hope, she heard someone’s weeping sound. She began to follow sound’s source, after following it she reached near a small bench.
She started to look surrounding but only sound is coming not sound source is visible to her. Something seek her attention, she bend down and finally she found him. A little bit relief came on her face but it again faded away after analyzing situation. He was sited there with folding arms and knelling his legs. His face was hided between his leg. Only crying sound is coming.
Seeing him like that her heart started to ached , its seems like that someone had stabbed it with thousands knives.
Sensing her presence, he kept his hands on mouths. So that she can’t able to listen his weeping.
Swara” sry”
He still not looked at her and started to cry more harder by placing his hands on both cheeks.
Seeing his reaction, her heart ached more. She tried to touch him but he started to move away from her. In this process he hurt himself.
Swara” sanskar, it’s bleeding “
Sanskar “ noooo, don’t come near me I will ….” He started to find some pebbles.
Before he could react further she held his hand and make him come outside. He tried to remove her hand but become unsuccessful in it. He stopped trying listening her words.
Swara” sry”
She leaves his hand , held her ear and start doing sits up.
Seeing her doing, he stop crying but again turn his face.
She smiled at him and stood in front of him. Seeing her he again tried to turn his face but she held his hand and make him touch her cheeks.
Swara” I slap you here only na, you also slap me”
She close her eyes but his next reaction make her shock. He hugged her and started to cry bitterly.
Sanskar “ I don’t love you, you slap me like bad aunties. You are also bad. You are not my doll.”
She become shocked by his statement and separate him from herself.
Swara” what you said”
Sanskar “ I don’t love you”
Swara” no ,no after that”
Sanskar” I….”
He began to think
Sanskar “ I forget”
Swara “ okay, don’t wry you wanna play na”
He nodded in no
Sanskar “ c..h…o..c….o….l….a….t….e”
Swara” first say you forgave me”
He again nodded in no.
Swara” pls”
She again held her ears.
Her eyes whelmed with tears.
Sanskar “ don’t cry, I don’t like crying doll. You will never beat me na “
She nodded in no
Sanskar “ s..a..n..s..k..a..r forgive doll”
He happily kissed her cheeks and forward his hand for chocolates.
Sanskar “ you are my doll na, s…a…n…s…k…a…r loves doll.”
Swara replied him “ yes I am your doll and you are my sanskar. Doll also loves sanskar. “
She gave him chocolate and started to dressing his wound whereas he was again busy in his own world.
Soon he came back in this world due to pain, she bolw air on it to lessen his pain.He started to laugh due to tickling.
Sanskar stop laughing, makes serious face and asks“ doll, when we go to meet Micky mouse? “
Swara” very soon”

To be continued…
Precap: same as before

From song: soch
Well I will say listen this song, it’s not hard to understand. Hardy sandhu sang this song really amazingly. One more thing in exictment I forget to edit , so if there is any mistake then forgive this innocent girl.

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