Hello guyz thanx for apreciAting alot….u all want me to write a happy happy os so m posting a nok jhok wala os…hope u lyk it…

Swara n sanskar were roaming in a saree shop sanky was there to buy a saree for ap to present that on her bday n swara was there to buy a saree for shomi from her first salary….
SwaSan chooses the same saree n that was the only piece so they strtd fighting over it….yes itz there first meeting..
Swara: aap koi dusri sari dekh lijiye…m gonna buy thiz one
Sanky: dekhie aap dusri saree dekh lijiye cz m buyng this
Swara: no sir u cant cz m buyng this
Sanky: no mam m buyng this
Swara: what the hell are u deaf cant u listn that m buyng this
Sanky: are u deaf cx m buyng this
Swara : look dont copy my srntences dont u hv anythng new…
Sanky: oh please sanskar maheshwari kisi ki copy ni krta
Swara: oh then good now go n choose other saree
*in btwn salesman ask them to choose other sare*
SwaSan : you shut up

Then swara snaches that saree n started running with that in showroom n sanky was running behind her to catch her….every customer n salesperson were shocked to see such childishness as they dont kno swara bt sanky being a business tycon is very famous….swara ran n reach the cash counter n ask for bill sanky was behind her bt his leg got stuck in a saree n he along with swara fell on the floor…they hv a cute eyelock …sanky was mesmerised to see her eyes which reflects purity n innocense…swara also felt some kind of protection in his eyes….soon they got up n part ways swara took saree n left…

@NIGHT SWASAN IN their respt. Rooms
Swara: what the hell yr who was He y m thinking about him…wow swara u hv fought with someone on the very first day in the new city if mum n papa would come to know about this then they will definatrly kill me..uff..
Sanskar: oh man that girl.she was crack…how can she behave like kid….n her eyes oh god those were full of innocence…oh hold on sanskar y r u thinking about her…stop it n sleep…
.next day
Swasan fumes in anger after seeing news ppr headlines it says
“Sanskar maheshwari lost the deal of heart?”
Another says
“Sanskar maheshwRi spending quality time with his girl?”
Swara straight went to his office n everyone starts wisprng about paper after seeing her n she saw sanskar n shouts
Swara: what the hell hv u done….do u hv any idea ??
Sanskar: what hv i done?(shockingly)
Swara:( throws ppr)look at this cz of u my pic is published in ppr
Sanskar: u should be thnkful to me ni to tumhari pic kn chhapta ppr m(said sarvastically)
Swara: ye sab tumhari glti h na tum mujhse jhgadte na ye sb hota tumhari vjh se eveyone thinks that m ur girl
Sanakar: oh hold on u were the first who hs snached that saree n wait u n my girl..ohh please in ur dreams..
Swara: i dont want to be ur girl in dream either…now just clear this mess mr. Maheshwsri…
Sanskar : y would i …i am the one whose image is brought down n u r yelling at me..
Swara: i dont care u hv contacts use them or do whetever u want just sort this matter asap.

Smhw that matter got solved n they became frnds after that n strt spndng quality time together…most shocking thing was dp n shekhar were frnds n they fixed swasan’s marriage….
Sanky: ma i dont want to get married to that girl
Sujata:then which girl u want
Sanky:no one
Sujata:he mahra ram ji sanskar thare ko kahi chore to…na na sanskar fir se socj k dekh thare ko chhoria he pasnd ayngi…koahiah to kr chhora
Sanky: cm on mom kuch b bol ri ho i dont want to marry such crack..
Swara n shomj were kn door n swara shouts”if m a crack then u are mental”
Sanky: o helo m business tycoon
Swara: so what kiane kaha business tycoon pgl ni ho skte
Sanky: swara m warning u stop this or else
Swara: or else what
He took the cussion n throw it on swRa
Sankg:then this he throw anothr
Swara was fightng with whicher she can found…
After a while when dp n shekhar enterd in mm the were hell shockef to see condition of mm
Dp:sujata ,ap koi tufaan aya tha kya
Sujata:na bhai sa world war hui thi…
Shekhar: matlb?
Ap explain everything ..all bursts in laughter
Dp: now m sure they can make a perfect couple…
**mean while swasan**
Swara trow pillo on him n he got hurt as aome keys were hooked in that pillow sanky’s hand strtd bleeding swara ran towards him n first aid his hand n hold her ears n say”m sry i dont want to hurt u….u got hurt cz of me..m sry(tears strd falling off)
Sanky: shh swara y r u cryng u hvnt done that intebtionally itz ok…i cant see u cry…so wipe these tears…
They were madly in love swara hsnt realised this but sanskar has realiaedhis luv for swara but he dont confess that…it was aparty in which they announces swasan’s engagemnt…

Sanky being handsome n charming was surronded by girls who were congratulating them…swara was becoming red in anger…
.Then a gir kissed sanky n both were hell shocked swara goes out n sanky behind her
“Swara stop”
Swara- no no got n kis that chipkali..y will u come to me althgh we r getting married but u luv that chipkali na so go n marry her…**sanky tries to say bt all goes in vain** now u will say that u wont kiss her na bt did u oppose ..ummm NO n y would u oppse u were loving hes kiss na
Sanky lost his temper n hold swRa’s hand n pull her towards him n kiss her on lips….
Swara was numb ….she couldn’t react at all….she cant even look at sanky…sanky kneel down in front of her n says i luv u wjll u marry me… swara blushes n says no…i will marriage is already fixed m m gettng enganged with him nxt week…
Sanky- oh then u r getting married…so what m also getting married..but my to be wife is such a bore yr…bt u seem to be quite intredtng
(Winks nauty n hold her by waist)
Swara-humm vese my to be hubby is an idiot(n laughts)
He dont even kno how to romance
Sanky- (hold her more tightly )achha so u want me to romance haan..
Swara- i dont want u to romance with me i want my hubby…(blushes)
Sanskar was leaning towards her bt intetpted by a voice….”ahem ahem if u guyz are done with ur on road romance can we go home…rest u can done after engagemng”
SwaSan blushes..
Sanky: kya maa
Night before marriage
Swara was in her room thinking about sanky then somne entres her room n she was shocked…sanskar tum !!! Yaha kaise?? Kab??? Kyu?? Kisi ne dekh lia to??Ni ni tum jao!!!
Sanskar: kya princess m pipe se chad k aya n tum ese baat kr ri ho..
Swara widens her eyesn shouts ” tum pipe se char k q aye”
Shomi heRd her n asked beta kon pipe se chada n kaha aya
Swara fumbles ma vo chooha..tha kuch ni
Sanky was smiling at her reply ” tum kya has re ho jao yaha se”
Sanakar- u r so un romantic princess
Swara- u just wait till marriage after that dekhte h kn kitta romantic h(winks)
Sanky- oh hooo so u hv a flip side too
Swara- ya i do hv many sides bt u hv to wait to see them (winks) achha now go frm here
He tries to open the door bt it wasnt opening….” o shooot itz nt openg”
Swara -“what now kaha tha mat ao bt ab …kya krnge kisi ne dekh lia to…oh god help me
Sank- can u pl shut ur mouth for a while so that i can think of smthng….yeah got an idea
Swara- what
Sanky- i will go frm door
Swara- oh wow auch a nice idea n no one will ask u how u get in at this point of tym ryt !!!
Sanky- that we will se
Swara- oh hello tht u will see m nt in this if anyone catches u
Sanky- good shadi se phle he esa kr ri ho ( intreped by swara ) shadi k baad tumhe pipe se char k ana ni pdega to esa kuch hoga he ni…
While going out he bumps into dp n shekhar n was shocked “aap log is tym yaha”
“yeah beta we were discsng abt ur marriage bt tum kb aye n most importantly kaha se aye humne to dekha ni ate hue”
Sanky- vo bde paapa m to har baar ki trh pipe se (bites hia tounge n thinks shit yr swara ka asar merpe b ho gya zuban pe kabu ni h)

Swara was laughing seeing all this n dp n shekhar too…
Next dag thry got married n swara bose gadodia has become swara sanskar maheshwari forevrr…..
《You never kno what life has for you…they met at random place…they fell in love by chance…they stayed together by will…life is beautiful…n always rember.THE BEST IS YET TO COME u never kno at what point life reveal happiness to you》

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