Love by chance ~ one shot

Hey guys back again …
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A collage is shown where a group of girls nd boys r standing nd are talking nd laughing with eo nd they r yuhi nd chibhay…. When a hot nd dashing boy joins them who is non another than kunj….. They hifi with eo nd talk when suddenly a tom boyish type girl pass by them who is non another than twinkle…. When yuvi said to kunj …. Y!:u always woo a girl so easily I challenge u to woo twinkle within a week…. When mahi nd chibhay also says yes kunj do this then we will see ur charm….. Kunj said I will do but u can see she I’d not my types but still challenge is a challenge nd kunj warna never back away from a challange….

Next day…. Day 1
Kunj comes to collage nd started finding twinkle when he spotted her at the basketball court… He went near her nd took the ball from her hand nd said challenge u to score a basket against me…. Twinkle accepted the challenge as she was captain of the collage girls bb team nd kunj was unaware of this fact… They started playing nd twinkle within 3 minutes scored a basket nd won nd kunj was like what the hell….. Twinkle left from there smirking… Leaving a baffled kunj behind…..

Day 2…
Kunj was standing at gate waiting for twinkle as soon as she came he went to her nd said I m really impressed by the way u play nd would like to be ur friend will u be my friend twinkle was going to say no when her bf priya said he is a gud guy atleast give him a chance nd twinkle accepted his friendship…… They started talking with eo…. Sitting, studying nd playing with eo…. Like this the day went by….

Day 3..
Twinj came collage at the same time nd smiled seeing eo nd went in there class nd sat together… Everyone was shocked ad how twinkle is o friendly with a boy that too kunj… After class they went for coffee where the told eo about themselves nd exchange numbers…

Same day night ….
Twinkle received a message from kunj nd they talked with eo nd slept with a smile on there face…

Day 4 was a off from collage so they meet outside…. In a park…
Where they enjoyed talking roming eating street food…. They csme really close in these day nd had started liking eo…. Firstly it was all game for kunj but now he really enjoyed her company nd moreover enjoyed himself with her beside him….

Day 5…
They came collage together on kunj bike
.. Everyone was shocked to see twinkle with kunj nd that too so close they also noticed there changed behavior as now kunj avoided every girl nd stopped flirting nd twinkle she became friendly with other boys too…. After collage kunj dropped twinkle at her home when she asked him to come inside…. He went with her nd they met twinkles mom nd twinkle showed him her house nd took him to her room where he saw a album he took that nd looked through the pic when he found a pic in which twinkle was with a boy who was back hugging her… He asked her abt him nd she said he is rohan who once was her bf who ditched her for some other girl nd this is only the reason she became a feminist….
They talked for a while nd later kunj went….

Day 6…
Nxt day kunj was with his friend nd they were saying wow bro u easily became friend of twinkle which was impossible nd fooled her… She think that u really r her friend but the thing is that its just a challenge which will get over tommorow nd u will leave her…. Twinkle who just came heard this nd ran away while kunj said yes. It was but know I think I really love her her simplicity her innocence makes me crazy for her nd now I will propose her… When priya came nd slapped kunj nd said u cheap u jerk u fooled my friend just for a dare… Kunj was not understanding any thing when priya said twinkle heard ur conversation nd she is crying …. U knp her past na but still u hurted her played with her feeling nd went away… Kunj was not able to register anything hevran to twinkle nd said….

Twinkle but she jerked him away nd said u cheap just stay away from me nd font show me ur face … I just hate u… Just leave when kunj held her hand but she jerked him he pinned her to the wall nd said twinkle listen to me once I know I did wrong with u nd only for a challenge but in these fays in ur company I forgot abt the challenge I just enjoyed my life with u completely for the first time … I know it was just a dare but I really started liking u or moreover loving u… Yes twinklr I love u nd plz givevme a chance to prove this…. He left twinkle nd said tomorrow I will be waiting for u in the collage feast plz nd he left…. Twinkle cried for some time nd than wiped her tears nd left for her home….

Next day….. Day 7..

All day kunj was waiting for twinkle but she didn’t turned upp… He was very sad nd disappointed nd was guilty too for hurting her…..

The fist was started when twinkle came… Kunj saw her nd moved to stage nd took the mike nd said… I was knowing that u will come I also know that I did wrong with u nd I don’t deserve ur forgiveness moreover don’t deserve u but still I m srry nd I love u plz forgive me nd give me a chance ttwi… No I won’t take ur name bcoz I know I don’t deserve u … But if u walk toward me I will think u forgave me nd u too love me
… Twinkle was not knoing wat to do …. Her heart was saying go for it… But her mind was stopping her when priya came nd said twinkle he is really guilty… Plz forgive him nd give him a chance…. Twinkle nodded nd moved toward kunj… He was extremely happy nd he too walked towards her nd as soon as they came close he said I m srry nd I LOVE U nd twinkle replied Love U Too nd they hugged eo nd kunj kissed twinkles forhead nd everyone hotter for them…. …. Nd they smiled nd joined there forhead………

The End….


Hope u will like this….
Nd this is the longest update I have ever written….
Plz drop ur veiws whether positive or negative…

Love u all……

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  1. just awsm loved it…

    1. Presha

      Thank u jaan

  2. Sameera

    Wow yaar preshu amazing yaar awesome loved it soooo much twinj friendship kunj actually falling for twinkle was the best part and ya enjoyed ur longest update ????????
    Love u ….

    1. Presha

      Thank u sam I m really glad that u liked it

  3. Paavu

    lovely yrrr really lovely

    1. Presha

      Thank u ishu

  4. Sohi

    It was good os dear
    Keep writing

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  6. Mia12

    Awww my preshu my swtiiipaiii,,☺☺
    I just loved this episode soooooo much yarr,,????? Everything was just AWESOME,,??? And omgg mai bhi shocked hogayi ki aj tune itna longest episode likha yarr,,???? or tune to muje bhi add kardia teri ts par yarr i didn’t notice this earlier,,?? or yeh kya kia tune meri hatho kunj ko thappar marwa dia,,?? so sad bechara kunj,,?? but usse bhi jyada sad ki tune end kardia,,?? ab plzzz jaldhi new plot ke sath wapas ana OK..??
    With lots of love..❤❤

    1. Presha

      Ha yaar kr diya add tujhe bhi kya karu well thank u for ur comment jo nahi bolna chahiye phir bhi pr agar longest update nahi kiya hota toh yeh fs ya ss hota… Just kidding

  7. Presha ur longest episode uptill now…..
    :D:D:D:D:)):)) awesome….
    loved it….

    1. Presha

      Thank u dear

  8. Simiyy

    Hey Presha
    I really loved it
    Post something soon
    Loads of love

    1. Presha

      thank u so much

  9. Marvellous I loved it

  10. Fatimaa.

    Heyy presha…
    It was amazing dear…
    Loved it to d core….
    Keep writing…
    Love uh

    1. Presha

      thank u dear..nd love u too

  11. Baby

    Hey preshu….. 🙂
    Yr srsly amazing fabulous jst marvellous n cute love stry……
    It was frm yeh hai aashiqui right… u changed it…..u made it more beautiful. …..loved it sooo mch….☆★♡♥☆★♡♥
    Love u…..♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥

    1. Presha

      thank u baby so much nd yes its from yeh hai aashiqu with some changes

  12. Ramya

    Awesome amazing preshu
    I enjoyed it
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Presha

      thank u ramya

  13. SidMin

    Awesome …. Just Loved it 🙂
    I really liked the last part where Kunj ask for forgiveness … it was awesome …
    Love you 🙂 Keep writing 🙂

    1. Presha

      thank u milli so much

  14. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Outstanding marvellous. Amazing superb yrr…

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