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@ Coimbatore junction, 09:15pm

“Haan baba just now I reached the station” said a girl talking on phone outside the train door. She was struggling to manage her phone and the luggage’s.Her phone was about to fall from her shoulder but someone held it on time and placed it near her ear and she looked at the person who was standing behind her, she whispered a quick thanks to him.”Ragini” said from other side and she moved her eyes from him and spoke “Haan BB, I will call you once I reached chennai.And one more thing don’t sleep tonight as you have to pick me,early morning” said she and took the phone back from him and disconnected it.She was trying hard to pull her bags but couldn’t.”Any help..?” the same person asked her as he saw her struggling.”It’s okay, I can manage” she denied and moved a bit forward with much difficulty.”That I can see” he said mockingly and carried her bags with his and moved inside.”Idiot BB, this is all bcoz of you only.who asked you to leave your luggage’s here.Did you even thought about me, how could I carry this much weight?mental BB” she cursed the phone call person under her breath and moved inside to the compartment.”Thank you” she said after placing her luggage’s when that person sat opposite to her.”Hey,we are going to travel together for 7hrs.Well I’m ragini, Mrs.Ragini said she forwarding her hand, “Hi I’m Sanjay” he shake his hand with her.

@ Chennai,
A girl was sitting in her room on the bed dragging her knees to her chest.She was resting her head on the headboard and was sleeping with a sweet smile.Her sleep got disturbed by her phone ringtone.When she found the name flashing on the screen, a deep smile appeared on her lips.”Jay…jay did you reached safely?” asked she as soon as she attended the call. “Jay..” she looks at the phone and rushes to the balcony.”jay can you hear me?? again she asked but call gets disconnected.She looks at the phone and gritted her teeth.She walk’s back to the room and pushed herself on the bed.She keeps on trying to call him,but it was not reachable.”Shona” someone called her and sat beside her on the bed.”see na sailu aunty, this Sanjay was not at all answering my call,I hate him” she pout’s and placed her head on her lap.”May be there were some network problem so he couldn’t answer ur calls,for that you hating him, haa?? asked she while caressing her hair.”How can I hate him, sailu aunty? He’s my everything,I love him to the core.In fact I’m missing him badly ryt now” she closed her eye’s in his thoughts.Sailaja aka sailu smiles at her childish antics and kissed on her hair.
“Sanskar, did Sahu slept?” sujatha asked as entering his room and looked at him who was making his 8month’s old baby to sleep.”maa how come your DIL (daughter-in-law) managing her for a whole day,I can’t handle her for an hour also” he pouted patting Sahu’s head and her back walking around the room holding her in his arms.”That’s why we are called as mother’s” said she pulling his cheek.”Whatever, but she is too much as stubborn as ragini, perfect…like mother like daughter” he huffed and kissed Sahu’s forehead before placing her on the cradle.”sanskar” sujatha glared him.”Then what maa,I told her not to travel at this late night did she pay any heed’s to my words?” he annoyed as standing near the window with crossed arms.Sujatha placed her hand on his shoulder and turns him,her eyes frowned when his eye’s turned moist.”what happened sanskar? Are you alright?”she asked as his eyes welled up with tears.”No maa I feel so restless here as if my ragini is in some trouble,I…

I tried to ignore that feeling maa, but my heart is not in rest” he said as his voice cracked.”What make’s you feel like that,Sanskar? Why are you panicking so much? she was tensed and make him sit on bed and she too sat beside him.”Don’t know maa I feel like something bad is going to happen” sanskar rested his head on her lap.She looked at him painfully.”maa, what if som..?” he was interrupted by her.”Shhh…nothing wrong will happen to her and stop thinking like this again” sujatha assured him wiping his tears.”God,I don’t knw what makes me to feel strange like this.It feels like I’m gonna loss my ragu forever.No no…nothing should happen to my ragini.But I’m having a bitter feeling that something bad gonna happen to my love.Please god,please protect her.She is my soulmate and I couldn’t bear anything against her.I’m scared of loosing her” sanskar prayed in his heart and shut his eyes more tight.

“I feel bore” ragini snatched the book from Sanjay who jerked due to her sudden act and looked at her with frowned eye’s.”How long will you go through this magazine?” said she placing the book aside,”Talk to me..or sing” she shrugged her shoulder and chuckled.”Where are you from?” asked he blankly.”Why? Are you contesting in any election? she mocked at him,”l want you to say something funny,but you are asking my bio data?” she makes boring face.”Are you going to Chennai only?” he asked with a slight smile.”No I’m planning to jump down midway.No use of talking to you.I don’t think you will give a good company to me” she annoyed and sat beside him and said “Give me your cell phone” Sanjay passes his phone to her,”I’ll read your future” said she while swiping the screen.”Hey, who is she? She looks beautiful.Is she your girlfriend? she gets excited when she was a girl pic in his mobile wallpaper.”Nope, she is my wife swara, my love” he said dreamily.”Oyee, are you married?” her eye’s widened as he just nodes his head.”I thought that you were single, b/w you look handsome even after marriage also” she praised him.”Hello, trying to flirt with me?” he asked in a teasing way.”Why should I? I’m already committed.Infact I’ve most handsome hubby” she said proudly as her lips curled in a bright smile.

@ Salem(one of the city in TN)
“Gosh I’m late, he must be waiting there” said a girl tensed who was driving the car and looked at the person sitting beside her with headphones in his ear and enjoying the song humming to the music.They were travelling in an isolated area, where no one is present as it was late night.Suddenly she stopped the car making a creepy noise. She closed her eyes scared and was panting heavily.She opened her eye’s slowly and turned to that boy who was unaffected by this sudden jerk.”laksh” the girl whispered as shaking him.Laksh opened his eyes removing the headphone and narrowed his eye brows at her.She just pointed the direction through her forefinger, still panting.He followed the direction where she pointed and was shocked to see the girl lying on the road in a pool of blood.”OMG, What have you done, bhabi?” he gulped still looking at the girl in front of their car.”Idiot, main kuchh bhee nahin karta.Believe me laksh, I’m not responsible for her condition.

Actually she was lying unconsciously there, previously.so only I applied the break suddenly” she was scared and was shivering.”Bhabi relax,I’ll go and check, you be here only, haan?” said he while she nodded her head sacred.He opened the car door and reached there for her rescue.He saw some guys running away but he discarded it because as for now he was worried about the girl only.She was there landing on her face,senseless.Her head was injured heavily and bleeding.Her sleeve’s were torn.His hands turned her around grabbing by her shoulder.He closes his eye’s swiftly and adjusted her saree properly on her chest and then he opens his eye’s.He touched her one hand hesitantly and holds with his.she felt a feathery touch tracing over her palms.She felt herself pulling up suddenly and a familiar presence got her senses.she opened her drooled eye’s and her lips turns up into genuine smile.

Even her eyes were twinkling in the moonlight as well! Her eye’s were conveying many unsaid emotions where he was just lost in those eye’s, he couldn’t understand anything.She tightened her grip on his hold not to leave him with a smile in her face still.Numbness washed over his senses, he was confused and shocked by her sudden act.”Riya” he heard a familiar voice and found his bhabi approaching towards them.”riya…riya” shouted pari placing that girl’s head in her lap and patting her cheeks.”riya” whispered laksh confusingly.”ri..riya, what happened to you, baby? Why are you here?see ur pari di was with u only, speak something riya, please” pari cried vigorously.”laksh..” laksh who was in coma stage until now, came back to the present due to his bhabhi’s screaming voice.”laksh do something na, I want my riya back,save her raa please.We need to take her to the hospital” she cried more holding his shirt placing her head on his shoulder.He looked at her worriedly and turns back to that girl who was still holding his hand tightly with a same smile on her lips.

She looked at him for a last as she had only a minute left for her life and fell unconscious.He took a deep breath and lifted her in his arms, her head rested on his chest where his heart was thumping unknowingly.He looked at her, tears were flowing from his eyes without his knowledge and ran as fast as he could and they rushed to the hospital.Riya was holding his hand all the way.

Laksh took her inside the hospital and placed on stretcher.He released his hand from her grip with much difficulty.The doctors and nurse rushed and took her inside an OT.Pari collapsed on the floor in front of OT like a lifeless body.Laksh tried to console her.

“We need to perform an operation. Sign this consent form” said Dr. handing the papers to them.Laksh looked at the doctor blankly.”How are you related to the patient?” doctor asked again,laksh was about to say something but was interrupted by pari.”She’s my sister.My sister! My sister…” Pari behaved madly and signed the consent form while laksh looked at her shocked and doctor left from there.Pari’s phone ringed.She wiped her tears and composed herself to pick the call.“Hello Pari..”someone spoke from other side.”Adhi” said she as sobbing silently.”Where were you guys? I’m waiting here for past half an hour.Why are you not picking my calls? What the hell are you doing?” asked Aditya frustrated.”wo…Adhi ri..riya…” she fumbled and couldn’t control herself,she started crying bitterly.”Riya..”

Adhi murmured confusingly.Laksh grabs the phone from her and spoke, “Adhi bhai you just come to the city hospital as soon as possible.And please don’t ask anything now,I’ll explain everything once you reach here”.”But laksh, what was she speaking and about riya..” Adhi stopped when he noticed the call got disconnected.”Bhabi..”said laksh placing his hand on her shoulder.She was sobbing silently covering her mouth with her palms.”Are you hurt now?”asked he concerned and she looked at him blankly.”Are you feeling the same pain when you lose…” he was cut by pari,when she placed her hands on his mouth and shook her head negatively and burst out crying.”shhh…don’t cry bhabi,wipe your tears.Please” said laksh and consoled her.

“You’re patients sister?” asked doctor when he came out of the OT.”Yes Dr.How is she now? no problem with her health right?” asked she tensed and pleads him to say something.”relax mam and don’t worry she is out of danger.But..” said doctor.”But what?” asked laksh worried.”Her body and mind are in state of shock.she may take time to recover.Her brain is affected from the injury.It’s too soon to tell how badly it will impact her.Anyways, let’s hope for the best” doctor assured them and left from there.

“Still how long will you be like this, Ani? have something” said sanskar standing with a food plate.”I’m not hungry” said ani without looking at him.”Stop being stubborn like my wife, Ani” he sat beside her and got death glare from her as a return.”What?..Did I said anything wrong(she turned other side).Then why are you giving me this look,like I did a crime”.”dare you say again anything like this about my ragu” she threaten him showing her index finger,still not looking at him.”That’s not fair, Ani.You too taking her side like she was ryt.You very well knw about the situation ryt now,that was really dangerous for her,then how could you support her” he turned her towards him making her look at him.”It’s you Anna(bhai)…only you made the situation worsened” she blamed him tapping her index finger on his chest”.”

What?..what I did,that you are blaming me”.”Who asked you to leave her alone in the middle on her friend’s marriage” asked she.”Like if you don’t knw the reason for that” he shot back at her.”Is that your duty is more important than your wife” she said sarcastically, somewhat rudely with crossed arms and “I’m telling you now itself Anna(bhai) if something wrong happens to her and I won’t spare you”.”Fine” sanskar held his hands up giving up.”I’m sorry maatha,it’s all my fault only.I surrender” he folded his hand in vanakam(namaste).”Now will you please eat little.Not for you at least for your baby” he pleased her.”I already said na,I don’t need anything” she looked away.”Don’t you think you’re behaving too munch, Ani” he annoyed at her.”Yes I do,coz the person who was in hospital was my husband only,I can’t sit here simply.Why should I waste my time in talking this with you,who doesn’t understand his sister’s feelings.And haan why you care about that?” she yelled at him as her eye’s turned moist.”Stop it, Ani” he yelled back getting out of the sofa.”First of all he’s my friend, then only your husband.

I do care about him MORE THAN YOU.And for your kind information, that idiot got promise from me that I shouldn’t make you to meet him now, for sake of your current condition” he ruffles his hair frustrated.His gaze shifted to her small baby bump and then he noticed her welled up eye’s, he calmed himself and spoke softly, “Won’t you trust your brother?” asked he wiping her tears.Ani hugged him sobbing and said “I’m sorry na(bhai),I should not yelled at you,I’m so worried about him.One side ragu, on the other side my Ajay was in hospital, what else I could do other than this?”He caressed her hair.”Don’t worry, he was fine now moreover papa was with him,he’ll take care of him and I promise, I’ll make you to meet him tomorrow for sure” he said rubbing her shoulder.Sanskar’s phone ringed.He dragged her out of the hug and singed her to eat and turns to leave, but she held his wrist.”Did you ate?” He simply smiles at her and excused himself to pick the call.”Ne thirundhave mata na(you will not change, bhai)” she shook her head in disbelief as walking towards dining table.”When does he had food without his ragini presence”

she hears sujatha’s voice who descending the stairs.”He won’t eat or sleep until he see’s her” said sujatha and sat beside Ani.”Apdina iniku shivratri dhan Anna ku(Means, today shivratri only, for bhai)” Ani chuckled and switches on the TV while munching the salad.”Awww…not only for him for us also” sujatha pulled her cheeks while ani pout’s at her.”Hello sanskar..” a voice came from other side.”Raj, what happened? You called me at this time.Is there any problem? asked he tensed as he sensed Raj’s sobs.”wo…sanskar,…ragini…”raj confessed something which was muted.Sanskar’s body was frozen and numb.His heart skipped a beat as lone tear rolled down his cheek.”Finished” Ani shows an empty plate to him like a kid.He wipes his tears and smiles weakly at her and moved far from her,where Ani stood there confused.”wo..raj I..I don’t get you properly, what you said before and about rag…ragini…?”

he fumbled as his heart was beating rapidly and started sinking.He prayed billion times in his heart that whatever he hears before shouldn’t be true. “wo..ragini…” Raj spoke.The mobile slipped from sanskar hand and he fell on the ground with a thud like a soulless body.Raj words were echoing in his ear, his eye’s drooled to close and he fainted.”Anna(bhai)…” Ani rushed towards him panicking.”Raginiiii…” screamed sujatha and collapsed on the floor infront of TV.”maa..” a whisper escaped her mouth and her gaze shifted to the TV.”A series of seven bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes ripped through Coimbatore to Chennai railway network at peak hour, leaving 204 dead and several injured” said the reporter and ragin’s photo appeared on the screen along with the death list.
(Note: The above whole scenario had happened on one single night)

Next day,
“Swara” said sailu aunty sitting beside her whose face was looking pale.Her eye’s are swollen and her face doesn’t portrayed any emotions.She smiled at her weakly and wiped her tears.”Promise, I’ll always be with you” Sanjay’s words flashed in her mind and she closed her eyes.”You promised me that you’ll be with me always and you will not leave me and go.Then why you left me alone, Sanjay.Why?” she was crying looking at sanjay’s portrait which was hanging on the wall with garlands.”Shona” said sailu aunty holding her hands.”Why did he left me alone, sailu aunty?” asked swara leaned to her lap and burst out crying.”I know shona what you’re going through and you can’t come out of it right now.But you have to try at least, it just takes time.You must stay strong for your future” said sailu aunty caressing her hair.”I don’t knw sailu aunty what sin I made in my previous birth,that I’m paying for in this birth” said swara sarcastically staring at the ceiling.”Shona..”

“Why does this always happens to me, sailu aunty? why my loved ones are always going far from me? Am I that much bad who don’t deserves happiness in my life” she was broken and crying vigorously.”No shona you’re such a pure gem,it’s all their fate.We cannot change the fate na” sailu tried to console her.”No sailu aunty, it’s all my fate, that I only deserves loneliness in my whole life.I’m such an inauspicious girl in the world.First I gulped my ‘ma’ on the day of my birth itself.Then papa, bcoz of my carelessness i lost him in an accident.And now Sanjay.I lost him forever.This is also bcoz of me only.If I don’t asked him to go there means, now he would be with me na.I’m the reason for all.It’s all bcoz of me,only me…” she was shouting and screaming like a mad person and slapping herself and blaming herself for all.”Swara…swara stop your madness…” sailaja held swara’s both hands and sensed that she was falling weak.Swara looked at her and burst out into a bitter cry.

sailaja couldn’t tolerate it anymore.she held swara’s head and dragged her to the hug.Swara cried more.”Shh…stop blaming yourself for everything shona” said sailu as she dragged her out of the hug.She wiped her tears and said “Fate doesn’t ask what you want, Swara.It knows what’s the best for you even if you don’t” said she looking at her eye’s and keeps her head on her lap.”At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life, Shona” sailu consoled her caressing her hair,starring at the floor.Swara tightened her grip on sailu’s lap and closed her eyes tightly letting her tears fall.

@ Hospital
“Is my sister okay, Dr.?” asked pari entering into doctor’s cabin along with laksh and Aditya.”Don’t worry.Sit back” doctor gestures them to take seat.”Tell me,Dr.” pari pleaded to him.”Not to worry. She will live a normal life,but she completely lost her memory.She doesn’t remembered her past.she doesn’t remembered her mother, father or even herself” said doctor shocking laksh and Aditya.But pari smiles in between her tears.”Her past is what you choose to tell her now.And what to tell her is your choice” said doctor as getting up from his chair.”Doctor,the patient is panicking” said the nurse and they all rushed towards riya.”Be calm.We are here for you, don’t be scared” said the doctors who were trying their best to regains her lost memory, surrounding to her.

“No I want to go.I’m scared” said she horrified.”Calm down.Just try to remember” said the doctor but was no use of it.”I can’t remember anything.Why did you bring me here?” asked she crying bitterly and her gaze shifted to laksh who was standing beside her.laksh holding her in his arm’s last night, flashed in her mind.”I’ve seen him before.I recognize him.Who are you, sir? Tell me? Who are you to me? asked she faintly placing her palms on his.Her hand was about to slip from his, but someone hold’s it on time.”main tumhare badee behan hoon, riya” said pari caressing her hair.”Di..” riya whispered as looking at pari and relieved with a painful smile.

fyoo….finally I finished my 1st chapter successfully.It’s really long chappy na.But trust me guys I’ll not bore you all with long chapters like this.oops* I forget to introduce myself. Hi this is Nithya aka nithu from tamilnadu.I’m not new here as a silent reader,but *sorry* I never commented.Actually i don’t knw Hindi that much,so if there any mistake in my Hindi please forgive me.(*secret* This is not my own story.It was inspired from the Tamil movie “Rhythm”,one of my fav).The story of this movie was screwing my mind from long time so I wish to share this with you all.This ff was somewhat different from the original concept.Hope you all will like this.

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