Hi guys..This is Saanvi..I am new to this ff world..I like Swaragini serial and all the main lead – Namish,Varun,Helly and Tejaswi. Their acting is too good..So I would write a ff based on them.
I’ll pair my favourite pairs in this fanfiction.
Note: No negative shade in lead actors or actresses.

People say follow your heart and you will make the right decision. But our male protagonist doesn’t believe in such sayings.
Let’s see if he’ll stick to his belief or destiny would change his perception.
Coming to the story here is a little introduction about the characters:
Laksh Maheshwari – Handsome and dynamic businessman of age 25 years. As I said he is a person who always believes in taking decisions by logical thinking and never let heart empower brain.
Swara Gadodia – Young and bubbly girl of age 23 years. She believes in destiny and never takes life seriously. She is presently working in a company as software Engineer.
Sanskar Maheshwari – Brother of Laksh and is quite opposite to him in nature of age 24 years. Fun loving and enjoys life to the core.
Ragini Gadodia – Reserved and a simple girl who believes in fairy tale love stories and prince charming kind of things. She is of age 21 years and is presently doing her graduation.
Shekar Gadodia – Father of Ragini and Swara.
Janki Gadodia – Mother of Ragini.
Sharmista – Mother of Swara.
Durga Prasad and Annapurna Maheshwari – Parents of Laksh and Sanskar.
No characters like RP,Sujatha,Uttara,Dada and Dadi.

Prologue of my story:
Laksh, Ragini and Sanskar are childhood friends. DP and Shekar are friends as well as neighbours.
This friendship is broken when DP gets a great opportunity in his career and shifts to London along with his family.
Shekar resides in India along with his family.
You guys must be wondering where is Swara…Well you must follow my ff to know how Swara entered their lives and how friendship between the trio(laksh,ragini and sanskar) takes twists and turns. Even love stories are to be unfolded soon.
Guys guess who would be the pairs in my ff and please drop your comments. It will encourage me to write well 
Credits : Pavani

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Story seems nice…keep it up…upload next one soon!

    1. Saanvi

      Thank a lot 🙂

  2. Wowwwwww……seeems to b interestng…i thnk u”ll pair swalak n ragsan….bt i lyk both raglak n ragsan so wt ever u decide ,i”ll read ur ff for sure…n all d bst dear… 🙂

    1. Saanvi

      Thank u so much..I’ll try to live up to your expectations 🙂

  3. SPP

    Awesome Superb prologue
    Ragsan and Swalak
    Waiting for the first one………….

    1. Saanvi

      Thank u 🙂 and yes your guess is absolutely right 😉

  4. Nice plot, excited to read
    And even my name is Saanvi
    May i know what grade you are in?

    1. Saanvi

      Thank u..and same pinch for the name 😉

  5. Divyanshri

    interesting…. will read ur ff… post soon…. ???

    1. Saanvi

      Thank u so much Divya 🙂 will post soon 😀

  6. Ragsan

    1. Saanvi

      Your answer is correct 😀

  7. Mugdha

    Swalak and ragsan

    1. Saanvi

      You are right..they are my favourite pairs 🙂

  8. Janviiivyas

    My little sis name is also saanvi…
    Nyc start

    1. Saanvi

      Thank u 🙂

  9. I think it’s sangini and Swalak but I wish it’s raglak and swasan

    1. Saanvi

      Your guess is right and iam sry I can’t make your wish true this time but will surely try to pair them in my next ff 🙂

  10. nice.. i think it’s swalak and ragsan

    1. Saanvi

      thanks 🙂 Yes it is swalak and ragsan 😀

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you 🙂

  11. Swasan raglak

  12. Nice…but plz make pair as swasan and raglak

    1. Saanvi

      sorry dear i can’t make it in this ff..but surely next ff will be on swasan and raglak 🙂
      Please don’t forget to follow this ff 😉

  13. Swasan nd raglak

    1. Saanvi is swalak and ragsan!!

  14. Swalak and ragsan plz

    1. Saanvi

      yes..your wish will come true in this ff:)

  15. raglak plzz as a pair next part soon

    1. Saanvi

      nikky not in the next part but definitely in next ff…sorry 🙂

  16. swasan and raglak
    swasan and raglak
    swasan and raglak. …..

    1. Saanvi

      it is swalak and ragsan!!

  17. nice start ..

    1. Saanvi

      Thank u 🙂

  18. Please pair swasan and raglak

    1. Saanvi

      sorry for this time..but definitely in next ff 🙂

  19. Megha123

    Swasan raglak plzzzzzz

    1. Saanvi

      sorry is swalak and ragsan

  20. i want swasan and raglak pair.. as all ff nw showing ragsan.. iam nt liking it… but seeing ur ff it looks like swalak,ragsan .. but i want swasan and raglak. as pair….

    1. Saanvi

      anu i can understand your feelings..but my ff is on swalak and ragsan..if i change the pairs i have to make changes in my story..but i assure u i will write a one shot on raglak for u..
      excuse me for this time and please follow this ff 🙂

    2. Saanvi

      I have written a OS pairing Raglak on your read it 🙂

  21. aweome hope iits swalak

    1. Saanvi is about swalak 🙂

  22. IshaJain3006

    a beautiful start saanvi i m damn excited 😉
    keep going….

    1. Saanvi

      thanks a lot isha..your comment is so valuable to me 😀

  23. Nice..waiting for d first epi

    1. Saanvi

      thank u 🙂 i have uploaded the first part..check out for it in the evening and drop your comments- whether it is interesting or boring!!

  24. Vyshu10


    1. Saanvi

      Thank u 🙂

  25. Deeksha


    1. Saanvi

      Thank u deeksha 🙂

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