Hello everyone…Here is the episode 37…

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Coming to the story:
Scene 1:
Swara bites her nails being tensed.
Laksh enters and notices Swara..
Laksh- What happened?
Swara- Nothing..
She tries to leave the place.
Laksh holds Swara’s hand. They share a lovely eyelock.
Laksh pulls her towards him..Swara falls on Laksh’s chest and her heartbeat starts rising..
Laksh- Jo kaam adhura choda hai..Usse pura karre? ( shall we complete the work which was left incomplete- indicating to their morning romance)
Swara gets tensed and that is very much evident through her face.
Laksh leans towards Swara’s face..Just then they hear a knock on the door.
Swara runs and opens the door..
AP- Swara your mom dad came to meet you’ll (SwaRagini)
Swara gets very happy.. She runs from there in excitement leaving Laksh and AP surprised.

Scene 2:
Swara- Mom..How are you?
Janki- I’m fine..How are you? (tears start to form in her eyes seeing her daughters after a gap)
Ragini sees this and calls out..
Ragini- Dad you became so thin..It seems like no one is taking proper care of you.
Janki- Yes..In two days your dad lost 10kgs of weight. (fake anger)
Ragini- So sad..
Janki comes and twists Ragini’s ears and all burst out into smiles.
Swara- I’ll bring something to eat..
Laksh follows her to kitchen unnoticed by anyone.

Scene 3:
Laksh hugs Swara from back..
She trembles in fear..
Laksh- What happened to you? You are getting frightened as if I’m a monster and I will eat you..
Swara- Laksh wo..
Laksh- Yes..Tell me!
Swara- I love you Laksh but I…
Laksh- But you don’t want this relation to progress..
Swara- Aisa nahi hai..( It’s not like that)
Swara is on the verge of crying..but holds back her tears and turns away.
Laksh holds Swara by her shoulder and makes her look into his eyes and says- See Swara I’m not among those sadistic husbands who just want pleasure irrespective of their wives opinion.. For me s*x is love making where we can express our love.. If I wanted to force my decision on you then I would have done that last night only..
Swara- I know you Laksh..You are the best.. (smiles and hugs him)
Laksh kisses on her forehead and says- Then why can’t you speak to me openly about this..After all we are husband and wife and this is common between any couple.
Swara- I got afraid that I would disappoint you…
Laksh laughs and says- Hitler office mey hu..Ghar par nahi.. (I’m strict at office..not in home)
Swara also smiles and they again share a lovely hug.
Laksh- I’m so nice right?
Swara- Yes.. (smiles)
Laksh- So I deserve a reward na..
Swara understands about what Laksh was asking and gives a kiss on his cheek..
Laksh- Chalo..Issi se kaam chala letha hu ( I’ll adjust with this one)
Swara- Whole life is there..Daily I’ll reward you..
Laksh- Really? ( in a excited tone)
Swara nods her head in a ‘Yes’ and leaves the place followed by Laksh…
{ For all those who asked me why SwaLak didn’t consummate on their wedding night this is the answer for that—Not every couple are same..I tried to portray some good side of certain men and insecurities of women..Not every individual is open right!! Communication and developing a relation over time is important}

Scene 4:
Janki- We want to take SwaRagini with us..
AP- But Pag-Phera ritual is tomorrow right..They will come in the morning.
Janki- We know that but came here to tell that instead of tomorrow morning we want them to be home today.
Tomorrow in that busy schedule we may not spend time with our daughters..So..
AP- I understand..
She looks towards SwaRagini and tells- Pack your bags and come down.. (with a broad smile)
Swara looks towards Laksh and smiles while Ragini notices Sanskar’s frowned face.

Scene 5:
At RagSan room:
Ragini is packing some necessary things in a bag.
Sanskar- Are you going?
Ragini- Obviously..
Sanskar- What about me?
Ragini- You’ll stay here..This ritual is only for woman. (talks while she is packing and doesn’t look at Sanskar)
Sanskar sits on the bed with a sad expression..
Ragini comes towards him and asks what happened..
Sanskar wraps his hands over Ragini’s waist and hugs her (in such a way that Ragini is standing but Sanskar is sitting)
Ragini- Baby..It’s just for a day..
Sanskar- I’ll miss you..
Ragini- So sweet of you..
Sanskar- Don’t go na..
Ragini- Don’t behave like a child..
Sanskar- Yes I’m a child and my favorite chocolate is going to her home..How can I sit quietly?
Ragini laughs and says- I’m not a chocolate.
Sanskar- You are..See how sweet you are..
He starts to kiss her and gently sucks her lip..Ragini too reciprocates but after some time she pushes him away and says- Mom and dad are waiting..Bye takecare Sanskar…
{Sorry for the delay..New entry in next episode 😛 }

Credits- To all those who have waited so long for this episode 😉


  1. Fairy

    |Registered Member

    Super awesomeeee!!!loved ragsan n swalak scene 🙂 laksh is sooo understandng 🙂 🙂 hope every guy have mentality lyk him 🙂 keeep rockng n stay blesssed dr 😉 😉 😉

  2. Radhika..

    |Registered Member

    Awesome part di love swalak and ragsan . laksh is so understanding….. U portray his character so well na everything in him I just loved ….. The way he care for swara and respect her decision and think about her before him just loved it and u r right everyone are not opened up ………. Everyone have different nature different thinking and u describe it very well as one can never be us and we can never be them na like that only we are perfect to be ourself …….. So we will be ourself till the end. U know di everytime i got to know a new thing from ur ff with diferent aspects its the soul reason that I love us ff s os and writing u wrote anything its just lovely. And the scene where ragini got tenses up and ran for search of sanky is also amazingvthe way u disclose the thing whicb tense, ragini is amazing loved it. Love the way u write di….. Love the part..,…. Love u very much di😃😃😘😘

    • Saanvi


      I like Namish na ;I Isliye usko kuch zyaada hi acha bana raha hu 😀
      That’s a huge compliment to me Radhu that you get good things from my ff 😀 🙂
      Thanks a lot 🙂
      Keep smiling 😀

  3. Akshata

    |Registered Member

    laksh is so understanding, he handled everything so well, quite mature person. i agree with you every one has their own personality, nature and thinking. oh my poor sansku, dont worry she will come back soon. i just love the way he is in this ff. awesome update.

  4. SPP

    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    Loved it
    Laksh understanding level was Fantastic
    Ragsan were Amazing
    As usual u rocked it
    Waiting for the next one………………..

  5. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Awww, loved the way you described lakshs character… He is soo understanding😍😍😍…. Ragsan scenes also nice…Keep going di…Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊😊

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