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Recap: SwaLak and RagSan moments

Scene 1:
In Gadodia house at dining table:
Swara introduces Laksh as her colleague to Shekar and Janki..
Janki: more parata..
Laksh: Aunty your food is really very tasty but my stomach is small..I can’t eat more..Please aunty..
Janki: Noways..Swara eats more than you..Being her friend you should compete her..
Laksh reluctantly eats one more parata..
Shekar: By the way what does your dad do Laksh..
Laksh chokes listening to his question..
Swara makes Laksh drink water and rubs his back caringly..
Janki and Shekar look on..
Soon Swalak realize their situation and move apart..
Laksh breaks the ice by saying: Uncle dad has retired and Mom is a home maker..I work which is enough for us..
Shekar: That’s so nice of you son..
Swara: I said na don’t talk while eating..
All eat silently while Janki gives a smile to Shekar indicating Swalak bonding..

In hall:
Laksh: I missed mom’s food so much..after so many days because of you I ate tasty food..
Shekar: Don’t you stay with your mom..
Laksh: Uncle mom and dad stay in village..
Laksh’s POV:
Wow beta Laksh..You started telling lies also..Sanskar says lies will automatically start if a girl enters your life..First time whatever he said is coming true after I met Swara..
Janki: Where are you lost..
Laksh: Nothing aunty..I think I should leave now..
Shekar: Stay for sometime..
Laksh: Some other day uncle..
Janki: Promise??
Laksh(smiles and says): Promise..
Shekar and Janki smile at him and bids him bye..While Swara accompanies him till bus stop..{she thinks Laksh will again board a bus..Lol.. :P}
Laksh: Are you coming to the party tonight?
Swara: No..
Laksh: Why?
Swara: I don’t like such parties..
Laksh: Don’t worry it is kind of homely party..Or you are hesitant that uncle will not send you..Wait I’ll speak to him!!
Swara: Nothing like that..I hate those Raichand’s..They do anything for money..but our chairman decided to work with them..That’s why I am not coming..
Laksh: Business is all about mind game..What matters is deals not emotions right!!
Swara : That’s so ruthless Laksh..You can’t say like that..
Laksh: That is the truth Swara.. Only a coward talks about follow your heart instead of brain kind of things..
Swara: You called me a coward..
Laksh: I didn’t mean that..But somewhat it is also true..
Swara gets irked by his response and says You are heartless..
Laksh: You called me heartless..How dare you?
Swara: Yes..I did call you because that is the truth..
Laksh points his index finger towards Swara..while Swara too points her finger to him..
After a minute they give a unbelievable look and leave from there..
Ragini enters after a while but doesn’t notice Laksh leaving..

At night in Gadodia house:
Ragini after having dinner rushes to her room..Shekar Janki find her behavior strange but Swara covers the situation saying she has project work so she is managing time..

Scene 4:
In bedroom:
Ragini picks her mobile and answers the call..
Ragini: You called me so late?
Sanskar: Because I am missing you darling..
Ragini(blushes): Darling ah..?
Sanskar: Oh sorry..Can I call you like that?
Ragini: Ofcourse..
Sanskar: What are you doing?
Ragini: Just had my dinner and you?
Sanskar: I should eat now..this is unfair you ate before your husband?
Ragini: When you will become my official husband..I will eat after you only..Don’t worry..
Sanskar: We will eat together darling..I will make you eat and you make me eat!!
Ragini blushes..
Sanskar: are you there?
Ragini: ya ya..
Sanskar:Again you are becoming strawberry or what?
Ragini: You go and eat first..
Sanskar: First say I LOVE YOU..otherwise I won’t eat..
Ragini: This is called blackmail..I won’t say..
Sanskar: Okay I won’t eat..
Ragini: Don’t be stubborn..
Sanskar: I am a stubborn kid..
Ragini: You are very bad..Okay I am telling..
Sanskar: I am listening…(smiles)
Ragini: I…
Sanskar: Hmm..
Ragini: Love you..
Sanskar: Wow..It’s sounds so good from your voice..
Once again please..
Ragini: okay but after you eat..
Sanskar: Clever girl..
Ragini: Wo tho mai hu(so do I)
Sanskar: Haha..I will have dinner and then message you in Whatsapp..Do reply otherwise I’ll call you..
Ragini: I will message you..For now bye..
They cut the call..

She turns and finds Swara..and gives a tensed expression..
Swara: What was that Ragini? You gave your mobile number to him in just one day?
Ragini: Dii..I love him and he too..So I thought..
Swara: (Angrily) What did you think ha?
Ragini makes a sad face..
Swara realizes her mistake and says: Sorry laado..I didn’t mean to shout at you but I was concerned for you..
Ragini: I know dii..but trust me Sanskar is really very good..
Swara: So he’s name is Sanskar..
Ragini nods in a yes..
Swara: Okay talk to him but keep me updated with his details..I’ll do a cross check if he is saying truth or he is lying..
Ragini: but dii..That is wrong..
Swara: Nothing is wrong..You are my younger sister..and your safety matters to may love a stranger but I can’t trust a stranger specially when it is a matter involving my little sister..
Ragini: Dii..Did you fight with laksh ?
Swara stays silent..
Ragini: tell me..
Swara tells her whole incident and Ragini scolds her for being insensitive..
She makes her understand that is not a way to talk and asks her to apologize to Laksh..
Swara tries to interrupt but Ragini cuts her off saying there is no rule that two people should think in a same way..Different opinions should be accepted dii..
Swara nods in a yes…

Scene 4:
At guesthouse:
Laksh comes to Sanskar and sees him busy in phone..
He calls out for Sanskar but Sanskar is busy chatting with Ragini so he doesn’t respond..This irkes Laksh..
He snatches Sanskar phone and throws it on bed..
Sanskar: Thank god it fell on bed..What if it breaks..
Laksh: Stay away from her..All girls are day this girl will also make you dance according to her tunes..
Sanskar: can’t pass generalized statements..and if she tells me to dance I will..What is your problem..
Laksh(gets angry): So this girl became more important to you than your own brother..
Sanskar senses the situation and says: Did you fight with bhabhi?
Laksh: She isn’t your bhabhi..She called me heartless..
Sanskar tries to control his laugh and finally bursts out into laughing..
Laksh feels more irritated ans starts to leave
Just then sanskar says:
Bhai someone called you heartless means you again gave them lecture on decisions with brain and not heart?
Am I right?
Laksh nods in a yes
Sanskar makes him sit and explains there is a way to talk to girls..
You need to be polite to them..they are like roses..If you handle gently they are good otherwise they prick you like thorns..
Laksh gets into Sanskar’s words and says what should I do now..
Sanskar: Sanskar-The love guru is here..Don’t fear…
He asks Laksh to apologize to Swara..
Laksh doesn’t agree.. Later, on persistent requests from Sanskar he agrees to say sorry to Swara..

Precap: Swalak friendship..Ragsan funny moments

Credits: To all those who are reading and commenting on my ff 😉

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  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous
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    Waiting for the next one…………..

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  2. ragsan scenes are cute , try to add more ragsan scenes

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  8. di i love the story line. ??? its really a good story even i donot like the couples but by reading the story i donot think couples are really imprortant just the message and story is more important
    and the story is really cute the character of sanskar is awesome love his character as a cute baccha type character??
    and u r really an awesome writter
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