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Recap: SwaLak and RagSan moments

Scene 1:
In Maheshwari’s office:
It’s done..Thank god you are there…otherwise this manager would have killed me with loads of work..
Laksh: Don’t you like working here..
Swara: I love working here..They allow me to come whenever I want..but sometimes work load is difficult to handle all alone..
Laksh:hmm..Can I ask you something Ma’m?
Swara : Sure but please don’t call me ma’m..I feel like aged lady(she pouts)
Laksh: Why do you come late? Many people discuss about it in our office..
Swara: I always get peaceful sleep in morning..What to do I can’t sacrifice sleep so I come late..
Laksh: Why so? Don’t you sleep early? Maintaining sleep schedule is important..
Swara: Ya I know..But what to do I’m nocturnal..I mean always awake during nights and sleepy during mornings(gives a innocent expression)
Laksh: Like a Owl..(chuckles)
Swara gives him a death glare but later laughs along with him..
Swara: Come let’s go..
Laksh: Where?
Swara: To bus stop..You would be boarding a bus right? Or do you have a bike?
Laksh: We can go in car..
Swara: (suspiciously)You are having a car? Are you a employee or owner?
Laksh: No no..I mean we are given office car for this project..
Swara: Oh..but that is for Office works not for personal uses..
Laksh: Yes..But who will know..
Swara: Our inner conscience..
Laksh gives up and says okay let’s go to bus stop..
While walking Swara asks Laksh..
Swara: What is your surname?
Laksh: But why do you want to know? Do you want to change to my surname or what(winks at her naughtily)
Swara: Shut up..Why do you feel that I am trying you..
Laksh: Because I am handsome and well settled..
Swara:That is not enough..I want a person who understands me..I want someone with whom my life would be easy not with the one whom I fight daily over petty things..
Laksh: Interesting!!Don’t you want to know what kind of a life partner I want?
Swara: No..Again you will feel that I am trying to fulfil your criteria(fakes anger)
Laksh: Acha..I am sorry..
Swara: I know a person with the same name..Laksh..that is why I asked about your full name..I wasn’t trying you..Okay?(gives a stern look)
Laksh: My name is Laksh mmmm
Swara: Why are you taking so much time as if I asked you to say my name is khan..
Laksh: Nothing like that..wo..before he could complete
He sees Swara rushing in opposite direction towards a car..He tries stopping her but she runs from there.He closes his eyes tightly as he cannot see car crushing Swara..
When he opens his eyes he finds Swara with a puppy on other side of the road..
Laksh runs to her and scolds her for being careless..
Swara: Laksh we can shout for help..but how can this puppy convey it’s fear..We should understand it’s untold words..
Laksh: but how can you risk your own life for a puppy..
Swara: What is the use of living such a life which cannot be used for saving another life..
Laksh gets flashes of a incident when he says the same to Sanskar who was leading a carefree life with friends always..
Swara: what happened?
Laksh: I like you…
Swara: What?
Laksh: I mean I like your thinking..Really it takes a pure heart and efforts to think like this..
Swara: All credits to my mom..She gave me such a upbringing where I am able to think like that..
Acha..Why don’t you come to my home for lunch?
Laksh: Me? Noways…I mean what will your parents think..
Swara: My mom dad are very cool..Don’t worry..Join me for lunch(she smiles)

Laksh’s POV:
She is so down to earth and selfless..In childhood she never shared her chocolate also..Now she is thinking about others and every small thing related to them..
Other girls think about themselves but here even a animal life is more important to her..such a good mindset..
Liking every little thing about you Swara..
Swara: Bus came..Get into it..
Laksh: (Gets into it) OMG!! This is so crowded how can people travel in this..
Someone pushes Laksh..She balances himself without falling but has a very tough time in bus 😛
She must have a thinking to afford a cab rather than money saving (makes a sad face)
Swara and Laksh get down and move to Swara’s home..

Scene 2:
In college:
Ragini finds Sanskar flirting with some girl..
She quickly runs to him and says I guessed right..You are such a big flirt..
Ragini was leaving but Sanskar holds her hand and says
Sanskar: A cup of coffee and I can explain you everything..
Ragini: No…thanks!!
Sanskar: Okay I will get permission from Rohit..Your fiancée..
Ragini: Who told you that he is my fiancée (shocked expression)
Sanskar: I will tell you but over a coffee..
Ragini agrees reluctantly..

Scene 3:
In Café coffee day(CCD):
Ragini: tell me?
Sanskar: First you order something?
Ragini: I don’t like coffee..
Sanskar: Really? Then who likes Cappuccino? Ragini or her spirit (winks at her)
Ragini: but how do you know all this?
Sanskar: You told me about your fake engagement through karthik..Similarly through Karthik’s sister Kavya I got to know your bio-data..
Ragini: Kavya ki bacchi..I will see your end..
Sanskar: Chill Ragini..You wanted me to follow you..woo you and then marry you..I will do it even now but please spare kavya for me..
Ragini blushes at his statement and says: Okay!!
Just then waiter comes and Sanskar orders for 1 Cappuccino
Ragini: Then for you?
Sanskar: I will drink from yours..
Ragini again blushes and says okay..
Sanskar: (Laughs) why are you becoming red like a strawberry with my every statement..
Ragini: Sorry..It is happening automatically..
Sanskar: Haha..Don’t be so the way I hate coffee..
Ragini: Then why did you compel me for coffee..
Sanskar: Because you love coffee..I am not a kind of person who says his wife to change her choices for him..
Ragini looks on lovingly..
Sanskar: Don’t look at me like that..I will turn into red strawberry now..
Ragini and Sanskar laugh together..
Sanskar: You are trusting me so easily..What if I turn out to be a real flirt or cheater..
Ragini: Do you think I will accept anyone’s coffee offer?
Sanskar: NO…
Ragini: It is you so I came..
Sanskar: I know that..But I am unable to understand what I did to get that special treatment in one day..Kavya told me about you rejecting Rohit also..You are not ready to date your classmate but you trust a stranger like me?
Ragin: I never feel like you are a stranger to me..I feel so comfortable with you as if I know you from years..
And if you really turn out to be a cheater..then I don’t know..My dii always says to take decision with heart..So i am just following my heart..
Sanskar :Do you have a elder sister?
Ragini: Why? Will you try her (winks at him)
Sanskar:I am not that type of guy who follows every beautiful girl..I just wanted to know about your family..So I asked(makes a sad face)
Ragini: (holds his hand) Aww..angry with me? I was just kidding..
Love is all about mutual trust and I trust you totally..
Sanskar: Thank you so much…I will never let you down..
Ragini: Let’s meet for lunch tomorrow..Now I have to leave..
Sanskar: But where? And don’t you have college?
Ragini: We’ll decide tomorrow and I will attend only half a day..
Wow..I will bunk college for the first time..I will lie to my professors..falling in love is so thrilling experience..(she gets excited)
Sanskar adores her antic and crazy expressions..
Sanskar: Okay okay..Don’t get too excited otherwise you’ll get caught..
Ragini: Ya Ya..your right(winks at him)
Sanskar offers for a drop but she rejects saying dad might see us together..I’ll go by bus..byee!!

Precap: Swalak fight and Ragsan moments

Credits to: Myself 😀

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