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Recap: SwaLak and RagSan inner view

Scene 1:
In Guesthouse:
Laksh: Get up Sanskar!! You have become so lazy after coming here..You know I hate it..
Sanskar: Bhai just 5minutes more..Morning sleeps are always best…
Laksh recalls swara and tells: May be this is why she never comes early to office..madam must be busy in sleeping…
Sanskar: (Wakes up all of a sudden and sits on bed)
What did you say..Bhabhi is unpunctual..(giving a shocking expression)
Laksh: These days why are you repeating my sentences? Can’t you understand them in one time?
Sanskar: (Clearly his view by rubbing his eyes) I mean bhai..Laksh Maheshwari doesn’t spare his own brother also in matters of punctuality..but after knowing about this habit of hers you are still thinking about this relationship..That is like a shock to me..Finally my bhai has changed..bhabhi you are great!!(smiles to himself)
Laksh: Don’t use your imagination quality doesn’t make a person bad Sanky!!
Sanskar: Really? Then why did you cancel Mr.Agarwal’s deal for one reason?
Laksh: That is business and this is life..
Sanskar: Offo…So bhabhi is your life ha? (winks)
Laksh: When did I say that? Tu rukk waha pey[stay there I’ll see you]
Sanskar: Bhai bye bye..Will know more updates about bhabhi in evening..Takecare of your heart (winks and he runs away from there)
Laksh: Yeh ladka bhi na kabhi nahi suderega[this boy will never change]

Scene 2:
Gadodia house:
Swara comes out of washroom after taking bath
Ragini who wakes up by some sound says: Dii..You woke up so early and you are getting ready too?(gives a surprising look)
Swara: Wo..actually today is a half a day..There is some client party in evening..
Ragini: Okay..I thought all this is for Laksh (she chuckles)
Swara: There is nothing like that..I just hate him..
Ragini: Acha dii..Click some photos of Laksh..I want to see him..
Swara: Yesterday you found your prince charming na..then concentrate on him..Why are you interested in Laksh now?
Ragini: Offo dii..Possessive ah(winks at swara)
Swara(gives a angry look): I hate that Laksh and hate you too..
Ragini: Waise dii..wait..I will tell mom n dad about this?
Swara: Ragini stop..
Ragini starts running from there and Swara runs behind her..

In Hall:
Janki: Why are you people running like this? Swara even you are becoming a kid being with Ragini..
Ragini: Maa..I need to tell you something and looks at Swara..
Swara: Maa..It’s all her nonsense..Listen to me..
Swara and Ragini start their cute nok-jhok..
Just then Shekar tells Ragini you said you have to go to Kavya’s house before college? Is that plan postponed?
Ragini suddenly remembers something and goes to her room..
Swara: Maa..I will be back for lunch..
Bye Maa..Bye Papa..

In office:
Everyone is shocked seeing Swara come early…
Laksh: Goodmorning..Came early for me? (winks)
Swara: Even if I say no..You will feel as yes..So let’s not argue..
Laksh: (smiles and says) So let’s start the work..
Swara: You keep typing and prepare the presentation..I’ll direct you accordingly..
Laksh is preparing the presentation while Swara is impressed by his work..
Swara : No..Don’t highlight that..Wait I’ll show you..
She places her hand on Laksh’s hand which is already on the mouse..she comes closer to the system..Her hairs are touching his face…Laksh is mesmerized by her touch and proximity between them and is just staring at her..
(Finds Laksh staring at her and says)Swara: It’s the way I know I’m beautiful but don’t stare at me..It’s office(winks at him)
Laksh: I wasn’t staring..I was just paying attention to your words..
Swara: Exactly..Even I didn’t fall on you yesterday..I just tripped off and fell on you..
Laksh: (with innocent expression)Got it!!
They both burst out laughing..

Scene 4:
At karthik’s house
Sanskar: Uttara..Is karthik home?
Uttara: Yes..he is..but he said me to tell you that he isn’t at home(chuckles)
Sanskar: But he forgot that you are my bestiee and you wouldn’t lie to me(gives a hifi to Uttara)
He slowly climbs the stairs and reaches Karthik’s room..
Sanskar: Hello Mr.Karthik Khanna..May I know why are you avoiding me(faking anger)
Karthik: why would I avoid you sanky…I just wanted to see how much time will you wait to know about the girl whom you met yesterday..
Sanskar: How did you know..
(before Sanskar completes his sentence)
Karthik: Abey…I am your friend and I can easily make out what is on your mind..By the way how was the eyelock yesterday?(gives a naughty smile)
Sanskar: (without thinking says) AWESOME!!
{But soon realizes what he he tries covering up}
I mean the party was awesome..and which eyelock?
Karthik: haha..very funny..Don’t lie to me dude..
Sanskar: (feels that he is caught and gives up) Yesterday it was magic all around her..I want to meet her again…Do me a favor please(makes puppy face)
Karthik: I have already done a favor on you…(smiles to himself)
Sanskar: What?
Karthik: Do you think this is a movie or something that she will come and fall in your arms automatically..I kicked the chair on which she was standing..I noticed you adoring her since a long time..So I thought to start your love story(chuckles)
Sanskar: Dude..You are unbelievable..Itna kuch kiya tho ye bhi batha do..What is her name?
Karthik: Ragini..She is Kavya’s friend..
Sanskar: Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari..Sounding so good(blushes like a red apple)
Karthik: Haha..Although my method is wrong but I did this for my Sanky..and remember she is like my sister too..I wouldn’t spare if this is some kind of timepass..
Sanskar: You are telling this? As if I cheated 10 girls already and Ragini is my 11th prey(fakes anger)
Karthik: Sorry yaar..I was just concerned..
Sanskar: It’s ok..tell me..What’s next?
Karthik was about to say something..Just then listen someone calling out for Karthik..
Karthik: Ragini..Why is she here? Kavya has already left for college..
Sanskar: May be she is also here for the same reason as me(smiles)
Karthik: Let’s see!!
Karthik comes down with Sanskar..Ragini smiles seeing him..
Karthik: What’s the matter Ragini? You are here?
Uttara and karthik feel like giving them some privacy..So they say Excuse us..we will be right back..
Sanskar: (with all his confidence) Hiii..
Ragini: Who are you?
Sanskar was now shell shocked with her reply but soon composes himself and says..
Sanskar: Yesterday I rescued you from falling down..Remember?
Ragini: (casually)Oh yes..Thanks for that!!
Sanskar who now couldn’t handle her ignorance says: Shall we have coffee?
Ragini: (with a serious expression)What? Excuse me I am not that type of girl..
Sanskar: I haven’t asked you a kiss that you are telling me about your character..
Ragini: (smiles to herself but this is unnoticed by Sanskar) But I came to invite Bhai and Bhabhi for my engagement …I am sorry Mr.. By the way what is your name?
Sanskar: (sadly says) Sanskar..Sanskar Ma
(before he could complete)
Ragini: (forwards her hand) Nice meeting you Sanskar..I have to leave now.. I have to go for shopping along with my fiancee..
Sanskar: Bye..and Congratulations for your engagement.. (sad expression)
Ragini leaves and while walking thinks..

Ragini’s POV:
I came to meet Karthik bhai to know his details..But to my surprise he is already here.. I lied to him about my engagement and he believed it.. He felt sad..It was clearly evident in his voice..Yupiee!! It means he too feels for me..Now I’ll make him jealous with help of my imaginary boyfriend and he will confess his feelings to me..

After Ragini has left Karthik comes and asks What happened? Will it work with her?
Sanskar: Yes..If her fiancée agrees(sad expression)
Screen freezes on shocked and sad faces of Karthik and Sanskar…

Precap: Some funny Ragsan moments and serious Swalak moments..

Credits to: All who are following my ff and commenting on it 😉

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