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Recap: SwaLak and RagSan meeting

Scene 1:
At Guesthouse:
Sanskar is lost in thoughts remembering his eyelock with Ragini..
Laksh enters the room and notices this..
Laksh: What happened to you? Have you seen any devil or what?
Sanskar: Not devil bhai..I have seen an angel today..She is just awesome..
Laksh: You see an angel every next day..What’s a big deal in it?
Sanskar: No bhai..I have seen beautiful girls but with this girl I have fallen for something other than beauty..I feel I have a connection with her!!
Laksh: So you feel that may be love..Come on Sanky all this is your imagination..there is nothing called magical moments,love,etc..
Sanskar: No bhai..You haven’t experienced so your feeling like when I touched her some sort of current passed into my body..It never happened with any other girl..
Laksh: But be careful..girls these days don’t regret for breaking hearts..
Sanskar: Bhai..She isn’t that type of girl..

Laksh: In one day you came to know what type of girl she is..Great..From when did your brain started working so fast..
Sanskar: No need to taunt me bhai(lowers his face)
He suddenly remembers something and says:
Sanskar: Bhai forgot to ask? Did you meet bhabhi? How is she?
Laksh: So you have already decided that Swara is your bhabhi..(gives a surprising look)
Sanskar: Obviously..I may not be a expert in guessing people’s nature but Mr.Laksh Maheshwari can easily predict anyone’s mentality..and point to be noted 2days passed and my bhai had not rejected the proposal(chuckles)
Laksh: But I haven’t accepted too..

Sanskar: Any problem bhai?(Giving a concerned look)
Laksh: I don’t know Sanskar she is unpredictable..She is completely different from childhood Laado yet I feel she is nice..
Sanskar: Heart connections are not made by brain..(he gets up and starts moving towards Laksh and notices something on his shirt)
(In a teasing tone)Bhai Swara bhabhi ney aapko kissy dhi(Swara gave you a kiss?)
Laksh: That was by mistake Sanky!!
Sanskar: Which means my guess is right..Bhabhi only kissed you(gives a naughty smile)
Laksh: (smiles to himself and just brushes off sanskar saying) Why do you make a issue of everything?
Sanskar: (sings)

Pehla pehla pyar hai, pehalee pehalee bar hai

Jan ke bhee anjana, kaisa meraa yar hai…
Laksh: Shut up and leave…

Laksh POV:
What Sanskar is saying? I felt the same when I felt Swara breath on my neck..some sort of current passed into my body..and the way she looks at me-feels like she is throwing daggers into my heart..
What is happening to me? Like Sanskar said Am I experiencing that kind of magic too? Am I falling in Love?
I have always found answers to my questions through logic..but I am unable to think any answer to questions related to you Swara..I thought of getting close to you but you are getting closer to my heart..
Oh no!! what Am I thinking.. Laksh Maheshwari can never fall into all these stupidities..This Sanskar keeps saying something or the other nonsense..I shouldn’t be thinking this much..
His thoughts are interrupted by Sanskar who didn’t leave the room on Laksh’s order 😛
Sanskar: Bhai lost in bhabhi’s thoughts ah?(winks)
Laksh: Noways..and stop eating my brain..You said you won’t trouble me..if this continues I’ll send you back to London..
Sanskar: Sorry bhai..goodnight

While sleeping Sanskar thinks Why bhai behaved like this? He never becomes serious on such silly things..something is fishy..I need to find out..but before that I need to find out about my angel(he blushes)
Laksh on bed thinks..This idiot Sanskar always get to know what I am thinking..Anyways he is my loving brother who knows me better(smiles and sleeps)

At Gadodia house:
In Swaragini’s bedroom:
Swara is lost in thoughts thinking about Laksh..
Swara: I feel something weird about this guy..He wore a costly outfit but yet he behaves as a employee..
Ragini: Dii..Did you say anything?
Swara: I was saying about one of my employee..keep it were saying something sorry I couldn’t pay attention..
Ragini: (Teasingly) Why would you pay attention towards me..Seems like someone else is grabbing your attention(winks at swara)
Swara: Stop it Ragini..(Hits her with pillow) Now will you say something or shall I sleep?
Ragini: (takes a deep breath and speaks out at once) Diii..I think I am in love!!
Swara is shell shocked by her statement..
Swara: What?

Ragini: I think so Dii..I’m not sure but from morning to now I f
eeling butterflies in my stomach thinking about him..
Swara: Okay..but who is that lucky guy?
Ragini: I don’t know his name..I met him in college today at Alumni meet and she narrates the entire story including that fall and eyelock..
Swara: Then what about Laksh you wanted to marry him right?
Ragini: You only said na dii that Laksh might have changed..I don’t want to live in false hopes..and after meeting this guy today I feel he is the one for me(smiles)
Swara: I always knew that you wanted a prince charming and through your words I feel he is the one..but Ragini what if he turns out to be a bad guy..I’m concerned about you..
Ragini: Don’t worry dii..I have a plan to test his character and also to know whether he loves me or not..
Swara: What is it?
Ragini: I’ll tell you but first you tell me whom were you thinking about?
Swara: First listen to me carefully I met a guy today..He is interesting yet I find few things weird about him..I mean our manager never gives anyone a chance to speak but this guy is overpowering that manager..Moreover he wears such good outfit that he seems to be like a boss rather than a employee..
Ragini: What is his name?

Swara: Laksh
Ragini: (suspiciously says)Laksh
Swara: I know what are you thinking if he is the same Laksh..your childhood friend?
Ragini: No can it happen? Laksh is rich and is in London and this guy is a employee..
Swara: I don’t know ragini..but I feel something strange so I am correlating few things? By the way what is your friend’s surname?
Ragini: Maheshwari..
Swara: Tomorrow I will somehow try to know his surname then this confusion will be cleared..
Ragini: Okay dii..I’m sleepy..We’ll talk later..Goodnight..
Swara: Says goodnight but thinks why Am I feeling connected to you Laksh? Your thoughts are disturbing me..She recalls her moments with laksh and suddenly says I can’t think about you..I hate you Mr.Laksh watever..
Slowly she dozes off…

Precap: SwaLak and RagSan moments 

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