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Recap: Swara’s Past Revelation

Scene 1:
In Maheswari’s Office:

Manager: Listen Everyone…He is our new employee..His name is Mr.(Before the manager could speak Laksh cuts him off saying)
Laksh: Why consider surnames..Let us brighten our name..
My name is Laksh..
Everyone feel that he is interesting and smile while Swara feels something awkward.
Laksh goes and shakes hands with Swara..Manager said to assist you..What is your good name?
Swara: My name is Swara..Since you said no need of surnames I wouldn’t be telling mine..

Laksh POV:
Ms.Swara you are full of attitude package but Laksh Maheswari ko pehli baar takkar dene waali ladki mili(found one who is of equal attitude as me)..Cool!! Let’s see how many days you’ll stay in my life(smirks)..
Laksh: Swara Ma’m can you brief me about Santacruz project..
Swara: Why?
Laksh: So that I can help you better..I am assisting you right!!
Swara: It has many confidential points I can’t brief you Mr.Laksh
Laksh: Manager has appointed me..Don’t you trust him or don’t you trust me(giving a suspicious look )
Swara: See Mr.Laksh it’s not about trust..It’s about responsibility..If anything happens to this project I have to answer chairman sir..I can’t take risk and you must have heard that proverb even walls have ears(winks)
Laksh: (Whispers) So she is faithful and responsible.. I expected it..
Swara: Did you say something?
Laksh: Nothing ma’m..Shall we start the work?
Swara: Okay..I’ll tell you few points for the presentation..please note down!!
Swara while discussing collides with the work desk and suddenly she trips and falls on Laksh…
Her lips touch his neck and her lipstick makes a mark on his shirt collar..
Swara is still on Laksh..while Laksh feels her breath near his ear and neck..she feels his perfume..
Slowly Swara starts to get up but she and Laksh are still sharing a eyelock..
This trance is broken by Laksh by moving his eyes off her..
Swara blushes unknowingly..Laksh who notices this feels like teasing her and says
Laksh: I know I am handsome and any girl will fall for me but that doesn’t mean you will really fall on me and give me a kiss on first day itself..(he winks)
Swara gets irritated by this statement and says..
Swara: Oh hello..No one is dying to kiss you..I fell down by mistake..
Laksh: Hmm..By mistake or intentionally..Who knows…
Swara: (gives a angry look) You are disgusting Mr.Laksh..Falling for you is impossible..
Saying this she leaves from there and Laksh gives a naughty smile..

Scene 2:
Sanskar goes to someone’s house:
He tells maid : Tell Karthik sir that his bestfriend came to meet him..
Karthik comes descending the steps and shouts
Karthik: Dude(with a surprising expression) You came back from London..
Sanskar: Yes..But I came only for few days..Laksh Bhai had work so..
Acha leave it..Where is Bhabhi(indicating as Karthik’s wife)
Karthik: (Calls out loudly)Uttara Uttara..See who has come home!!
Uttara: Why are you shouting Karthik..(she looks at sanskar and shouts)!! What a pleasant surprise..How are you?
Sanskar gives a side hug to Uttara…
Sanskar: I am are you? Looks like you are going somewhere?
Uttara: Wo..I mean we are going to college from where we have graduated..
Sanskar looks puzzled
Karthik: Arey we three have done post-graduation together but did you forget we did our graduation here only..
Uttara: Why don’t you join us Sanskar..It would be fun..I’ll introduce you to our old friends..
Sanskar hesitates but Karthik and Uttara convince him some how..

Scene 3:
At Ragini’s college:
Kavya(Ragini’s bestfriend): Hey Ragini check out for those flowers?
Ragini: I have checked it twice Kavya..
Kavya: What about the caterers? Did they arrive?
Ragini: Yes..But why are you so tensed..
Kavya: You know na Principal sir has given me all the responsibility of the Alumni meet..
{Guys Alumni meet is a kind of get-together of former/passed out students of a college or university to share their experiences of present life and also their college memories}
Ragini: I know that…but we have organized many cultural fests and technical fests..They why are you tensed as if this is the first time we are doing something?
Kavya: Yes..But it is different this time..This time Alumni batch includes my brother and I know he will definitely try to find mistakes in my work..(gives a worried look)
Ragini: Don’t worry Kavya..I will handle Karthik bhaiya(she smiles)

Scene 4:
In the auditorium:
(Few ex-students have already arrived and kavya is busy greeting and receiving them)
Ragini: Oh no!! If kavya sees this, she will get worried..
She calls out for Rohit{Guys remember Rohit proposed Ragini but she rejected him in episode 2..Although she still considers their friendship}
Rohit: Ragini I have to go..Lisa ma’m has called me..Sorry..Do it yourself..
Ragini: Nalayak kahika(Useless fellow)..Might be he is taking revenge on me for rejecting him..Anyways Ragini The Great doesn’t require anyone’s help..I’ll do it myself..
(She is trying to set the banner which is falling off)
Sanskar enters the auditorium and he is mesmerized looking at her..He doesn’t take his eyes off her..Karthik and Uttara notice this and smile..
Suddenly Ragini feels something strange and she stumbles..
Sanskar immediately runs and catches her..Ragini falls in his arms..
His grip is tightened against her waist..She feels like a spark flowing through her body..
Sanskar feels like a magical spell and is lost in her beauty and touch..
They have a cute eyelock for quite a time only to be disturbed by Kavya..
Ragini feels embarrassed and leaves from there running..but Sanskar is still staring and adoring her beauty..
Karthik: (in a teasing tone) Sanskar shall we go and sit or will you stand at the entrance forever..
Sanskar: (gives a death glare to karthik) yes I’m coming..
He leaves unwillingly..
Ragini hosts the meet and addresses the names and calls them for few games and events..
All the time Sanskar is staring at Ragini and she observes this..
Ragini goes near him: Do you need anything? Why are you staring at me?
Sanskar: You look beautiful..What is your name?
Ragini: Flirting is bad Mr…
Sanskar: I never knew asking name is flirting..As you have already named me a flirt let me show what actual flirt can do(he winks and moves forward)
Ragini gives a impossible look and leaves from there..

Sanskar’s POV:
I have seen many beautiful girls..but she is something special..Directly made entry into my heart..I have to do something otherwise this feeling of incompleteness will remain forever..Miss beautiful why are you giving me such vibes? Do I have any connection with u?
(He smiles unknowingly)
Party is over..Everyone return home including RagSan.
Office time is over..SwaLak leave but Laksh notices Swara staring at him and he feels good looking at her..

Precap: SanLak and SwaRagini inner thoughts

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Note: To all Manan fans and whoever is interested in reading love stories can read this OS by Isha..

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