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Scene 1:
Next day morning in Guesthouse:
Haldi ceremony begins:
Laksh wear dhothi and sit in the hall for ceremony..
AP first applies haldi to Laksh..Then other people apply haldi to him..
Sanskar comes there from the entrance..
Sanskar: Bhai..You are looking damm hot..
He takes out his phone and says: One minute I’ll click a picture and send it to Bhabhi..
She will be thrilled to see it..
Laksh: Will you stop teasing me or shall I apply my methods to tease you?
Sanskar: Now you can’t do anything bhai..Tomorrow is my marriage..(laughs)
Laksh: Really? But today is your haldi..
Sanskar: What do you mean?
Laksh: I mean there is a ritual that bridegroom’s haldi is sent to bride..But if you want I can send some other haldi to Ragini..
Sanskar: Bhai… (touches Laksh’s feet) I know my bhai you are the best and you won’t do like that..
But Laksh smirks looking at him..Seeing this Sanskar makes a sad face..
Laksh: That’s like a good boy…
Sanskar: Promise me you won’t do like that(afraid tone)
Laksh: Promise chote..I won’t..Happy now?
Sanskar: Waise bhai I already sent your pic to my dear bhabhi..I guess she is blushing over there..
Laksh (shouts): Sanky!!!
Sanskar runs from there..
AP: Arey Arey kaha bhaage ja rahe ho? (where are you running like that)
Sanskar: Mom just two minutes..
Sanskar changes and comes there in dhothi while Laksh leaves to take a bath..
Sanskar to himself: Thank god!! Bhai left..Now no one can tease me(gives a cute smile)

Scene 2:
In Gadodia Mansion:
Ragini gets ready in white sleeveless chudidar..
As usual she was looking pretty..
Ragini clicks a selfiee and sends it to Sanskar..
Sanskar replies: Beautiful!!
Ragini messages: Send me your pic..
Sanskar: I’m not looking that good..
Ragini: Okay!! I’ll ask Laksh jiju to send your pic..
Sanskar: Don’t do that..Bhai is already on a revenge saga over me..
Ragini seeing that message gets concerned and replies: Okay!! But what have you done?
Sanskar narrates everything in message and Ragini laughs seeing it..

Scene 3:
In Laksh’s room:
Laksh comes out after taking bath and looks at his phone..He rubs his head with a towel with his right hand and has his phone in left hand..He unlocks the screen and notices a message left by Swara..
Swara (message): Call me when you are free..
Laksh smiles and calls Swara..
Swara looks at her phone ringing..She looks at the display and blushes seeing Laksh’s name..
Swara: Hello Handsome..
Laksh blushes but in a serious tone says: Now you don’t tease me..
Swara: I’m not teasing you..You are really looking handsome..
Laksh: Really..
Swara: Hmm..
Laksh: Waise you can see me in more detail just after 24hours..
Swara blushes understanding what Laksh was indicating too..
Swara (smiles):Besharam!! [Shameless]
Laksh: Mai paidaishi besharam hu meri jaan[I’m born shameless dear]
Swara: Okay okay..Mom is calling me I should go now..Bye
Laksh: Ok bye..
They cut the call and smile to themselves..

Scene 4:
RagSan still on call..
Ragini: Why do you always make Jiju angry..
Sanskar: Because it’s fun to tease Laksh bhai..
Ragini: Hahaha..Fine now go and sit in haldi ceremony..I’m waiting for your haldi..
Sanskar: Wo bhi hai na..Ok bye..
Sanskar in dhothi sits in the ceremony..AP applies haldi to Sanskar and he makes all weird faces..
AP: What happened?
Sanskar: Mom this is so old fashioned..And see my skin is becoming yellow yellow because of all this..
AP and all others laugh at Sanskar antics…

Scene 5:
Laksh and Sanskar’s haldi arrive for Swara and Ragini respectively..
First Swara sits for the ceremony..
Janki applies haldi to her..Followed by others..
Then Ragini sits for the ceremony..
Janki applies her haldi..
Janki: Swara even you apply haldi to Ragini..
Swara happily applies haldi to Ragini..
Ragini: Even I’ll apply haldi to dii..
Janki: You can’t apply her haldi as she is elder than you..
Swara: It’s ok mom..Ragini is a more matured person compared to me..In that way she is elder na(saying so she winks at Ragini)
Ragini takes haldi in her hand and is about to apply to Swara..
Suddenly a lady shouts: Stop it!!
SwaRagini are shocked and together say: Bua..
Bua’s name is Kaveri..
Kaveri: What you people are doing?
Swara stammers: Wo bua..
Kaveri: You can’t apply each other like that because it is of the groom..Agar khelna hi hai tho dusre haldi se khelo na..{If you want to play then play with other turmeric not with the one which is sent by bridegroom..}
Swaragini smile mischievously while Janki hits her forehead..
Kaveri brings other haldi from kitchen..
Swara and Ragini apply that haldi to each other and play as if it is holi with haldi..
They then apply haldi to Janki, Kaveri and others present there and enjoy a lot..

Scene 6:
Next day morning in Gadodia house:
Marriage preparations are going on..
SwaRagini are getting ready in bridal attire..
Janki comes there and gets teary eyed looking at her beautiful princesses..
Swara notices this and says: Mom..Don’t worry I’ll take care of Ragini..
Janki: I know that..
Ragini: Mom you don’t worry I’ll takecare of Swara dii..
Janki: That’s why I’m worried..
Ragini pouts while Swara and Janki laugh..
A girl comes and says: Pandit ji is calling Swara and Ragini downstairs for the wedding..

Precap: SwaLak and RagSan wedding 🙂

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  1. Sreevijayan

    Awww…awesome update dear

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  2. Fairy

    its fabulous saanvi!!!
    loved it…specially swaragini scenes 🙂
    sanky is such a shaitaan!!bechara lucky haaahah 😀
    waitng for ragsan n swalak marriage…
    n ragsan momentsss!! 😉 😉
    keep rockng n stay blessed dear 🙂 😉 🙂

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Fairy?
      Kya karre..The younger ones are always shaitaan?

  3. Shana98

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  4. Awesome chappy dear…

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  5. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
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    Loved Sanskar’s antics and Sanlak teasing each other
    Waiting for the next one…………..

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      1. SPP

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  6. Radhika..

    awesome part di everything is perfect and swalak and ragsan marriage is going to happen and sanskar teasing laksh and ask for not teasing him its funny and swalakand ragsan phone talk swaragini haldi playing and janki last dialouge love the part u make a great comeback di loved the part ????

    1. Saanvi

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  7. Sindhura

    Rag And san are mini packs of damakas

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  8. awesome dear

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  9. M not angry…..its awesome……missed you alllooooottttt….and you’re back with another amazing episode….i loved it…..superb one

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  10. Nice epi…ragsan scenes are superb…waiting for ragsan mrg….

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    wow m excited for wedding n this episode was awesome 🙂

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  12. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Outstanding dear…. Sanky is so naughty…. Poor laksh…. Awww, swalak phone conversation???… Swalak rocks….Keep it up. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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  15. sanky is sooo sweet in ur ff and awesome waiting for next part

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    Awesome dear, I love Swalak and Ragsan❤️❤️❤️❤️

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