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Scene 1:
Laksh follows her and silently sneaks into her room..
He slowly moves towards her without making any noise..
Swara: Laksh let me change..
Laksh: How did you know it was me?
Swara: I know you will follow me..That’s why I kept the door open..
Laksh: Offo..Even my Swara is naughty..
Swara smiles..

Scene 2:
Sanskar messages Ragini to come to the store room..
In the mid way someone pulls her hand.
{Guys..Obviously it is Sanskar..Who else will do this ;)}
Ragini falls on Sanskar’s chest in standing position only..
Ragini is lost in Sanskar’s eyes..
Sanskar slides his finger on Ragini’s face and tucks her hair behind her ears..
Ragini: Don’t look at me like that..
Sanskar(naughtily) :Why?
Ragini: Issi adha pe tho mai marr jaathi hu…(I die at these killer looks)
Sanskar: Iss adha pe tho bahut saare ladkiyan marthe hai..(Many girls fall for these killer looks of mine)
Ragini tries to free herself and leave in anger..
But Sanskar pulls her more closer and says: Par mai tho tum pe marr tha hu mere jaan (But I die for you my dear)
Ragini blushes..
Sanskar leans forwards and kisses her cheeks..Ragini turns crimson red..
He then leans to kiss her lips but Ragini turns away..
Sanskar: You was saying someone don’t know meaning of something..What was that..
Ragini: Nothing.. (She blushes and runs away)

Scene 3:
Swara: Now tell me why did you throw ice-cream on my dress?
Laksh: I wanted to be with you all alone..(sits on the bed)
Swara: Hmm..(blushes)
Laksh: Wo I forgot to say…Thank you..
Swara (surprised) : For what?
Laksh: For helping me and Sanskar to find our names on your hand and Ragini’s hand respectively..
Swara (Laughs): I had to help Sanskar anyway otherwise he wouldn’t find his name on Ragini’s hand even if he is provided the entire day..
Laksh (confused): Why so?
Swara: It is because my mischievous Ragini made the mehendi girl to write Sanskar’s name in hindi..
She goes and locks the door and turns and says: And you know Sanskar doesn’t know to read hindi…
Laksh laughs so much that his stomach starts paining..
Laksh: Oh my god..Ragini acts are too hilarious..She is perfect for Sanskar..He teases everyone and Laado is teasing him..
Swara: Yes..(smiles)
Laksh: Waise you could have also tried the same trick..
Swara: Yes but I already disappointed you in office..So I thought of not troubling you further..(winks at him)
Laksh looks at her lovingly…

Scene 4:
Ragini comes to the hall..
Sanskar comes and joins as if nothing happened..
Ragini talks to some girl and steals glances at Sanskar..
After a while Sanskar notices this and signals ‘What’ through his eyes..
Ragini blushes and nods in a ‘No’
Sanskar gives a flying kiss to her and now Ragini turns more pink due to blushing..
AP comes to her and asks ‘What happened? Why are you smiling?’
Ragini: Wo Mom..Nothing..I remembered a joke..
Sanskar comes towards AP and Ragini and says: Mom..What are you doing here? Janki mom was searching for you..
AP: Ragini was smiling standing alone..I came to ask why..She said she recalled some joke..
Sanskar: Mom..That joke is excellent..Ragini told me just now..
Now Ragini panicks as there is no such joke but she said so to escape from AP..
AP: That’s nice..Tell me also Ragini..Even I’ll laugh..
Sanskar: Ha Ragini..Tell Mom also..The joke which we were discussing 15minutes ago..(indicating to the kiss which he gave to Ragini)
Saying so he winks at Ragini while she passes a angry glare at him..
Ragini starts stammering..
Ragini: Wo Mom..The joke is..
Sanskar comes to her rescue and says: Mom it wouldn’t be good if we laugh here like mad people and Janki mom searching for us..You go to her..I’ll tell you about it at our home..
Ragini takes a deep breath and sighs relief..
Sanskar comes closer to her and says: I saved you today..So where is my reward? (naughty tone)
Ragini hits him in stomach with her elbow and says: This is reward for first putting me trouble infront of AP mom..
Ragini leaves but Sanskar murmurs: Teeki Mirchi hai..I love it…

Scene 5:
In Swaragini’s room:
Swara: Why are you looking at me like that?
Laksh: Can’t I admire my love?
Swara: No one can win a argument with you..Acha now you leave I have to change..
Laksh: Ok change…
Swara: LAKSH..No mischief..Go..
Laksh: But what is the problem if I stay here..Don’t forget I’m your future husband..
Swara: Future husband but currently you are just my fiancee..So see in future not now..
Laksh gives a mischievous smile while Swara realizes what she said and bites her tongue..
Laksh comes closer to her and says: So you are giving me a great offer…Well!! I love offers..(naughtily)
Swara blushes and lowers her head..
Laksh lifts her chin up..He kisses on her forehead and says: I love you Swara…
Swara looks at him lovingly with tears in her eyes..

Precap: RagSan and SwaLak masthi..

Credits to: To all those who comment on this ff 😉

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  1. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Awww, yeh padne ke baad meri dil garden garden ho gayi hein…..loved it.Ragsan are funny and swalak are cute.Keep it up. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care?
    Keep smiling?

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much??
      Keep smiling dearz?

  2. Awesome…so nice

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Lucky??

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you?

  3. Superb . Update soon

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you Anjali?
      Sure dear?

  4. awesome and somehow teasingfull and funny part ragsan teasing eachother and sanskar creating trouble for ragini and atlast he only saves her and laksh going behind swara and swara knowing about that and ragini plan to make sanskar not find her name on her hand omg how could she (u) thought such things and ragini joke part and sanskar teasing her and afterward getting reward?? and swara don’t think before speaking she just speak whatever come in her mind i always think before speaking what about u di and all together tis chapter is really amazing and making a smile chapter loved it and u tooo di????

    1. Saanvi

      Hehehe? Thank you so much Radhu?
      Even I think before speaking?
      Love you too dear??

  5. Nice epi…ragsan scenes are so cute…waiting for ragsan masthi …

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Fira??

  6. Silent_writer

    Just superb lov it ?

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much dear??

  7. AMkideewani

    Love it dear, superb, awesome, mindblowing and outstanding??

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks a lot dear???

  8. Wow ……. Ragni is so mischievous?.
    Laksh and swara bonding is so nice .
    To awesome .

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Ashnoor??

  9. haha ragini sho shweet

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Lisa?

  10. so cute….very nice….loved it…

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Sherin??

  11. Heheehe loved ragsan part!!!!!swalak r awesome!!!ragini is really sweeet as well as naughty!!!!episode ws amazngggg!!!keep rockng n stay blessed dear?????

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Fairy?
      Keep smiling?

  12. Superb dear.loved it

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you Ammy??

  13. Pavani


    1. Saanvi

      Akka you liked it?? Thank you?

      1. Pavani

        Yes that’s y I commented u know

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  14. Akshata

    Awesome, loved ragsan part, swalak are sweet but i love ragsan they are so mischievous.

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Akshata?

  15. Sreevijayan

    Supercute update dear

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you Sreevijayan?

  16. Superb episode……Sooo cute Swalak they are sweet and caring, Ragsan they are full of masti…..awesome i juz love them superb reward Poor sanky….hahaha
    Amazing episode dear
    Update soon

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Sinzo?
      Sure dear?

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks Hema?

  17. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Swalak were so cute
    Ragsan were so adorable and Ragini being mischievous
    Loved the epi to the core DEAR
    It was just damn Amazing Fabulous
    Waiting for the next one…………………

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much dear???

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome

  18. IshaJain3006

    superb sry didu i usually get late but its just that i have my exams from next week so whenever i get time i read ur ff 🙂 sorry

    1. Saanvi

      Don’t be sorry dear? I’m happy that you are making time for my ff?
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment??

  19. Sss

    Oh just love it so funny and awesome dwosome suparb specially naughty sanlak just their antics also couple scene fully amazing..
    Waiting for next..

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much for the lovely vomment??

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