Hi guys..This is Saanvi and my episode 30..

Yupieeee…I completed 30 episodes successfully..I really value all the beautiful comments of my dear readers and thanks for the support you gave me by liking my ff through out 😀

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Episode 29

Scene 1:
At Gadodia house:
RagSan complete their dance..Now it’s time for SwaLak dance..
Swara starts giving slight feet movements and starts the song…
Main vaari jaawa Main vaari jaawa
Saathon ki ho ya bin kasur re
Main vaari jaawa Main vaari jaawa
Dil toh hoya majbur
Main vaari jaawa Main vaari jaawa

Laksh comes closer to her and looks into her eyes and sings
Choo liya tune labh se aankhon ko mannatein puri tumse hi

Swara shys and moves her face and sings Main vaari jaawa ..

Laksh lifts her chin and makes her face him..
Tu mile jahaan mera jahaan hai wahan
Points finger towards her- raunake saari tumse hi
Laksh opens his both hands { LikeSharukh khan dilwaale dulhania le jaayenge pose :P}and sings Piya o re piya piya re piya re piya

Swalak hold each others hands and come closer and move apart and sing
Inn dooriyon ne nazdikiyon se sauda koi kar liya
He bends on his knees and sings
Ho jhuk ke nighaahon ne dil se ishq ka vaada koi kar liya

Swara : Main vaari jaawa Main vaari jaawa saathon ki ho ya bin kasoor re
Sau-sau taaron se bhar ke yeh daaman
Le chal mujhe kahin door

Laksh holds Swara’s hand and swirls her on ground singing the below lines
Piya o re piya piya re piya re piya
Piyaaaaa re re piyaaaa

Laksh sings- Koi kami si thi jine mein jaana yeh humne kahan
He then points towards the sky and sings Aise mile ho jaise hum pe ho meharbaan yeh khuda

Swara: Haan main vaari jaawa main vaari jaawa
Saathon ki ho ya bin kasur re

Flowers fall on them during this line- Rab di marzi hai apna yeh milna barsa hai hum pe uska noor

Laksh lifts Swara and twirls her in air for the following lines
Piya o re piya piya re piya re piya
Piya o re piya piya re piya re piya

Everyone clap for them..

Ragini: How romantic…
Sanskar: Bhai aur romance…Opposite poles hai darling..I guess bhabhi made it look romantic..
Ragini: Anyways he at least followed by dii…But some people do not know the meaning of romance..
Sanskar gives a questioning look but Ragini leaves the place giving a smirk.

Scene 2:
Everyone are having dinner..It is kind of buffet..So one should serve themselves..
Swaragini are together cracking some silly jokes..
AP comes towards them and calls Swara..
Swara: Yes Mom..Tell me..
AP: What are you doing with Ragini…
Swara: Nothing..
AP: You are always clinged to her..You are getting married into the same house so will have plenty time together but now spend time with your fiancé..See how Laksh is standing alone..
Swara: But mom how can I leave Ragini alone here?
AP: I don’t want to separate you both sisters but you be with her all the time in house.. So be with Laksh now..
Swara: Ok Mom..
AP thinks: Oh my god..Such a innocent kid Swara is..Don’t know how my Laksh will handle her..

Scene 3:
Janki goes to Ragini who is chatting with her friend and eating..
Janki: Ragini come here..
Ragini: Mom you tasted this palak paneer..It is awesome..
Janki: Have some shame..Always your concentration is on food only…
Ragini: But Mom during dinner also I should not eat? (pouts)
Janki: Eat but with your fiancée..
Ragini: Mom..(gives a shocked expression)
Janki: You heard it right..SwaLak love each other so there is no need for any efforts to progress their relation but yours is arranged..Spend more time together and get to know each other..
Ragini: Ok mom..
Janki: Go now..
Ragini goes from there all smiling..She was feeling very glad that her mom is supporting her not knowing the exact truth…

Scene 4:
AP and Janki come and sit together..
Janki: I don’t know what happened to these generation kids..They don’t know to spend time together…
AP: You are right..In our days we used to steal every opportunity to meet our love but these kids are having enough opportunities but not utilizing them…
Janki: Thank god!! They have parents like us..Otherwise they would lead a unromantic life..
AP and Janki burst into laugh..

Scene 5:
Ragini: Come let’s eat..
Sanskar: But I finished eating..
Ragini: How mean Sanskar..You left me and ate..
Sanskar: O hello… Stop your dramebaazi..(Stop your acting)
Ragini: My love looks like dramebaazi to you..I heard men change after marriage but you changed before marriage..(acts like being sad)
Sanskar laughs and says: I would have waited for you but you were busy admiring the palak paneer so even I finished my dinner..
Ragini bites her tongue while Sanskar pats her cheek..

Scene 6:
Swalak have dinner together..Swara lovingly serves Laksh while he makes Swara eat little morsels…
They go to have ice-cream..
Laksh wantedly throws ice-cream on Swara’s lehenga..
Laksh: I’m sorry Swara..
Swara: It’s ok Laksh…I’ll clean it..Don’t worry..
Laksh: Come I’ll help you..(acts to be innocent)
Swara (gives him a glare): I know my room..I’ll go myself..You stay here..
Laksh gives a cute pout…

Precap: RagSan and SwaLak romance..

Credits to: To all those who comment on this ff 😉

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    First time I am commenting on your ff.I read all 29 chappys in yesterday night. It was awesome.You described each and every scene perfectly.Keep it up. Waiting for nxt.
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