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I heard today is Varun Kapoor’s birthday…So “HAPPY BIRTHDAY VARUN” from me and all my sweetest readers on Tellyupdates…

Link of my previous episode:
Episode 28

Scene 1:
At Gadodia house:
{The scene continues from where I stopped in the previous episode}
The song n all was only Swara’s way to convince Laksh.. Sangeet ceremony didn’t start yet…
AP and Janki make SwaLak and RagSan sit together..DP and Shekar go to Shekar’s room to have some chit-chat…
Janki: Laksh beta you have a task now?
Laksh (smiles): What aunty?
Janki: First stop calling me aunty and call me Maa..
Laksh: Okay Maa…Now tell me what is my task?
Janki smiles and says: You have to find your name in Swara’s mehendi…
Laksh: But why will my name be in mehendi..It is all some designs on her hand..
Janki and AP laugh..
AP: It is ritual that would-be husband’s name is written on bride’s hand and the bridegroom should find it..
Laksh: Now I get it..But what’s the big deal in it?
Janki: You will know yourself…Try finding your name first…
Laksh looks at Swara’s hand and finds all lines here and there….
{That is design but you know boys find them just as scattered lines :P}
Laksh face becomes sad as he knows now it became difficult for him as both hands looked similar…
Swara notices this and slowly lifts her hand in which Laksh’s finger was pointing and searching…
Laksh looks towards her..She signals with her eyes that she will help…
Laksh gets glad and asks with his actions right or left hand..
When Laksh asks right..She nods slightly in a ‘No’…
When Laksh asks if it is left hand..She agains nods in a ‘No’..
Now Laksh gets confused and keeps thinking while Swara looks on wondering how he will understand what she wanted to say..
After a while he shows his both hands and says if it is in two of them…(All through actions only..Either of them does not speak out)
Swara blinks her eye in such a way that it depicts a ‘Yes’…
Laksh joins both the hands and finds his name written LA on left hand corner and KSH on right hand corner..When both hands of Swara are joined together it looks like LAKSH is written inside a heart…
Laksh: I found it..Yeah!!! and he laughs…

Scene 2:
RagSan’s side:
Janki: Sankar beta..It’s your turn now..I hope you understood everything or should I explain..
Sanskar: I understood everything Maa..
Janki: You are sharper and faster than your brother..
Sanskar: Thank god Maa.. At least you understood that fact…
AP gives a death glare to Sanskar while he chuckles..
Ragini: Bahut hasi aa rahi hai..Dundo dundo..Tab pata chalega..
(You are smiling so much..Try finding..Then you will know)
Sanskar: It is just so easy for Sanskar Maheshwari…
Sanskar thinks: Just now Bhai found out his name on Bhabhi’s hand..I will apply the same technique..Then it will be easy and I will be quick too..
Janki: What are you thinking?
Sanskar: Nothing Maa…
Saying so he applies the same technique of joining both hands but it doesn’t work as he doesn’t find even one letter of his name..
{Guys remember..Ragini told something to the lady applying mehendi in previous episode…Let’s see what she told 😉 }
Sanskar looks at right hand and left hand separately but doesn’t find anything..Now he starts panicking as he gave so much of build-up but seems like he would fail the task..
Ragini starts giggling..
Sanskar: I know you only did something…That’s why I’m not finding my name..
Ragini: May be(chuckles)
Sanskar makes a sad face and sits beside Ragini stopping the act of finding his name..
Laksh: Someone said he is better and faster than me..
Sanskar: You are first to taunt me and she is first to tease me..(Looking towards Ragini)
Swara: Don’t tease my devar..
Sits beside Sanskar and says: I’m there na..Your bhabhi will help you..Don’t worry..
Sanskar: Thanks Bhabhi..You are the best..
Laksh: Oh bhabhi ke chamche..First accept your defeat then only Swara will help you..
Sanskar: Ok I..
Before he completes Swara says: Don’t do that..You have to find it yourself..I will just nod my head in a yes or no stating if you are finding it in a correct way or not…
Sanskar: Okay Bhabhi…( Now little hope has come into Sanskar’s eyes)
Ragini: But this is cheating dii…
Sanskar: Everything is fair in love and war dear…
Sanskar realizes what he said and looks at AP and Janki who are shocked and are just staring at him..
Ragini: Mehendi’s deep colour indicates how much your husband loves you..May be Sanskar meant that way..Hai na Sanskar?
Sanskar: Ya ya..Absolutely..
SwaLak chuckle silently seeing how RagSan are trying to cover their love story…
Janki: Okay okay..Search…Even Sangeet should start in few minutes…So be quick Sanskar…
Sanskar keeps pointing at the left hand to which Swara nods in a ‘No’
Later he points to right hand to which Swara blinks in a Yes..
Sanskar keeps sliding his finger in air above the right hand indicating Swara to nod her head when his name on Ragini’s hand…
Swara nods at specific point..and Sanskar says this is it!!
Ragini: No..It is not…
Swara: Stop your fun Ragini..It is inauspicious if your fiancée doesn’t find your name..
Sanskar: What? (in a horrified expression)
Ragini: Wo…There is a saying that if bridegroom cannot find his name in bride’s hand then he cannot find the love in his wife’s heart in future…
Sanskar: Thank you so much Swara bhabhi..You saved me from such thing..
All laugh at Sanskar’s antics..

Scene 3:
Sangeet starts:
A beam of light falls on a person in centre..And Yes it is our Sanskar 😉
He starts singing and giving light dance moves for the following lines
O what a look, what a grace
Tenu hi karaan main chase
What a naksh, what a nain
Dil tera ho gaya fan
What a smile, what a style
Lut’ti neendo ki ye file
Kabhi soft, kabhi rude
Killer tera attitude
He comes near Ragini and and sings…
Tere liye hi toh signal tod taad ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chhad ke…
Ragini moves closer and revolves around Sanskar giving slight hand movements and sings…
O teri ankh da ishaara mujhe fraud lage
Tu toh Majnu aawaara by God lage
Guys the dance moves are same as in original song of the movie…

Sanskar- O kasme waade khake
Apni pocket money bacha ke
Aaya tere liye paise waise jod jaad ke..
Ghar waalon ko bhi bye-shye bol baal ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chhad ke
Tere liye hi toh signal tod taad ke
Aaya Dilli wali girlfriend chhod chhad ke

Sanskar holds her hand…
Teri galli mein bhi aana start kar diya
Ik tere naam apna heart kar diya
Karne laga aankh matakka
Ab toh aashiq ban gaya pakka
Aaj abhi maine tera boycott kar diya

Ragini: Teri saari harqatein main toh note karu
Tujhe thaane mein le jaake main report karu oye

Sanskar: Tu na kar aise fight
Tera mood main karu light
Tujhe scene mein dikha ke film Golmaal ke..
Naam tera hi likhaya maine wedding card pe
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chhad ke
Tere liye hi toh signal tod taad ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chhad ke

Ragini: Yeh to ishq mein dekho badtameez ho gaya
Bina baat ke hi mujh pe ye freeze ho gaya
Refuse kiya sau baari
Phir bhi karna chahe yaari

Sanskar: Passion tere liye mera increase ho gaya
Tu hi day lage
Mujhe meri night lage
Mujhe future mera tere sang bright lage

Ragini: Tujh se bhi zyada shona
Koi handsome munda hona
Leke jayega sone mein tol tal ke Oye..

Sanskar: O tere liye aaj gaddi main toh mod-maad ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chaad ke

Ragini: Chal jhutta.. mere liye signal tod taad ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chhod chhad ke

Sanskar: Ghar waalon ko bhi bye-shye bol baal ke
Aaya dilliwaali girlfriend chhod chhad ke
Tere liye hi toh signal tod taad ke
Aaya dilliwaali girlfriend chhod chhad ke

They end the dance by facing each other’s back closer and hands in the air…

All of them clap for RagSan while they smile….

I wrote a one shot on RagSan..Generally I don’t promote my One shots but this one is really special so please read the OS :

I really value all your beautiful comments my dear readers and thanks for liking my ff through out 😀

Credits to: To all those who comment on this ff 😉

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    1. Saanvi

      Akka i gave equal scenes of SwaLak and RagSan today and one extra song for RagSan…I thought SwaLak fans would curse me today but instead RagSan fans are unhappy with me ?
      I agree in few episodes there were less scenes of Ragsan but in very next episode I give more RagSan scenes and compensate that but sadly you are not noticing it?…
      No worries I write for readers…So i will take your point into consideration and will improve on RagSan ?

      1. Pavani

        U took mee wrong again sissy u didn’t get my point I don’t want more ragsan scenes I just want a proper love story for ragsan even tough their scenes are less but their chemistry should rock actually in ur ff swalak chemistry look good than ragsan nd I want ragsan sweet chemistry that’s it iam not angry on u or not forcing u to write more ragsan scenes but I just want to share my view that I want my fav pair sweet chemistry .iam really sorry if I hurt u epi was good altough I don’t like swara but I like swalak chemistry in ur ff may be that’s y iam jelous to have some sweet romance btw ragsan

      2. Saanvi

        Okay..Now i got your point akka?
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        I didn’t mind akka…all i want is satisfaction of readers…you can say what you feel…accordingly even i can correct my ff?

      3. Pavani

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