Hi guys..Saanvi is back..My first ff and I am getting so many comments..Really excited and thanks a lot for following my ff J
I’ll try to live up to your expectations by my storyline.

Recap: Introduction of Swalak Ragsan lives and their behaviour

Scene 1
In India:
Swara is hitting Ragini with a pillow
Ragini: Dii..Don’t disturb me…
Swara: why shouldn’t I disturb you..You have watched this movie for about 100 times but you still find it so interesting that you don’t even blink while watching it?
Ragini pauses the movie…
Ragini: Dear Swara gadodia what do you know about love and romance..If you watch Dil waale dulhaniya le jaayenge movie you will realize all the emotions automatically(winks)
Swara: I don’t want to watch it..who will come overseas to marry their love?
Ragini: It happens dii..if that is impossible then this movie wouldn’t be a all time hit..
Swara: whatever..I don’t want to argue..By the way what did you say to Rohit..I heard he proposed you?
Ragini: As usual I rejected him too..You know right I won’t marry anyone other than Laksh-My childhood sweetheart(winks)
Swara: Who knows Laksh might have a girlfriend or may be he is unromantic?
Ragini: I’ll adjust to the first statement by making him have a break up but dii not even in dreams the second statement should come true(with a tensed expression)
Swara: You never know– destiny is preplanned and it’s been years and you are not in contact with Laksh.
Ragini: Swara dii…Destiny may be preplanned but LOVE CANNOT BE PREPLANNED. I will definitely fall in love and it would be unexpected and magical.
Swara: You’ll never come out of your dream world..anyways I am sleeping..goodnight raagu J

Maheshwari mansion-London
On dining table
AP: Do you have any idea when will Laksh arrive?
DP: Meetings scheduled for today are completed..So he must be on the way..
Sanskar: Mom why do you forget bhai never comes home early when you say I have to talk to you 😛
AP and DP: What should we do now?
Sanskar: Get him married..He’ll be at home in time!!
AP: But he nevers listens to me regarding this topic?
Sanskar:Don’t discuss about it..just tell him to directly go and meet the girl..
DP: By the way when have you started to care for your brother so much?
Sanskar: Come on dad..after all he is my only brother..It’s obvious that I will think about his good and bad(Smiles)
Next day morning
Laksh was slowing going out towards entrance
DP and AP: where are you running away?
Laksh: Mom dad why will I run..I am going to office..
Sanskar: Don’t cover up haven’t been home yesterday when mom wanted to speak to you and these days you never spend quality time with us..Don’t you like being with us??(making sad face)
Laksh: Stop your drama and tell me what should I do now…
Sanskar: Give us some time we need to speak to you something important.
DP: We have decided that you will get married.
Laksh: When I will lose all hopes on my life I will get married till then please don’t bring up this topic.
DP: Marriage isn’t bad laksh..All your friends are getting married why are you running away from it?
Laksh: You will say that because you got a good wife like mom..but girls these days only want money or else they are sentimental always emotional blackmail types..I don’t want all such drama in my life.
AP:We are not asking you..We are just informing you..
Laksh: Should I consider this statement as order or request?
AP,DP and Sanskar at a time: ORDER
Laksh: Okay..But I have a condition!!
AP: What?
Laksh: I’ll meet the girl first.. later I will see if she has the eligibility to fit in my life..if she is not my type then it would be a NO from my side.
Sanskar: are treating even marriage as a business deal..anyways get married to this girl or any other girl..
AP: I have been observing since yesterday why are you so excited about laksh’s marriage(looking at sanskar)
Laksh: Yes..even I see a change in your behavior..what is the reason?
Sanskar: I am excited that I will get a sister in law plus best friend but and he stammers
DP: But?
Sanskar: but the real reason is if laksh bhai gets married soon..then it is my turn for marriage(winks and chuckles)
All smile..
Laksh: What is the settle down, establish a career and then we will think about your marriage !!
Sanskar: No one wants my happiness in this home(pretends to be sad)
AP :By the way I have chosen a bride for Laksh, should I search a bride for you..
(before she completes the sentence sanskar cuts her)
Sanskar: Mom don’t stress yourself..I’ll find one and inform you..but please get me married as soon as possible(winks)
DP, AP and Laksh say: Dramebaaz
All laugh seeing Sanskar’s excitement and childish behavior.

Precap: Laksh steps in India..makes a new plan to meet his to be bride 😉

Guys sorry If you people are feeling bored..but trust me you can co-relate these dialogues to the change in their behaviour after falling in love 😉

Credits to : Tash

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