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Recap: Confusion cleared for RagSan

Next day
At Gadodia house :
Swara: Laado..You know what Laksh parents came from village..He said he will introduce me to them today…
Ragini: Dii..I need to talk to you..
Swara: Tell me..
Janki: Swara come here once..
Swara: I’ll just come Ragini!!
Ragini thinks they came from London dii and not from any village..What will happen when you will know the truth..

Sanlak enter with their parents…
Everyone greet each other cordially..
AP: What is Laado doing?
Janki: She is getting ready..
Just then Swara comes with a tray of coffee..
She is shocked to see Laksh and Sanskar together and that too with Maheshwari’s…
Laksh is happy to see her and thinks- I know Swara you are surprised but soon you will be really happy to know that your friend became your lover and is your would be husband..
Shekar: Laado ko lekey aao Swara..
Laksh doesn’t understand Shekar’s statement..
Laksh thinks May be uncle told her to get ready indirectly..otherwise why would he call Swara and Laado as two different people..
Swara goes inside and says: Ragini they have come get ready fastly..
Ragini: I’m done dii..Let’s go..
While walking towards the hall with Ragini, Swara thinks- May be Laksh came to meet me but got stuck in between these people..But why did sir come with Maheshwari’s..
Laado come seat near me…
Ragini moves forward and sits near AP..Laksh thinks why this girl is sitting beside mom..Swara should come forward na..
AP: These are our ancestral bangles..We pass it on to our daughter in-law!!
Laksh was about to interrupt just then
DP says: Who is this girl (pointing towards Swara)
Janki: She is our elder daughter Swara..
Laksh stops from speaking as he is totally confused.
Shekar: Laksh we met you as Swara’s friend but now you are becoming our son-in-law..We are very happy!!
Laksh smiles while Swara feels completely shattered after listening to that statement..
Swara silently moves towards her room..She sits on the bed and cries vigorously..
Laksh thinks may be Mom selected Swara’s sister for Sanskar..But this cannot happen..I have to tell Mom about Sanskar’s love..
Shekar asks Ragini “Do you agree to marry Laksh?”
Ragini nods in a yes..Now Laksh is totally shocked and understands that Laado and Swara are different persons..
He tries stopping the proceedings but AP says our son also likes Laado so it is a yes from our side..
Laksh thinks of speaking to Swara first and then talk to AP and Shekar..
AP : There is a auspicious time for engagement in 2days..Shall we fix it?
Shekar: But we don’t want Ragini to get married before Swara..
DP: We understand Shekar..We will do the engagement and after Swara’s wedding we will plan for Ragini and Laksh’s marriage..
Laksh is totally startled by the events while Sanskar is just observing him..
They leave Gadodia house.

Laksh calls Swara and asks her to meet him at the park..
Swara: I don’t want to meet..
Laksh: Swara I’ll explain please give me a chance..
Swara says ok..

Laksh meets Swara in the park..
Laksh: I didn’t know Laado had a elder sister..
Swara: So you came here to meet Ragini?
Laksh: Yes..but I didn’t know her name is Ragini…I remember her as Laado- Shekar uncle’s daughter..
Swara: So you acted before me to know Laado’s character??
Laksh not exactly but I thought to see our compatibility..
Swara: I am ashamed that I love a person who thinks selecting a girl as life partner and shopping for a dress is same..Trial and take method..Chiii..
Laksh: Don’t you know about me? Do you think I’m such kind of person..You are not even letting me to complete..
Swara: What is left over to complete..You played with my emotions!!
Laksh: It is a misunderstanding Swara..We can sort out!!
Swara: How will you sort? You will say that I came to meet your younger daughter but fell in love with the elder one? Am I right?
Laksh: I’m silent that doesn’t mean you will be rude towards me? I thought you are understanding but you are so immature..
Swara gets deeply hurted..Tears start flowing her eyes..
Laksh hold her arm an says: I didn’t mean to hurt you Swara but you are over reacting..What should I do?
Swara: Speak truth or else marry my sister..
Laksh is shocked while Swara leaves the place…

Scene 4:
Swara reaches home and storms into her room..
Ragini: What happened dii?
Swara: Why did you accept to marry Laksh?
Ragini: Because he is rich and handsome..
Swara: What about Sanskar?
Ragini: He is a coward..Doesn’t have the courage to speak to mom and dad..So I left him..
Swara tightly holds Ragini’s arm
Ragini: Ouchh..Dii it is hurting..
Swara: It would hurt him too Ragini..How can you leave your love like that..You should support him..
Ragini: If your love is afraid to confess to his parents..What will you do?
Swara stays silent..
Ragini: When you have the answers, question me dii..
She leaves from there..

Scene 5:
Ragini comes outside the house and calls Sanskar..
Ragini: Our plan is working..
Sanskar: Good..I’m so excited..
Ragini: Because of you I have hurted di..I hate you!!
Sanskar: I’m sorry..I don’t want to hurt bhabhi..But it is important for their life..

The screen freezes on tensed face of Ragini and Sanskar’s worried face..Crying face of Swara and sad expression of Laksh..

Precap: RagSan’s plan is revealed..

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