Hi guys..This is Saanvi and my episode 18..

I wrote a very big episode this time because comments are very less for previous episode  Please comment if you are liking my story!!

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Scene 1 :
Next day
At Gadodia house:
Shekar: What should we do now? Maheshwari’s may come tomorrow to see Ragini..
Janki: Tell them to give us some time..
Ragini: No mom..Tell them to come..
Janki: I know you love getting married soon but don’t forget your elder sister is unmarried..
Ragini gets sad by her mother’s statement as she was thinking to meet Laksh so that she can reject him..
Swara notices this and says: Mom..Call them..Ragini will marry only after mine..but good matches don’t come often..
If they like Ragini and even if she likes them then we will ask them to wait..without confirming anything asking time would not be correct..
Janki and Shekar get convinced by Swara’s words..
Ragini : Ok bye everyone.. I need to go to college..
Swara: We will go together..wait..

Scene 2:
In the bus stop:
Ragini: Thank you for saving me..
Swara: Why were you so desperate to meet them? I find something fishy..
Ragini giggles..
Swara: Now tell me or else..
Ragini: warnings..I’ll tell you..
I wanted to meet my childhood friend so I was excited..and didn’t want to give him hopes regarding this relation so I want to meet him as soon as possible..
Swara holds Ragini’s hand and says: I know you always take right decisions..Don’t worry everything will get well soon..

Scene 3:
At office:
Swara goes to Laksh’s desk but doesn’t find him there…
Swara: Attender!! Where is Laksh sir?
Attender: Ma’m sir said he will come late today..
Swara: Okay..You may go..
Swara thinks to herself: Always I’m late but today I came fast to meet him but he didn’t come today..
Swara calls Laksh which he left in the car so he doesn’t answer..
Swara gets tensed and thinks Laksh always attends my call..What might have happened?

Scene 4:
Ragini calls Sanskar
Sanskar: Jaldi bolo (tell me fast)
Ragini: What happened? No hello, nothing…Directly to the point..
Sanskar: I’m little busy..Tell me if it is important otherwise I’ll call you later…
Ragini: I wanted to meet you..but seems like you are busy..
Sanskar: Sorry..I can’t come today..we will meet tomorrow..

Scene 5:
Sanskar and Laksh are at the airport..They have came to receive their parents who are coming to India..
Sanskar: Mom dad it feels so good to see you..
Laksh: How are you both?
DP: Seems like you have troubled Laksh..(looking towards Sanskar)
Sanskar: No Dad..You are wrong this time..Bhai has troubled me by giving lots of work..
Laksh: Chill maar Chote!!
Sanskar (angrily says): My name is Sanskar not Chote..(he pouts)
Laksh laughs looking at his cute behavior..
AP: Looks like someone has changed a lot..
Laksh and Sanskar are surprised at her statement as they don’t understand why their mom said so..
AP: I’m telling about Laksh..He has become naughty..
Sanskar: All credits to bhabhi..I have to tell you so many wonders which have occurred in your absence..
Laksh: Now be quiet otherwise even I have to disclose some secrets (winks at Sanskar)
Sanskar understands that Laksh was saying about Ragini so he says
Sanskar: Bhai..Mom dad must be tired..Shall we leave?
Laksh comes near Sanskar and whispers in his ear..
Laksh: Did Ragini call you? If yes go and meet her..I’ll manage everything..Anyways we’ll be busy tomorrow as we have to go to meet Gadodia’s…
Sanskar happily hugs Laksh and says: You are the best bhai..
AP & DP: Kya kichdi pakk rahi hai(What secrecy is going on)
Laksh laughs and says you’ll know soon..
Laksh heads to guest house with his parents while Sanskar messages Ragini to meet him at coffee shop in the evening..

Scene 6:
Laksh,AP and DP reach guest house..
Laksh: Mom dad you’ll take rest..I’ll just come..

Laksh reaches office..
Swara comes towards him with a tensed expression..
Swara: What happened to you? Are you ok?
Laksh: What will happen to me..I’m completely fine..
Swara: Then why you didn’t answer my call..
Laksh checks his pockets for his phone but remembers he left that in car..So he says
Laksh: I kept it on charging and forgot..Sorry..
Swara: It’s ok..I was just worried for you..By the way why are you late?
Laksh: Wo mom and dad came..So I went to receive them..
Swara: You could have called me also na..Bus station is just 20minutes far from our office?
Laksh thinks: They came by airbus and she is thinking bus..Oh my innocent Swara..I’m sorry for hiding this but tomorrow you’ll get to know everything..
Laksh tells Swara: Sorry..I forgot..
Swara: Today you forgot so many things..Tomorrow will you forget me too?
Laksh places his hand on Swara’s mouth and says: Never!!
Swara and Laksh smile and have a cute eyelock 😀

Scene 8:
At coffee shop:
Ragini: You said you won’t come.. (acts to be angry)
Sanskar: So my darling is angry on me..What should I do for forgiveness? (with a cute expression)
Ragini: Dramebaaz!!
Sanskar laughs and orders coffee for Ragini..
Ragini(sipping the coffee says): By the way in which work were you so busy?
Sanskar: Mom Dad came..So I went to pick them..
Ragini excitedly: Really..Then you can introduce me na..
Sanskar: Not now..Let Bhaiya get engaged first..
Ragini: Hmm..ok(sadly)
Sanskar: Acha..Why you wanted to meet me? Anything special?
Ragini: I actually wanted to thank you for yesterday..
Sanskar was shocked as he expected Ragini to scold him for not doing his work properly..
Ragini: What are you thinking?
Sanskar: Nothing..So the alliance broke?
Ragini: Obviously..You acted so well!!
Sanskar: Thank god!!
Ragini (sipping the coffee again and says): By the way what were you speaking to dii?
Sanskar: Dii? I didn’t even see your sister..
Ragini: No need to lie..I saw you’ll from the terrace..In fact that bridegroom also saw you’ll together so he believed you are her boyfriend..
Sanskar: But Ragini I didn’t see your dii..I was speaking to my employee..
{Sanskar didn’t want to tell about Swara being her bhabhi since it was not officially fixed..So he said employee}
Ragini remembers Swara saying she met her boss..So she quickly replies..
Ragini: What is your employee’s name?
Sanskar: Swara
Ragini: What? (giving the most astonishing look) Is my sister seriously your employee?
Sanskar (he gets involved in Ragini’s talks, so without thinking he replies): But how can Swara bhabhi be your sister? She didn’t have siblings in childhood?
Ragini: Swara bhabhi? Just now you said employee na?
Sanskar bites his tongue..
Ragini: You are hiding something..Tell me what is it?
Sanskar: Actually Swara bhabhi is my bhai’s childhood friend..Dad wanted them to get marry..He wanted to know her first and then say yes..So he acted be to her co-employee and..
Before he continues Ragini says: Sanskar Maheshwari?
Sanskar surprised but says: How do you know my surname..I never told you..
He suddenly recalls Ragini saying how can my sister be your employee..but he still cannot figure out everything clearly..
Ragini says: Oh my god..Dii loved Laksh and I thought he is someone else and not my childhood friend..
Sanskar stresses on the word childhood friend???
After a second he says: Laado??
Ragini : Hmmm…
Now Sanskar understood that Ragini is Laado but still cannot figure then who is Swara is
Ragini: My parents misunderstood that Laksh wanted to meet me..He wanted to meet dii as he is her co-employee..hai na(she grins)
Sanskar: No..Your parents are correct..He is coming to meet Laado..but thought Swara is Laado..
Ragini understood the confusion and says: Oh no!! How can he think like that?
Sanskar: He can think..and even I thought the same..Her surname is this misunderstanding raised..
He pauses for a minute and says then who is Swara? Is she your cousin because she has the same surname?
Ragini: She is my step-sister..
{Guys shocked right 😛 Even Sanskar is shocked}
Sanskar: What? But..
Ragini: Swara is born to dad from extra-marital affair..
Sanskar is again shocked..
Sanskar: (stammers and says) What? Who told you?
Ragini: Swara dii doesn’t know about this Sanskar..She thinks mom gave birth to her..In fact mom and dad also don’t know that I know the truth..
Sanskar: Your parents didn’t tell you the truth then how you know this?
Ragini: I used to hate it when mom used to prioritize dii more in childhood..Nani maa told me that Swara is my step sister and I should hate her..
Sanskar: Do you hate Swara? (with tensed expression)
Ragini laughs and says: I tried to hate her..but she cared and loved for me so much that I ended up accepting her as my own sibling..
Sanskar: I’m proud of you Ragini..
Ragini smiles and says: I love you so I felt like telling about my life’s biggest secret but I don’t want dii to know about this..
Sanskar: I understand..She may change after knowing the truth..
Rgini: No she will kill me with more love, thinking mom has done a favor on her by giving her good upbringing…
Sanskar: You both sisters one can understand your bonding…
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar: Now it would be easy for our marriage to happen..I will tell mom about this and will fix bhai and bhabhi’s marriage followed by us..
Even your parents will agree easily na..
Ragini says : I need to tell you one more important thing? (tensed face)
Sanskar: (smilingly says) What?
Ragini: Laksh is my crush!!
Sanskar smile vanishes and he is shocked by her statement..

The screen freezes on tensed face of Ragini and shocked face of Sanskar..

Precap: Confusion cleared for everyone.

Credits to: All those who are following my ff and commenting on it 😉

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  1. Anjaly

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    Oooo finally relive that the confusion
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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
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    Excited for the next one
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  13. awesome part every misunderstanding clear loved it and ragini know the truth and then also love swara that much as her own sister this shows relations are not based on blood they are based on love di ur every part give one moral or another just loved the way u write and think awesome part ??

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Radhu ?☺️
      Awww…So sweet of you dear that you understand the depth of my writing ?
      I write to convey a message but it’s upto the person to take it or not ?

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